Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 Life is all about how we choose to think & see everything!
Your life is about your choice to rock out the "image or persona" that you choose to display to the world or your life can be about loving & living your truth.  The choice is yours.

How I view my life is through my spirit which is guided by my soul.  There is your image or persona & there is your truth.  It does not mean that your truth is good, bad or perfect.  Your truth can only be perfect for you to learn your life lessons in order to grow from it.
So many things that hold us back in life stems from our fears.  Fear is such a huge roadblock!  I believe that the fear of being judged by their judge & jury is keeping people paralyzed from freeing their hearts, minds, spirits & souls.  I believe that people would love to be completely liberated from the things that drag them down emotionally in life.  

You cannot allow anybody including people who love you to pick & choose the standards for you to live by.  You must know thy self.  People often become confused when they lack personal growth.  They believe who they use to be is who they are now.  

A great example is when people gain weight but shop for their previous size from when they were slim.  Unless you eat right & workout you are not going to be the same exact size that you once were.  We all change whether or not we choose to acknowledge it.  The question is are we changing for better or worse?

Change will come for you regardless.  It is wise to grow with it, because when life has changed for you & you have no growth it is like the living dead.  You are here but you're not really here.  You are stuck somewhere inside of your fears.

When you learn to love yourself better, only then will you begin to value the divine within you.  You must stop judging yourself first in order to stop worrying & caring too much about what others think or feel about you.  

You must learn how to live your life through love & place yourself on a positive path where you can blaze your own trails.  This is your life & your journey, so if it does not bring you peace, you can choose to reject the chaos.  

I rarely tell people that I don't care, because I already know in my heart that I don't care what others think or feel, when I know their thoughts are connected to negativity.  It does not help me.  It does not heal me.  It will never uplift me, so why would I care.  It makes no sense to pour my energy into what cannot make me a better person.  If it has nothing to do with my happiness, I leave it alone.

I care about what matters most.  I care if I'm emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually well.  That's a lot to focus on!  I also care if people are in need of support, love, healing, courage & faith to push ahead in life.  I'm not judging them & I'm not interested in their mistakes or shortcomings.  We are all in the same boat doing different things. 

We all make choices that we are not pleased with or do things that may hurt others.  We all fall but we must be grateful when we find a way to stand tall again.  You have to be able to recognize when you are in the trenches of your life lessons.  We will all experience things that will teach us who we were, who we are right now & who we need to become.  This comes with the desire for personal growth.

Never get stuck inside of your life lessons.  Stand still in the lessons to learn from them, then move on so you can apply what you have learned to your new beginning.  When you don't learn to become less critical & much more kinder to yourself, you will stay frozen inside of the fear of public opinion.  

People tend to get caught up in self blame, pointing fingers at themselves or worse doing the same to others, knowing they don't want it done to them.  This thinking & way of behaving is what will create fear inside of your mind, heart, spirit & soul.

If you care so much that people will judge you, then those people are not in your life to help you heal or grow.  If they can't participate in your personal growth or healing, then more than likely they will be a part of hurting you in some way.  It can be intentional or not!
You must stop appointing people who cannot see or feel the love in you to be your personal judge & jury.  That is not their job or position in life.  Most important shut people down who decide to appoint themselves to become your personal judge & jury!  Stop making your choices, decisions & mistakes about other people.  When the truth comes from a place of love the pain & hurt can be healed. 

Your life is not about anybody but you.  You must choose how to live & love life so when you fall, you can apply your lessons to help you get back up & stand tall.  This is how we all learn the best ways to grow & change as needed.  

This is a human experience, but you must remind yourself that life is about what you hold inside of your heart.    That is where your truth is held.  This is how truth works, facing truth will hurt you, heal you & then free you.  I have learned that I hold the deepest love & affection inside of my heart.  I apply it to my life each day, so that when I fall, I can bounce right back & keep on living through love.  *TRUTH*

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