Friday, November 30, 2012


"Women are encouraged to be ornaments instead of instruments."  ~Gloria Steinem  *TRUTH*

I'm just going to shoot straight from the hip today!  Hold on tight & keep your mind right so you can grip this truth!!!!

The fact that women are the most powerful beings on this planet but are led & bred to believe that they don't run things is beyond me.  Get your mind right!!! Women have to WAKE UP!!!

Women have to stop behaving as if they are powerless!  Stop following a culture that says women are to be judged by what is on the outside instead of what is inside of us!!  Common now!! We are innovators & trendsetters but not for trivial things!

It works my nerves to see & hear women talk about greatness as if it does not exist within them.  I don't want to hear about what Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Barbara Walters, Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Soledad O'Brien, etc.... did as much as I want to hear what you did & what you plan to do!  

I mean the list is endless so we can live through other women of strength all day long but what about us?  What are we doing collectively as women right here & right now?  We need to stand just as tall if not taller than the women we admire & look up to.  It's called doing our part.  LET'S DO IT!!!

There are a billion choices in life, why choose to be broken instead of being balanced & whole??  These women are showing you how it can be done & you're still in the audience clapping instead of picking up the torch to light the way for others.  That makes no sense to me!  *TRUTH*

Females talk about the great women of our time as if they are not one or can't be one.  Stop limiting yourself by not living up to your greatest potential.  You're capable of being an important leader, role model & great example too!

You have the gift of bearing fruit.  If you are unable to bare fruit you still have the gift of being a nurturer.  Women are the key of life!! This is way divide & conquer works so well among people, especially women.  

Divide, conquer & keep them ignorant to how powerful they are.  I'm telling you right now that in every & any situation you have power.  Your mind is a tool!!  USE IT!!! 

If collectively women decided to have a no sex campaign to force a change with domestic violence, child abuse, to end war or anything else we would "TURN THIS MOTHER OUT"!!!!  It's been done before.....Liberia, West Africa!  *TRUTH*

I feel like women are failing women!  Women are failing little girls! Women are failing their sons!  If a woman does not know her value & worth, then she's just waiting to be led by whomever or whatever life tosses her way.  

That makes no sense to me.  You are powerful!  Stop thinking, believing or acting as if you are powerless.  You own your body.  You own your mind. You own your heart.  You own your soul, so STOP IT!!!  Women allow, accept or put themselves through so much crap before they wake up!!  Wake up!! 

You are not a victim of anything unless you accept that title or role.  You are not weak in any situation.  You certainly are not powerless.  The fact you can bring life into the world or nurture life, that is powerful, but you must use your power wisely.  


You need to educate yourself & figure out who you are in life first, before anything else.  If you grew up in poverty, there is a way out.  If you grew up being sexually abused, there is a way out.  If you grew up abandoned, neglected, physically abused & disrespected, there is a way out.  

You owe it to those who don't know your path or what you've been through to share your life lessons & help them avoid life's pitfalls.  You owe it to those coming behind you to be an example of strength.  They need to see what the victor looks like because there are too many examples of what a victim is.

They need to be taught how to triumph in life.  EACH ONE TEACH ONE!!! What's going on here??? What is the village doing????  Why are women breaking their necks to live a bag & boots lifestyle to impress men or other shallow women when children are suffering in their own communities.


We is the community??  Where is the village of intelligent, supportive women of strength!   Oh, I know....they are too busy watching & talking about "Black Girls Rock", as oppose to rocking out in their own lives! We are the community! We are the leaders of today!  We must prepare our little soldiers to be great leaders for tomorrow.  We cannot fail them & we cannot fail ourselves.  

What are you doing in your life that is a disservice or disgrace to yourself?  I ask this because you can't to nothing for anyone if you don't get your own affairs in order.  Stop focusing on trivial stuff & lead already.  

Stop pouring your soul into all the wrong things around or in life & getting shortchanged in return.  Learn your worth & pass that value onto others!! Hold your head high & get a firm grip on your powers!  You are strong enough!  How do women take so many hits, beatings & abuse then bounce back but they don't use their strength to win in life?  

Have no doubt that you can win in life. Empower yourself! Manager & control your life better than ever!  You're a gift & don't let nobody tell you different! Give back, help other women & girls.

Offer your wisdom, because if you've lived you & you have a story then you have wisdom to offer.  

Life has taught you some things that could inspire or save another woman, child, boy or man.  You have purpose but you have to figure out your strengths so you can build on it & be a part of healing this world.  

Share your truth & get a firm grip on your purpose!! You have purpose that is bigger than being what society tells you being a women should be!! You define that....nobody else but you!! Share your truth to inspire, motivate & help heal others. 

GET A GRIP ON YOUR PURPOSE!!  You are greatness so raise your standards in every aspect of your life.  Here's some truth for you............If you command respect you will never have to demand respect!  There is a huge difference.  STOP GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY! 

I promise you........It's about to be a movement!!!!!!!!!! *TRUTH*

Thursday, November 29, 2012


The thing about awareness or being conscious of your actions, character & behavior is that everything hits you in the face right away.  Your conscience is always on, but it is heightened on a much higher level than most people.  

Some people tend to go into the regret zone, which is a normal reaction but it is wise to stay awake inside of the lessons.  Regret is a distraction because you focus on "feeling badly" about something you've done or said.  

It is a waste of time to stay stuck in regret.  Stay in the lesson so you can keep your awareness on why you did what you did or why you felt the need to say what you said.  Always go to what triggered you or what is it about you that made you go there.  

That is being inside of the lessons.  Getting those answers as soon as possible allows you to not repeat mistakes, poor choices, bad behavior & negative patterns within your life.

Something always triggers you to do things so the key is knowing your triggers & figuring out why you are being triggered in that way?  What's going on in your life right now that is leading you to make all of the choices that you are making?  

We are always making choices every second of our day.  Even a choice to be still & do nothing, is still a choice.  A choice to ignore your problems, is still a choice.  A choice to carry on in order to progress in life, is still a choice.  Every single moment in your life choices are being made so the key is to be aware of your choices.  

If you are not pleased with your choices, then you need to focus on your triggers.  If you are happy with your choices, then you need to build on them to enhance your life so you can shine your light in this world.

You have to keep in mind that even in your darkest hour when your negative thoughts have convinced your mind that all is lost, you still have light within you.  No matter how dim your light is, build up that spark so it can shine.  

When you shine your light despair or regret cannot win.  You can win all of your battles in life.  There is ALWAYS a way.  Your challenge is to figure out how, but knowing you can win is half the battle.              *TRUTH*

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It is true that when we are at our worst that we think.....JUST BE GOOD TO ME.  In those moments it is a cry for help no matter how tough or strong you think you are or pretend to be.

Sometimes it's our fault & we mess up really bad.  But in that very moment, we don't need the bashing or backlash that comes with our issues in life.  Sometimes people do not know the right way to communicate or express themselves in a healthy manner.  Everyone goes to arguing or will become defensive first, instead of reflecting on how & why they are where they are.  

Being accountable for our actions is a lot harder & placing blame is so much easier.  We are all responsible for our choices as well as our path in life.  Today I am sending extra love, as well as encouragement to people who are going through a rough time.  

If you struggle then that means you suffer from something or you are going through something.  Either way you need support, patience, understanding, encouragement & kindness.  I'M HONORED TO TRY & BE THAT HOPE OR INSPIRATION FOR YOU TODAY!

My thoughts today seem to flow towards maturity and being balanced.  Far too often people force things in life.....there in lies the problem.  How do you mature, gain personal growth & create balance within your life when you are not realistic about certain things.  

Nobody handles life well when it does not turn out as we plan but life must go on.  We have to focus on becoming more mature in life.  All I do is pay close attention to life's signs as well as life's lessons so I can learn something. 

I've learn that maturity is needed in every aspect of our lives.  People wonder why they are not evenly yolked in relationships but they don't seem to notice that they are not evenly yolked in friendships, family life, love, working & spiritual relationships.  Everything is connected.

Maturity is key to a balanced life.  Some people underestimate the importance of being emotionally, spiritually, mentally & even sexually mature. 

Emotional intelligence & maturity is key to a balanced life.  You can't possibly maintain love in your life without it & you need love.  Love nourishes the soul & cleans out hurt.  You cannot function in life by being an emotionally hot mess.  You have to get help, talk to someone & really make a change in life.  

A major part of personal growth stems from being spiritually mature.  When you have spiritual growth then you are on a whole other level.  Your ego & external thinking will be checked in your daily life.  

Spiritual maturity reminds you to be humble, patient, kind, loving & compassionate to others but also to yourself.  It also forces you to accept, cope & deal with what you cannot change or control in your life.  It allows you to be at peace with your past so you do not stress too much.

As for mental health, I see too many signs that people are suffering from disorders & illnesses.  People are suffering because they are stuck in denial.  I can't stress how serious this is.  People need to be aware of the signs because they usually deal with it in family & personal relationships.

Poor mental health effects everything in your life.  It causes anxiety, stress & panic attacks when gone untreated.  If you can't barely function in your daily life, how are you going to get through hard times with family, tough times in your career & rough times in your relationships.  There is nothing wrong with seeking help.  

If you had trauma as a child you more than likely have mental health issues.  Some people are strong enough to cope....or so they think!  When I see irrational behavior in easy going settings or environments I know something is wrong.  

When people make light of how crazy other people act, then choose to accept it as normal something is wrong with that picture.  Broken lives don't start out when you begin dating or become an adult, it usually happens over time but at an early age.  Healing is required.

People are so immature when it comes to sexuality that they wear fall for anything & wear how sexually insecure they are on their sleeves.  You are not sexually secure or balanced because your sexuality is on display.  Get a grip!!

It takes a lot of time, energy & hard work but it really takes going through tough life lessons to force you to gain the level of maturity you need to be evenly yolked within every relationship you have in your life.  This is how you become whole & balanced as opposed to being broken.  

We are all work in progress but it's just words if we do not put in the hard work to make progress & mature in a healthy way.  

Monday, November 26, 2012


When parents, grandparents, guardians & other family members choose a favorite child, that is one way of creating the black sheep within the family unit.  The message this will send is damaging & it will carry over well into adulthood.  

Do you ever take notice to the person who has a false superiority complex & sense of entitlement just because they exist.  Somebody created that monster!  

EVERYTHING begins in the home from a young age.  People outside of a family can always sense tension between siblings that is directly related to their upbringing.  
No matter how much siblings claim to love & care about each other, someone always says or does something that clearly shows that they have some deep rooted family issues.  Healing is a must!!!
I never have to know any personal details or a person's family history to pick up on who the favorite & special child was.  It shows in a person's character & behavior as an adult, especially with how they interact with siblings.  

Even siblings who are very close & would do anything for each other throw digs & stabs at each other or at the adult they resent for playing favorites.

What is worse are those sibling who can't recognize it.  How do you get healing from something you can't even see in yourself or acknowledge when you do see it?  It's bad enough that siblings usually create their  own drama over meaningless things but whomever is rearing the children should be as fair & equal as possible.

Parents often make the mistake of pointing out one child's flaws or weaknesses like behavior issues, while praising the other child for meaningless things like being good looking.  REALLY????  

Why are parents even making comparisons among their children?  ANSWER:  To make themselves feel better about their own issues & insecurities.  *TRUTH*  

You will always have a child or some children that push buttons for attention or exhibit self destructive behavior for various reasons but that's what love, patience, positive communication, support, counseling & therapy is for.  TRY IT!!!

When one child is praised & worshiped, while the other is being put down or made to feel less than equal, this truly is emotional abuse & a recipe for pure dysfunction.  You can't break a cycle if you don't acknowledge it within your own life, home & family.  LOVE HEALS!

This is one truth that I know many people can relate to.  Playing favorites is NEVER okay.  One of the hardest things to do is to LOVE your children equally, when you have a child that challenges you as a parent.  You signed up for the toughest job in the world so you can't expect not to be challenged.  

How you treat any child by the way you behave towards them or the words you choose to heal or harm them, speaks to your character.  Children are the truth & when they have a bone to pick with family or adults that is always a sign that they were emotionally, verbally & physically mistreated in some way.  

Parents have the biggest role to play in children's lives.  All adults do too, even if they are not parents.  It takes a village, so it is a huge responsibility for all of us.  Handle children with LOVE! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." ~Alice Walker

Unless you were born all knowing & almighty you are going to fall or fail in life.  I figured this mystery out as a kid, that is there is no mystery.  Life is pretty much set up this way.....You are born into different experiences because life is meant to challenge you.  

You will be challenged & pushed so close to the edge to see how you will overcome challenges or face each obstacle.  Don't ever believe for one second that people are really living a "PERFECT" or "TRULY FABULOUS" life.  

I sit back & watch wealthy people commit suicide. I sit back & watch famous people numb their pain with drugs, sex & alcohol.  I watch everyday people subject themselves to verbal, emotional, physical, & spiritual abuse.

We all fall & fail in order to get the lesson out of life.  The people who thrive are those who understand that they are being challenged & tested.  The people who succeed are those who believe that their life is not supposed to end up this way.  Those people are warriors.  Those people refuse to give up or give in.  

Those people refuse to be defined by the hurt or horror they were born into or exposed to from childhood well into adulthood.  You have to get up when you fall!  You have to take that life exam over again & again until you figure out how to pass so you can stop failing in life!  

Yes this can be a cold world, but you have the power to heat it up with your love, faith, courage & strength.  You are not powerless in any situation.  You just need to think your way out of your situation.  Come up with a life plan.  What is your plan for every second, minute, hour, day, week, month & year of your life??  Every second counts!!

What do you want to stop failing at in your life?  When & where do you want to stop falling in your life? Are you ready to stand up & fight for real love in your life or real inner peace from your past?  Life will meet you half way if you dare to empower yourself.  

One HUGE lesson life has taught me is that until your self-esteem is higher than you can imagine, there isn't room for everybody in your life.  If you try to fit everybody into your life space, you won't have room to breathe or grow.

When your self-worth is not where it should be, everybody will be a distraction.  You will feel overwhelmed & stressed out.  Your life will be about managing everybody & their energy as well as their character, personality, the attitude or mindset that they bring into your life.

I define everything as well as everyone in my life.  If you give yourself a title & position in my life, you're going to have to live up to it.  I will shut you down if you don't.  I can't be a great daughter if my mother doesn't step her game up.  

I can't be the best sister if my siblings don't step their game up.  I can't be a great wife if my husband doesn't step his game up.  I'm not even trying to go all out as a friend when people offer half-ass friendships.  Keep that!

Your life is about how it works best for you to live well.  The goal is to become whole, that means to be emotionally, physically & spiritually healthy life.  Constantly compromising who you are & who you can become is unhealthy.  

That toxic living will break your mind, body & soul down!  Once you are broken down you will fall & fail in life.  The blessing is when you know that you can get back up!  You have to become an emotional, physical & spiritual warrior so you can battle life's challenges.  

My truth is I rarely argue or go back & forth with people because the energy I give off says don't come for me.  Don't do it.  I love being sweet, loving & kind. I am love. I am affection.  I am also strength.  I am courage.  I am powerful!  

It will take a warrior spirit & mindset to face life's obstacles.  You can absolutely do it!  Turn those thoughts of doubt that you listen to every day into positive thinking that can uplift you.  Turn them into thoughts of courage, strength, motivation & inspiration.  You can do it!

You have to fight for your right to live a balanced life that is filled with joy & inner peace.  *TRUTH*

Monday, November 19, 2012


The topic of personal responsibility can be discussed in so many ways. There are so many areas in our lives that we all need to take personal responsibility for.  People love to defend their actions, instead of taking the time to really examine their thoughts, words, character & behavior.

This is why I always say look within yourself.  All of the answers to your questions are not outside of you.  You know exactly who & how you are!  Sometimes people read what I write & think I'm actually fired up!  Not so much....I know exactly who & how I am.  I know that my writing is how I express myself in the moment.  I use it to be better not bitter.

When I'm done writing, I move onto the next thing in my life, but I do it with a positive flow.  I like my joy to flow no matter what.  I may rant or go hard about various topics, but my truth is that I'm not worked up or caught up. My personal responsibility is to express my thoughts, feed my soul & share true thoughts.  I've learned to let go & be in flow!

I share a part of myself, but I do not stay stuck on topics with the desire to actually change people.  If people choose to change, then that is their personal choice & responsibility, not mine.  I can only share & encourage based on my experiences.  I'm just the messenger, offering food for thought as I share life lessons. 

Personal responsibility is my way of taking ownership of my experiences, as well as my choices.  Every outcome occurred because I decided to do or not do something.  It is up to me to examine what I choose to do or not do, then be responsible for it.  You have to own your ishhh!  It's called a reality check!

It is so easy to point fingers in order to place blame.  While people allow their ego to run a muck within their lives, they become disconnected from their truth.  They don't acknowledge any truth that will put them in a bad light.  They refuse to deal in the real. 

In every situation just ask yourself: WHAT ROLE DID I PLAY & DID IT MAKE ME BETTER OR BITTER?

Choosing to truly focus & take personal responsibility means that we choose to be honest with ourselves.  Examine your baggage so you can be clear about what you need to work on.  Get over the need to defend, be right or have one up over somebody else.  All that stuff is ego. Focus on your true self, ego free.  

That is what looking within yourself is all about.  It is taking a closer look at what kind of child you are to your parents.  Are you angry, bitter, loving, supportive or distant?  It is taking a closer look at what kind of sibling you are to your brothers or sisters.  Do you show them you love them or do you fight, compete, put each other down or judge them.  

Personal responsibility is taking a closer look at who you really are & what kind of relationships you choose to keep.  Are they healthy?  Are you happy?  Did you get caught up in the chase for perfection & lose yourself somehow?  Are you defensive & fearless with all the wrong things?  Are you weak when your strength & courage is needed the most?

It is wise to figure out where you went wrong in life with relationships, family, friends, co-workers, children & most important with yourself.  Taking the time to examine your life will place you on the path to personal growth as well as discovering your greatness.  

When you can tell yourself the truth, then telling others their truth & your own personal truth will become easier.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I often dreamed of a day where I could see so many people doing what they believe is the impossible dream for themselves.  Imagine what would happen if people actually used their own minds to design a life they truly loved.  

Imagine what would happen if people thought things out & took the time to learn how to make smarter decisions. The sad truth is that for some people it is hard to not be so lazy in thinking to the point of being paralyzed by fear.  

Just imagine if everyone actually decided that they will get up & try harder to be so much better in life.  If you are lazy in thought you will talk yourself out of doing every & anything. What's worse is then you will begin to depend on what others think.  

Everybody knows when you put a lot of weight into what others think it could be hit or miss.  It's great when the other person loves you & truly wishes the best for you because they may genuinely steer you in the right direction, but only you truly know what's best for you.  You know what's in your head & what's on your mind.  

You know what grows your heart & what feeds your soul.  You know exactly what will lift your spirit to new heights so you should be the first *GO TO* person when it comes to thinking & figuring out what is best for you.  People have to start using their think tank.  

I watch people hang onto every word of somebody that they think is so smart & always in the know.  That person is so smart & always in the know because they use their think tank so much that they know what kind of fuel to put in it so that they can get great mileage out of it.

They don't expect others to actually think for them, give them every answer to their life & hold their hand through life's big or bold decisions.  Some people spend their entire lives waiting for the bread crumbs to be laid out on the path to their future.  

When you allow other people to lead you to the point when you don't use any intuition or knowing from within yourself, then you are lazy in thought.  You are not training your mind to think for itself, so you can learn how to make the best decisions in your life.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I was having a conversation with someone & the term "RIDE OR DIE" came up.  I notice that people love this term.  I guess it shows loyalty & being in it for the long haul.  

Like with many things in life, I actually thought about how I relate to this term.  After a few seconds I came to the conclusion that hey...I'M NOT RIDE OR DIE.  I'm more like WAIT...DOES THAT ISHHHH MAKE SENSE????

If you don't know me by now then you gon' learn about me today!  I ALWAYS have questions "IN MY HEAD", so I will always be searching for answers to make sense in my life.  

My first question is who or what am I supposed to ride or die for????  Should it be friends that do dumb ishhhh???  Should it be family members making the same dumb mistakes????  Should it be people who are sinking with the ship because they didn't see the ice berg ahead????  


What I can & will do is be the blessing & not the lesson.  Ride or die just might work when you're a kid getting into foolishness with your best friend because the stakes are not high.  Ride or die does not work when you've grown up & have a lot to lose.  I can't afford to lose time because I can't get it back.  

I'm riding for my kids to stand on my shoulders & become extraordinary human beings in life.  That takes quality time, money, energy, wisdom & constant support.  I'm riding for my family & friends to succeed in life if they are willing to work hard for it. I'm not going to ride or die for foolywang!!!

FOOLYWANG is a real movement that I simply refuse to be a part of.  Who has the energy to keep pushing adults a.k.a. grown ass people to ride on the right path so we all don't die from their dumb decisions in life?  NOT ME!  

My message, mantra, philosophy & truth to those I love is.....please come correct family & friends.  Offer me what I offer you.  I'm checking myself so you don't have to check me therefore you need to come correct!!! Life is too short to ride or die.  You gotta ride to live.  LIVE & LOVE LIFE to the fullest by how your soul will define it, not out of obligation to others.

I plan to flow forward directly into greatness while living fearless in my truth so I need to be clear as to who I am riding with & why I am riding with that person.  That person will need to come correct in my life & not drag me down with theirs.  

When you're no longer where you use to be in life, you must THINK before you SINK!  

I think it is wise to ride with people that will allow you to grow with or without them.  I think it is wise to ride with people who love & uplift you.  I think it is wise to ride with people you have your best interest at heart in a selfless way.  

You should always THINK when it comes to relationships, friendships, business & family.  If people have a title & position in your life, then they need to play their role as well as do their part.  A person's intention for you will reflect why you should want to ride or die for or with them.  

Monday, November 12, 2012


In my crazy life I try to find a quiet space to write my thoughts out.  I do my own personal mental health exercises for personal growth.  The question that I'm going to ponder in my life today is:  What are my fears right now, this day, this hour, this minute, this second, in this very moment?  What am I afraid of?  Why am I afraid?  Who in my life is playing a role in my adding or subtracting my fears?  
"Sometimes the wrong person comes at the right time in your life. In that moment they are the right person for you to get the lesson as well as the blessing within your experience. People are always looking for the fairytale but that's not the real. There are new experiences and lessons to learn until the end of time. What is meant to be will always be and we can't change what is already written in our future. This is not only true but such a tough life lesson to learn. Most of us have to repeat this at least a few times in our lives before we learn to let go. ~BINDU

"Life teaches us from birth that TRUST is fragile. We learn about TRUST from an early age. When your parents and family break your TRUST it changes everything. It changes your faith in people. I have learned that if you cannot TRUST the people who are responsible for raising you, guiding you, supporting you, nurturing & loving you, it will leave a void. CAREFUL WHAT YOU FILL IT WITH because it could leave you broken.

Lack of TRUST carries over into everything that we do. We don't TRUST people, because we've been taught not to trust by how we've been neglected, abandoned, mistreated as well as the things we've been exposed to. When we learn how to TRUST ourselves, then placing our TRUST in others becomes easier. First we must be honest enough to tell people that we don't TRUST them and look a little deeper into why we don't TRUST them. Most times it's not about the other person, as much as it is really a lesson about who we are and how we view ourselves." ~BINDU

If you do not pay close attention to all of the signs that your life is showing you, you will never understand why things happen the way they do. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!! Sometimes your life is not falling apart, instead your life is preparing you for transformation. When at a crossroads in life, you need to challenge yourself to make a change so you can become your highest self. ~BINDU

Saturday, November 10, 2012


"You gotta protect your dreams.  You gotta treat it like a little candle in the wind.  You have to be focused, hungry and tenacious!" ~Will.I.Am
I am proud for bridging the gap by bringing positive energy and positive people into the lives of people who were missing out on that.
Challenges I had in high school was to be noteworthy selling drugs had to assist in that celebrity, I steered away from it.
I recorded a song with the Black Eyed Peas freestyling over a beat Will.I.Am made back in 2000.
 Friendships that are true prove their worth when times are tough or when life is at it's best. 
Life is shorter a lot shorter than it appears.
"A mind that's not at all wasted terribly"
*THOUGHTS ON MANHOOD* Manhood denotes my strength and standing alone if I have to.
Life has taught me there are no guarantees and nobody owes you anything.
The younger me should have listened to my instincts and followed my passions sooner.
Slew was a hardheaded kid who could was always right now Slew's a man that wants to listen.
Take away my external you'd see my imperfections but you'd see my loyalty.
I'd tell young boys life is filled with a lot of turnarounds so make the decisions you won't regret facing down the line.
Woman don't judge a man for his degrees and salary cause your emotional needs don't come with a debit swipe and entry exam.
I wanna see less women influenced by pop culture.
"As a boy I was As a boy I was introverted and shy." ~SLEW
As a man I am As a man I'm a risk taker for my passion which is hip hop becoming a known rap artist. 
At my best I At my best I'm loved by many. ;-)
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Clearly there is GREATNESS within Slew.  It is a pleasure connecting with creative souls who live for their dreams.  Slew's journey reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Les Brown....."SHOOT FOR THE MOON.  EVEN IF YOU MISS, YOU'LL LAND AMONG THE STARS." *TRUTH*
Whenever you tap into your greatness you become a true believer that dreams really do turn into reality.  What I love about Slew is that he has not only tapped into, but he embraced that strong desire to fulfill what moves his soul.  He embraced greatness.  
Armed with knowledge & wisdom Slew has chosen to travel on a positive path in order to stay connected to greatness.  I have no doubt that his passion for being an artist will move his soul towards achieving his goals. ~Bindu