Thursday, October 18, 2012


I can sum one of my biggest & most frustrating pet peeves up in one word,    
Would you like to know what the rest of us who do not have a mediocre mindset are really thinking?  We think & know that we will accomplish & achieve anything we choose to work hard & stay focused on.  We believe in endless possibilities. 

We turn tragedy into triumph!  We bust our asses & break our necks to turn our dreams into amazing realities.  We get it done because we are too busy to stay stuck in our fears.  I could have stayed stuck in the fear I had to speak up & use my voice to write & start my own blog.  
My attitude is one of leadership.  I have no doubt that I am a leader, because I know who I am.  I totally suck at being a follower & being led by what the masses think or feel.  I know because I tried it!  I'm usually the person giving people the gas face because I have a million questions flowing IN MY HEAD.  

I need answers for all the things that don't add up!  You can't be a leader if you do not know how to be the leader within your own life.  You cannot lead anyone or anything if you cannot lead yourself!  *TRUTH*
A low-expectation-having mindset, is mediocrity & it is poison to the soul. Your soul is supposed to grow.  Your spirit is supposed to be lifted.  Your heart is supposed to sing.  When the mind, body & soul is aligned, then you are in flow.  Your essence will exude the qualities of a true leader, rather than one of a person who will exhibit mediocrity.  Leaders don't settle for little or less.  Leaders are going for the big win!

I could not wake up each day & use my voice if I was not passionate about it.  I have very strong & powerful feelings about what I do.  I expect to exceed my potential within every aspect of my life. I expect to be a great woman, who is willing to take risks in life.  I think, plan, rethink & come up with new plans until something works in my life.
At the very least, I get to see what the creator has in store for my future.  How long are we suppose to dream before we get up, get out & find a way to make each dream come true.  I have a whole lot of dreams, goals, plans & ideas for my life.  From what I see, the clock does not stop ticking, so I have to grind daily!

Some days I type with one hand & rock my child to sleep with the other.  Some days I'm cooking dinner with a pen & pad in the kitchen, just so I can get my thoughts out.  Sometimes I have to pull over on the side of the road to write.  I plan to win!  Now my definition of winning may be very different than others, but I will win my way.  I have no doubt that whatever has been set for me to achieve, I will win!

Mediocrity should be everyone's PET PEEVE!  Playing small is unacceptable.  The word can't should never be an option, especially when it comes to creating a blueprint for your purpose.  I don't want to live this life without purpose.  I want to live through love & add meaning to my life each day. 

Finding your passion while using your blood, sweat & tears to achieve each goal feels phenomenal!!  It's a high that I love.  I don't want anybody to motivate me more than I inspire & motivate myself.  I need to figure out how to get my life popping on my own!  I start with what fills me up with love, as well as what brings me peace & joy.  
Listen, there will always be a part of me that feels pressured to care what other people think or fear failure, but it does not mean that I have to give into it.  I refuse to even acknowledge it most times.  I'm trying to win in life.  

I don't have time to settle, play small or be fed fears.  Imagine what kind of leaders we would have in this world, if parents instilled a winning attitude, instead of mediocrity into the minds of their kids.  Children would expect to win in life & failure would not be an option.  

They would not question themselves or allow others to convince them that they can't achieve or accomplish anything in life.  
Every time you tell a child what they can't do or don't live out your own dreams, what do you expect.  I always wondered how broken people expect their kids to become whole. 

What exactly are parents offering their kids & what example are they setting?  There are too many parents saying don't do what I did & don't be like me instead of just being a leader in their own lives for themselves & their kids.  Kids learn mediocrity & grow into adults with a mediocre mindset.  

I think it is such a pet peeve for me because people won't even attempt greatness, as if they don't possess it or it isn't even an option.  That's crazy!  I've heard people say "there's nothing great about me", meanwhile I'm thinking they never even tried to discover their greatness, so how would they know how great they truly are.

I love the fact that I get to wake up & not only face my fears every single day, but I am blessed with an opportunity to conquer them.  The fear leaves when you get the courage to face it & win in life.  This world is too big to play small. 
Your life! Your choice!  You can choose to stay within the shadow of your own darkness with mediocrity as an option!
Your life!  Your choice!  You can choose to find the courage it will take to face your own fears.  Finding your passion & purpose is the the only path to connect with greatness.  Being courageous & fearless is exactly how you learn how to become a winner within your own life.

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