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I'm proud that I wasn't a follower growing up and that I didn't clamor for acceptance by being some(one) that I was not. 
I've never smoked weed, or have experimented with ANY type of drugs mainly because, it didn't interest me and because it didn't fill a void I needed. 
I over came stuttering without a Speech Pathologist. This was a speech impediment that I hid from most of my friends that didn't know me too well but my really close friends and family (and GOOD Teachers) did notice. 
At times it would paralyze me to the extent of.....chatting teeth, sweaty palms, and talking inaudible.
My mother would always tell me to: "SPEAK UP!!" And only then, would I. 
How did I beat it? I wrote poetry, and raps, involved myself in school Plays, and Student Government. This FORCED me to say things in front of groups of people and I was able to build confidence the more I did it.
I struggled with stuttering well into my College year's and a couple of moments during my professional adult life, but I've been able to keep it under control, through practice, confidence, and my ability to meet a challenge head on. 
Today, I provide sales/medical presentations to Doctors, Lawyers, Distinguished Business Executives without a bat of an eyelid. I also taught English on the Middle School level for a while. Who would've thought? Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Some of the biggest 
  challenges in life.....
Growing up without a father or a father figure because my father was gunned down by an off duty police officer during a botched robbery attempt of a local store. I was two, he died at 20. But also trying to be the best Dad I can be now, despite not having the best examples. 
Being reared by a Mother that had me when she was a Teen and who would suffer from mental illness and drug addition throughout my childhood. 
Witnessing Domestic Violence as early as 4, and making a pledge that I would NEVER lay a hand on a woman. And I haven't. 
Depression, I have a family history of
mental illness ranging from Depression to paranoia, and Bipolar Disorders, so I know I have to keep an eye on making sure I'm living life to it's fullest. I have succumb to those deep dark corners a few times but I've managed to pull myself out. 
Fatherhood, has been challenging not because I do not like it, it's been challenging because I want to do my best and provide the best example for my children. I realize the importance of my role and I do not take that lightly. Fortunately, I was Blessed with two great kids and they make the experience so rewarding. 
Believe it or not, I can't say I've changed a whole lot from my childhood up until now. I was thrust into responsibilities at a very early age and it made me into an "old soul" rather quickly. I matured quicker than most of my friends and I had a life that few could relate to. 
This is not to say, I didn't have stages of being careless, or self centered, or a penchant for doing dumb things at times!! That happened!!! And in life, I know mistakes will continue to occur, but I was always steady enough to never allow myself to fall too far into the deep end.
I would say the biggest difference now, is that I have more responsibilities and I'm less likely to find myself in need of constant social attention. I can be a very egregious person but the older I get, there's less of a need to have a ton a people around. I kind of like my alone time now, when I can get it. 
In the Fall of the December of 1995, I became the first College Graduate of my family. Not too Shabby, especially since both of my parents were HS drop outs. I also, have a Graduate Degree in Criminal Justice.
I once saved a baby out of a burning car after it crashed onto the side of the road, on my FIRST week on the job at Ortho McNeil. The driver (the mother of the baby) fell asleep while she was driving and she careered off the highway into a ditch that made the car flip several times before throwing her clear from the car (about 10 to maybe feet) because she didn't have a seat belt. 

An Associate and myself were driving northbound on the highway heading back to Utah from Nevada and we witnessed the whole event in front of us. Since the road was(n't) well traveled......
We were the only two there at the time and we tended to the woman first. She was knocked out but breathing, I decided to check the car to see if there were any passengers, and sure enough there was baby (about 5 to 7 months) sound asleep in the car seat. 

Though the car was positioned on it's side, I climbed up to the top of the car, unbuckled the seat belt and pulled the baby out......unharmed, and alive and kicking!! EMS would later arrive, they thanked us for our deed, and the mother and baby were both fine with only a few scratches to concern themselves with. They were both extremely Blessed to be alive.
The person(s) you're closest with, says a lot about yourself.
In terms of education, personality, values, and the character of who you are. 
How you project yourself is normally what you attract. There are exceptions, but your personality will bring similar people into your life.
When there are good or bad times in the relationship, it's important to know that you "allowed" this person into your life and into your space, so there must have been a good reason!:-)
Education is on going and continuous. 
It's important to start the process early with our children. If the thirst for knowledge is instill(ed) right in the beginning....
Success is driven on belief. No one has become successful at anything thinking that it "sort" of happened. 
At some point application and commitment were combined. 
Being a father is anything and everything I've imagined it to be.
It's being the head of the house, and the fountain of knowledge for my children. It's showing the balance of being tough and loving with the blink of an eye. 
It's the ability to stare in the face of danger, knowing you're afraid but you proceed forward because you're willing to lay down your life for the safety of your family. 
It's knowing your children someday will be adults in this world and most of their morals, values, and convictions, are going to be based on what I taught them about life. 
It's embracing the role, and knowing that despite the missteps that you may take, you will never run away from the the responsibility. Being a father to me means, loving yourself and appreciating the Blessing that God bestowed upon you. 
Advice for young boys who will become men one day & what pitfalls should they avoid......

My advice will always be for them to be themselves.... The toughest thing, young boys and girls for that matter have to endure, during such a delicate stage of their life, is their need for acceptance. Which I completely understand and remember like yesterday. Who wants to be disliked? Or considered an Outcast? Not many. But, it's important for young Men to understand that it's okay to be who you are......just do it with confidence. If you're a a nerd!! 
Many boy's will shun traits that are inherently who they are for fear of not being cool. But, what each young Man has to take into account that no matter what you do, how you act, or who you hang around with, there will always be someone that will dislike (you). It's sad, but it's true. 

*Side note-It's imperative that parents instill a hobby, or interest that their boy likes. This will keep them focused and confident about the decisions that they make in their youth because there is a talent that exist. 
I believe, I'm here to help people. Young boys and peers alike. I think that is why volunteer work, Teaching, and coaching comes so natural to me despite, being dead tired.... At the end of a work day, I enjoy spending time with people that I perceive, I can make a difference with. It's my goal to write a book before the end of 2013. I have a story to tell and it should be told.

*Mr. Freeman's Classroom* 
At my best I am: a motivated, convicted, over achiever that looks a challenge in the face and takes it head on! I can surprise others by this determination, and bouts of mental and physical strength, but it doesn't surprise me. I am truly who you would want as a friend, friendship and family, I do cherish. 
At my worst I am: aloof, self centered, thoughtless, shallow of a man seeking attention from the opposite sex, with "Mommy Issues" wanting to be loved because I didn't receive that growing up."
I've been Blessed to have dated and been in relationships with loving women in my life. The one thing, I can say that was very consistent in all of my relationships is that all of the women wanted to feel loved and not lied to. 
As a Man, I feel if you can give your woman, consistency and commitment, with an open heart there's really not much more they would need/or want from you. Everything afterwards is an bonus. But the commitment desire, is key to everything.
The biggest lesson, I've learned from women is that you have to have a connection with them if you are to get anywhere in terms of starting a relationship. Some women are into looks, bad boys, money, the body of a man, religious name it, but charm can get a Man very far regardless of those preferences. 
Women, for the most part, they want a Man to treat them special and unique from the other men that they've encountered and or the women you've dated. If you can do that, and project your feelings by your mere presence, she would lend you her ear, and then her heart.
I have known Victor Freeman for well over 25 years & I knew there was truly something great about him but as a kid I did not know that I was seeing GREATNESS. 
There are many signs of how & why he is the definition of greatness but I will only name a few. He is a good soul with a spirit to match but he is truth transcended & personified. He is one of the few people I know that I can have a conversation with the soul, the spirit & the human being. 
He has the courage to face his fears. He owns his experiences no matter what & he carries a positive attitude with the courage it takes to be an open book. I believe he truly can do anything he put his heart & mind into because he has proven this countless times. 
This is what truth means to me. When a person can dig deep into what life has dealt & offered them so they can heal & help to encourage others, that is GREATNESS!
I look forward to reading his book & maybe watching his story on the big screen one day. Some people stay stuck in their fears, but not Victor Freeman. He will take any challenge life throws his way & dare to live, love, laugh & conquer! ~BINDU 

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