Friday, October 5, 2012


Every human being’s worth begins to form when they feel the creator’s love.  Their development begins when the key to their life begins to nurture them.  A woman’s worth should begin thriving after she is born and blessed to exchange that first look, touch and feeling of bonding and unconditional love with the first person who holds the key to her birth…. her mother. 
When a daughter is blessed to experience a spirit building ritual from birth well into girlhood imagine what kind of woman she will develop into. If I had a daughter I would dedicate my life to molding her mind into a positive one.  I would carve my life around hers and work tirelessly on her worth.  We will be in knowledge and wisdom exploration together until she soars higher than I can dream or she can imagine.
The goal is to make the universe become her playground.  There would be no lesson more important than for her to learn and understand the power of knowing her worth.
She would have access to resources and tools to be prepare her for all she can accomplish and offer to her world.  I would not only inform her of the world because there is much to learn but I would enlighten her on how to navigate her life with an air of empowerment, humility, courage and positive force.
Her outer shell will not define who she is because I would teach her the true meaning of what beauty actually is.  I would teach her to be heard and to use her voice in a manner the reveals what lies within her core being. I would be her guiding light and the positive motivating force that reminds her she is a Winner Girl. Her goal is to win in life because losing is not an option but a lesson on how to come back stronger, go harder and be a fearless warrior loving the gift of life.

We would review our lessons for the day at each stage of her precious life, from birth before she can speak, during her childhood when she is fragile or weak, to girlhood where the world seeks to devour her in unimaginable ways, to young womanhood where the world will tap on her window to sneak a peek at who she’s becoming and then all the way into real womanhood where she will stand firmly upon her worth, humble and unapologetic. 
I would teach her positive ways to filter influence so she does not allow it to penetrate her precious heart, spirit and soul. We would bond, build and read life’s stories and tales very well as mother and daughter.  She would be raised to feed off real positive energy and see through masks worn to disguise truth and 
My main goal would be to create and instill an unbreakable sense of self ownership.  She would learn very early that she’s here to conquer and not to be conquered.  She is here to influence and not be influenced. She is here to be taught, question, learn and share by teaching.
I wouldn’t just bring her to dance class, I would dance with her. Sing life’s songs with her expressing every emotional high and low with a surge of where we come from, who we are and where we are going.
She would understand that we come from love because we are God’s design and we are always going where victory leads us because.... 




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