Wednesday, November 21, 2012


"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." ~Alice Walker

Unless you were born all knowing & almighty you are going to fall or fail in life.  I figured this mystery out as a kid, that is there is no mystery.  Life is pretty much set up this way.....You are born into different experiences because life is meant to challenge you.  

You will be challenged & pushed so close to the edge to see how you will overcome challenges or face each obstacle.  Don't ever believe for one second that people are really living a "PERFECT" or "TRULY FABULOUS" life.  

I sit back & watch wealthy people commit suicide. I sit back & watch famous people numb their pain with drugs, sex & alcohol.  I watch everyday people subject themselves to verbal, emotional, physical, & spiritual abuse.

We all fall & fail in order to get the lesson out of life.  The people who thrive are those who understand that they are being challenged & tested.  The people who succeed are those who believe that their life is not supposed to end up this way.  Those people are warriors.  Those people refuse to give up or give in.  

Those people refuse to be defined by the hurt or horror they were born into or exposed to from childhood well into adulthood.  You have to get up when you fall!  You have to take that life exam over again & again until you figure out how to pass so you can stop failing in life!  

Yes this can be a cold world, but you have the power to heat it up with your love, faith, courage & strength.  You are not powerless in any situation.  You just need to think your way out of your situation.  Come up with a life plan.  What is your plan for every second, minute, hour, day, week, month & year of your life??  Every second counts!!

What do you want to stop failing at in your life?  When & where do you want to stop falling in your life? Are you ready to stand up & fight for real love in your life or real inner peace from your past?  Life will meet you half way if you dare to empower yourself.  

One HUGE lesson life has taught me is that until your self-esteem is higher than you can imagine, there isn't room for everybody in your life.  If you try to fit everybody into your life space, you won't have room to breathe or grow.

When your self-worth is not where it should be, everybody will be a distraction.  You will feel overwhelmed & stressed out.  Your life will be about managing everybody & their energy as well as their character, personality, the attitude or mindset that they bring into your life.

I define everything as well as everyone in my life.  If you give yourself a title & position in my life, you're going to have to live up to it.  I will shut you down if you don't.  I can't be a great daughter if my mother doesn't step her game up.  

I can't be the best sister if my siblings don't step their game up.  I can't be a great wife if my husband doesn't step his game up.  I'm not even trying to go all out as a friend when people offer half-ass friendships.  Keep that!

Your life is about how it works best for you to live well.  The goal is to become whole, that means to be emotionally, physically & spiritually healthy life.  Constantly compromising who you are & who you can become is unhealthy.  

That toxic living will break your mind, body & soul down!  Once you are broken down you will fall & fail in life.  The blessing is when you know that you can get back up!  You have to become an emotional, physical & spiritual warrior so you can battle life's challenges.  

My truth is I rarely argue or go back & forth with people because the energy I give off says don't come for me.  Don't do it.  I love being sweet, loving & kind. I am love. I am affection.  I am also strength.  I am courage.  I am powerful!  

It will take a warrior spirit & mindset to face life's obstacles.  You can absolutely do it!  Turn those thoughts of doubt that you listen to every day into positive thinking that can uplift you.  Turn them into thoughts of courage, strength, motivation & inspiration.  You can do it!

You have to fight for your right to live a balanced life that is filled with joy & inner peace.  *TRUTH*

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