Thursday, October 4, 2012


MY AUTISTIC SOUL.....Boo-Bear! :-)

Some truth about Autism & what some families experience........*TRUTH*

Jacqueline Laurita shared her experience about her son having Autism.  I didn't know but I was not only touched but truly happy she shared.  Below is my facebook conversation about it.  

MY THOUGHTS: "It was a positive story to help our son, help other people & to bring awareness. I'm not an expert on Autism. I'm a parent going through it & I'm learning more everyday. Whatever I learn I just want to be able to pass it on." ~Jacqueline from The Real Housewives of New Jersey *LOVE IT* :-)

Facebook Friends comments & feedback:

1.  "I cried!"

2, "So if it was so positive and to help him and others why wait so long to open up about it -- I mean its not like anyone who watched the show couldn't tell there was something wrong with that little boys development?"



My response to each comment is below.... *TRUTH*

1.  @ too. I had the exact same experience. Shane was talking & then one day he just stopped. I never got a chance to hear him say I love you but I have no doubt that he will. I love her for sharing that. :-)

2.  @ Lorrie...... I've gone through it & the experience is not easy to open up or talk about, especially when you have no clue what is happening with your child. Just because your child is diagnosed it doesn't mean people accept it or can cope with it. Some days it is hell to go through & you can be completely exhausted mentally, emotionally & physically. I can't speak for why she waited so long to open up about it but I do understand. We can also ask about all of the millions of parents who never mention that their child has Autism or other neurological disorders. Why don't they spread the word?? This is not a physical disability so kids may look perfect on the outside. What I do know is what is going on inside of their minds can be painful & very emotional for the child as well as their parents. Some days I break down crying in public because it's too much & I'm strong as hell! I do not break or break down easily. She's crying on T.V. so I know her pain is far worse than what the public is seeing. Any family who is hands on in caring for their Autistic child or who simply has a heart, compassion & common sense knows that it was positive. It let millions of families know that they are not alone & to stay positive. Most people can't handle my child for one hour much less a lifetime. Parenting is a tough job but with Autism it's like pulling double shifts every single day. There is no break. I hope she continues to learn & speak about Autism because people are really clueless & don't get how it has a major impact on society.

3. @ Jonathan.....THANK YOU!!!! I know you know exactly what I mean. I wish that I knew all of the little details like regressing is normal & early intervention is crucial for their development or that every child is unique so you don't know what triggers they will have. I've been driving on the highway & my kid unlocks his seatbelt, covers my eyes to play peek a boo & he does it in 3 seconds flat! I have a million WTF moments so I speak about Autism all day every day. Most parents have to pull themselves out of denial first because they just want their child to be "NORMAL". (whatever that means). Who even knows about all this stuff until it happens to their child. It is hard work & no sleep some nights so I know you know how she feels. And it warms my heart to know that WE are not alone!!! :-)

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