Tuesday, October 16, 2012


"We are not meant to be perfect.  We are meant to be whole." ~Jane Fonda
I say I LOVE MY LIFE because I know it is a choice.  I empower myself daily & that too is a choice.  One of my greatest life lessons is that everything we say, do or feel is a choice.  Once I understood what that truly meant, I became a positive force within my own life.  

I choose to live in a space of gratitude, love, peace & joy.  I can testify to how AMAZING & EMPOWERING it feels.  My self-esteem cannot be broken.  There is no situation that I will be placed into where someone or something will define me. We are here to teach people who we truly are, not to be defined by others.

As a kid, how I viewed life was that there were several environments within environments that I grew up in.  I call it space, within a space, within a space.  That is how I learned how to change my mindset.  You see, to me there are a trillion layers to life.  As a kid I had my external environment or space, that was my neighborhood, schools, friends & anything outside of my home.  
My other external environment or space was my home life.  In other words the space outside of myself that shaped & molded me.  It was the energy that I was surrounded by the people within my own home.  

Growing up I figured out that my other environment/space was the internal, in other words my mindset, my way of thinking & viewing my life, as well as the lives of others.  I'm not sure if I'm just quirky or if other people break things down to see life this way, but I know it has saved me.  

There are so many pitfalls, but my way of thinking has led me towards my personal truth.  It has taught me that I have a choice to live in the world, but not be of the world.  I can participate in life without losing myself.  Learning this truth has freed me in so many ways.

I've been able to easily separate myself from the mindset of the masses because I focus on internal living.  It doesn't cross my mind to please people & play small.  I programmed my thoughts to serve my truth, so I don't constantly repeat the same life lessons.  

Some people will touch fire until their fingers burn off.  Not me!  I sense, smell & feel the fire from miles away.  I sense the danger in it.  I feel the heat from it. I see the flames & I smell the ashes.  I know when to walk away.  Walking away means that I am far removed from the *BS* & the games people will choose to play or pitfalls that can be avoided in life.  

This is how I know I am greatness.  Greatness is a knowing that brings tremendous warm, loving & positive energy into your life.  Greatness allows my self-worth to grow, which has allowed my confidence to keep soaring.  I'm here to learn life in a way that will help & heal.  Knowing all of this has brought me joy & peace of mind.  

I have learned many life lessons.  I take my hits, lumps & bruises in life just like anybody else.  I understand it & then I own it, as well as embracing each of my lessons.  This is what it means to "GET LIFE".  You will not get or understand life if you do not understand yourself.  You are the person living your life, so you must examine your experiences to figure out who you are & why you make certain choices in life.  
The greatest feeling is when you can wake up one morning & have everything just click within your mind, body & soul.  It is a knowing that you can solve your problems, heal your wounds, conquer your fears, remove obstacles & dare to triumph!  You just know that you will win in life.  You can have an idea & a plan, but still not know how it will happen for you, but stay open to receiving your blessings no matter what.  

All of these feelings come from your internal environment.  This is why I say to look within yourself.  The answers are there.  How you process things in life, as well as how you are living life externally, will either guide you to your personal truth or lead you astray.  You have to trust yourself.  

Some days it is blind faith without any answers to your questions, believe in yourself anyway.  I pick & choose my battles.  I pick & choose what I will concern myself with.  I pick & choose my thoughts, as well as my feelings.  It is my decision.  If I get it wrong, I trust myself enough to either fix it or eventually get it right.  I truly love myself & my life because hope lives within me.  

I LOVE MY LIFE!  It's not even close to perfect, but it's one step closer to making me whole.  Wholeness, balance & staying grounded is perfection in my eyes.  I push myself to work harder & find ways to be a much better person each day.  Not an easy task because I know I'm a handful.  :-)  *TRUTH*

I've embraced each experience & I do acknowledge my good, bad, pretty & ugly truth.  Embracing it all has made me LOVE MY LIFE!  There are no coincidences.  I was supposed to experience this life my way.  It brought me to this moment for a reason.  I have no doubt that I am suppose to reach & teach somebody.

I speak truth as I see & feel it.  I use my voice to be heard, because it truly stems from a place of love & courage.  I genuinely wish others well.  I see the potential of greatness in everyone, regardless of how they feel about themselves.  Your life changes the minute you accept & embrace your truth for what it is.  
Your truth does not always stay the same & you can change your truth at any time.  Sometimes people feel that their truth is a bad thing or it's an ugly truth, so they tend to be ashamed or embarrassed.  It's crazy how we view the world & ourselves without stopping to think that we are all in the same boat doing different things.  We are never alone in our experiences. 

We all have an ugly truth!  We also have a beautiful & amazing truth, which I define as our  GREATNESS WITHIN.  You can't bring out your greatness & leave out your truth.  You can try but it will not be authentic.  I believe in focusing on the greatness within each of us, because that will guide us toward empowerment.

I believe that we should NEVER compare ourselves to others, because we just might miss all of the things that are truly GREAT about ourselves.  Those things are our talents & gifts that we should nurture, so we can share it with the world.  I don't mind sharing my best & truth be told I really don't mind sharing my worst.  It is what it is & I can change what I don't like about myself if I choose to!

I know I'm helping somebody out there in some way & at the very least I know I'm feeding my soul.  I believe that with all of my heart.  I share my truth or the truth I have witnessed in others.  Why? Well, I do it because the younger me needed this.  I needed to know & believe that life does get better as soon as you find a way to free your soul.  I just didn't have a source to explain it to me this way.  

TRUTH= CHOICE!  Truth is why I will always stop & give thanks.  Truth is why stay strong yet grounded.  Truth is why I stay humble with grace.  Truth is why I love my life so much that I choose to live in a space of gratitude.  

I choose to believe that I am powerful!  I choose to be bold & fearless! I choose to grow into my greatness.  I choose to stay connected to greatness.  In life you must focus on your better self.  Choose your lessons wisely or your lessons will choose you!  *TRUTH*

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