Thursday, November 29, 2012


The thing about awareness or being conscious of your actions, character & behavior is that everything hits you in the face right away.  Your conscience is always on, but it is heightened on a much higher level than most people.  

Some people tend to go into the regret zone, which is a normal reaction but it is wise to stay awake inside of the lessons.  Regret is a distraction because you focus on "feeling badly" about something you've done or said.  

It is a waste of time to stay stuck in regret.  Stay in the lesson so you can keep your awareness on why you did what you did or why you felt the need to say what you said.  Always go to what triggered you or what is it about you that made you go there.  

That is being inside of the lessons.  Getting those answers as soon as possible allows you to not repeat mistakes, poor choices, bad behavior & negative patterns within your life.

Something always triggers you to do things so the key is knowing your triggers & figuring out why you are being triggered in that way?  What's going on in your life right now that is leading you to make all of the choices that you are making?  

We are always making choices every second of our day.  Even a choice to be still & do nothing, is still a choice.  A choice to ignore your problems, is still a choice.  A choice to carry on in order to progress in life, is still a choice.  Every single moment in your life choices are being made so the key is to be aware of your choices.  

If you are not pleased with your choices, then you need to focus on your triggers.  If you are happy with your choices, then you need to build on them to enhance your life so you can shine your light in this world.

You have to keep in mind that even in your darkest hour when your negative thoughts have convinced your mind that all is lost, you still have light within you.  No matter how dim your light is, build up that spark so it can shine.  

When you shine your light despair or regret cannot win.  You can win all of your battles in life.  There is ALWAYS a way.  Your challenge is to figure out how, but knowing you can win is half the battle.              *TRUTH*

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