Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It is true that when we are at our worst that we think.....JUST BE GOOD TO ME.  In those moments it is a cry for help no matter how tough or strong you think you are or pretend to be.

Sometimes it's our fault & we mess up really bad.  But in that very moment, we don't need the bashing or backlash that comes with our issues in life.  Sometimes people do not know the right way to communicate or express themselves in a healthy manner.  Everyone goes to arguing or will become defensive first, instead of reflecting on how & why they are where they are.  

Being accountable for our actions is a lot harder & placing blame is so much easier.  We are all responsible for our choices as well as our path in life.  Today I am sending extra love, as well as encouragement to people who are going through a rough time.  

If you struggle then that means you suffer from something or you are going through something.  Either way you need support, patience, understanding, encouragement & kindness.  I'M HONORED TO TRY & BE THAT HOPE OR INSPIRATION FOR YOU TODAY!

My thoughts today seem to flow towards maturity and being balanced.  Far too often people force things in life.....there in lies the problem.  How do you mature, gain personal growth & create balance within your life when you are not realistic about certain things.  

Nobody handles life well when it does not turn out as we plan but life must go on.  We have to focus on becoming more mature in life.  All I do is pay close attention to life's signs as well as life's lessons so I can learn something. 

I've learn that maturity is needed in every aspect of our lives.  People wonder why they are not evenly yolked in relationships but they don't seem to notice that they are not evenly yolked in friendships, family life, love, working & spiritual relationships.  Everything is connected.

Maturity is key to a balanced life.  Some people underestimate the importance of being emotionally, spiritually, mentally & even sexually mature. 

Emotional intelligence & maturity is key to a balanced life.  You can't possibly maintain love in your life without it & you need love.  Love nourishes the soul & cleans out hurt.  You cannot function in life by being an emotionally hot mess.  You have to get help, talk to someone & really make a change in life.  

A major part of personal growth stems from being spiritually mature.  When you have spiritual growth then you are on a whole other level.  Your ego & external thinking will be checked in your daily life.  

Spiritual maturity reminds you to be humble, patient, kind, loving & compassionate to others but also to yourself.  It also forces you to accept, cope & deal with what you cannot change or control in your life.  It allows you to be at peace with your past so you do not stress too much.

As for mental health, I see too many signs that people are suffering from disorders & illnesses.  People are suffering because they are stuck in denial.  I can't stress how serious this is.  People need to be aware of the signs because they usually deal with it in family & personal relationships.

Poor mental health effects everything in your life.  It causes anxiety, stress & panic attacks when gone untreated.  If you can't barely function in your daily life, how are you going to get through hard times with family, tough times in your career & rough times in your relationships.  There is nothing wrong with seeking help.  

If you had trauma as a child you more than likely have mental health issues.  Some people are strong enough to cope....or so they think!  When I see irrational behavior in easy going settings or environments I know something is wrong.  

When people make light of how crazy other people act, then choose to accept it as normal something is wrong with that picture.  Broken lives don't start out when you begin dating or become an adult, it usually happens over time but at an early age.  Healing is required.

People are so immature when it comes to sexuality that they wear fall for anything & wear how sexually insecure they are on their sleeves.  You are not sexually secure or balanced because your sexuality is on display.  Get a grip!!

It takes a lot of time, energy & hard work but it really takes going through tough life lessons to force you to gain the level of maturity you need to be evenly yolked within every relationship you have in your life.  This is how you become whole & balanced as opposed to being broken.  

We are all work in progress but it's just words if we do not put in the hard work to make progress & mature in a healthy way.  

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