Monday, November 19, 2012


The topic of personal responsibility can be discussed in so many ways. There are so many areas in our lives that we all need to take personal responsibility for.  People love to defend their actions, instead of taking the time to really examine their thoughts, words, character & behavior.

This is why I always say look within yourself.  All of the answers to your questions are not outside of you.  You know exactly who & how you are!  Sometimes people read what I write & think I'm actually fired up!  Not so much....I know exactly who & how I am.  I know that my writing is how I express myself in the moment.  I use it to be better not bitter.

When I'm done writing, I move onto the next thing in my life, but I do it with a positive flow.  I like my joy to flow no matter what.  I may rant or go hard about various topics, but my truth is that I'm not worked up or caught up. My personal responsibility is to express my thoughts, feed my soul & share true thoughts.  I've learned to let go & be in flow!

I share a part of myself, but I do not stay stuck on topics with the desire to actually change people.  If people choose to change, then that is their personal choice & responsibility, not mine.  I can only share & encourage based on my experiences.  I'm just the messenger, offering food for thought as I share life lessons. 

Personal responsibility is my way of taking ownership of my experiences, as well as my choices.  Every outcome occurred because I decided to do or not do something.  It is up to me to examine what I choose to do or not do, then be responsible for it.  You have to own your ishhh!  It's called a reality check!

It is so easy to point fingers in order to place blame.  While people allow their ego to run a muck within their lives, they become disconnected from their truth.  They don't acknowledge any truth that will put them in a bad light.  They refuse to deal in the real. 

In every situation just ask yourself: WHAT ROLE DID I PLAY & DID IT MAKE ME BETTER OR BITTER?

Choosing to truly focus & take personal responsibility means that we choose to be honest with ourselves.  Examine your baggage so you can be clear about what you need to work on.  Get over the need to defend, be right or have one up over somebody else.  All that stuff is ego. Focus on your true self, ego free.  

That is what looking within yourself is all about.  It is taking a closer look at what kind of child you are to your parents.  Are you angry, bitter, loving, supportive or distant?  It is taking a closer look at what kind of sibling you are to your brothers or sisters.  Do you show them you love them or do you fight, compete, put each other down or judge them.  

Personal responsibility is taking a closer look at who you really are & what kind of relationships you choose to keep.  Are they healthy?  Are you happy?  Did you get caught up in the chase for perfection & lose yourself somehow?  Are you defensive & fearless with all the wrong things?  Are you weak when your strength & courage is needed the most?

It is wise to figure out where you went wrong in life with relationships, family, friends, co-workers, children & most important with yourself.  Taking the time to examine your life will place you on the path to personal growth as well as discovering your greatness.  

When you can tell yourself the truth, then telling others their truth & your own personal truth will become easier.  

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