Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sometimes the most frustrating part of living life is when people can't see you or when they choose to overlook you.  I'm not speaking of your external, which is the part of you that people created in their minds or the part of yourself that you're pretending to be.  

I'm speaking of your internal self.  The priceless spirit existing in the interior of your soul.  IN MY HEAD is a knowing that I am a good soul who desires to become the greatest soul that I can be.

I put in the work it takes to achieve it. This is why I protect the best of me & use what is left as my life lessons.  I'm still learning & always will have the desire to learn.  Never seek, instead be open to receive what feeds your soul.

I can only accomplish this from within & never outside of myself.  Your internal means your truth & everything within yourself.  Your external means everything outside of your true self.  In other words all of the things we cover up, dress up & suit up to look as put together as possible.
I focus more on what is going on inside of me.  This means that I need to be in tune with what is going on inside of my mind, body, spirit & soul.  When all is well with my mind, I can think clearly so that every decision I make will help me grow & not hinder me in life.  

When I take care of my body I feel free & my energy is all love.   When I allow my spirit to grow, that is when I truly live out loud.  When all is well with my soul then I will shine my light brightly on this world in unimaginable ways.
My personal truth is that I love to stick to my life script so I can flow forward not backwards.  I nurture my mind with positive thoughts.  I nurture my heart to keep it filled with love.  

I nurture my body to stay healthy.  I nurture my spirit for emotional strength.  I nurture my soul to be the powerful force that I know I was born to be.  Before I knew who I truly was, I would become frustrated & defensive. 

I would be upset with myself every time I allowed people into my life or personal space who tried to rewrite my life script to fit me into their life or world.  My lesson was "I ALLOWED IT".  We can't blame others for what we allow them to say, do & become in our lives. 
We all have different lives to live & experiences to have.  We cross paths to teach each other powerful lessons that provide personal growth, if we are open to it.  We are not meant to intertwine then become stuck within each others lives.  

We are meant to experience each other, learn from each other & grow with each other.  When one person becomes stuck or lack growth it is not wise to stop your own growth to get them where they need to be in life.  

That is their lesson to learn so they must figure out how to grow in life.  Trying to help others learn their lessons is one thing.  Becoming stuck in somebody else's lesson is living outside of yourself & focusing on the external.  

This is why it is so hard for people to let go of others & move on with their lives.  You will miss out on your own life lessons when you place too much focus on the external.  

Other people's lives is your external because it is outside of you & can distract you from working on yourself.  

Do you know how much work is involved in internal living?  A whole lot!

I reflect on myself daily so I am completely aware of everything about myself as well as what is going on within & outside of my personal space.  I don't see people instead I feel souls.

Some would say that I am energetically sensitive.  I would say that I am so in touch with my emotions & feelings that I am comfortable touching souls.  

I embrace the joy within humanity & what it means to step into another persons shoes.  It has taught me to be so much more compassionate.  

I've experienced a lot & I have seen people become too comfortable in their "perfect" external life.  When their lives fall apart, which happens to teach them life lessons, they fall apart & lose themselves.  This only happens when you live outside of who you truly are.  

When you become dependent on people, places, careers, trends & things to validate your worth, that's external living.  I live in a space of gratitude & give thanks daily for insight because I get my life.  I've done the work it takes to understand myself so I can create a positive flow to how I am living.  

I've learned to live my life from within so my worth does not depend on anything outside of myself.  The reason why I know without a doubt that everything will always work out in my favor is because I know the difference between living internally vs. external living.  

I love myself from the inside out because loving myself this way has truly worked out well for me.  I have learned how important it is to let go of the EXTERNAL part of life so I can explore the INTERNAL.  

I stay connected to my truth for wisdom & understanding.  I am guided by my soul, not by what society & the world thinks.  I'm not here to please, I'm here to free myself from anything or anyone that does not serve me well in life.  

Living my life my way allows me to stay connected to my soul.  If you don't learn to unplug from negativity you will always live outside of your true self.  Internal living is a way of loving my life in a way that allows me to use my moral compass daily.  

It makes me more conscious so that I take only the best of what this world can offer me & leave the rest behind.  I do not need everything in life.  I only need the right things in life.  I'm very particular & careful with what I chase in this world.  

I embrace everyone & offer love but I set boundaries for people to take the time to learn me, so they can truly appreciate me.  I remove greed, lust, selfishness, envy, hatred, negativity & self-loathing from my life to stay in flow.  

If it isn't love & peace, then I have no use for it in my life.  I never want to be consumed by people, places or things that will chain me to them & hold me back in life. I only need what will offer me more than enough room to grow within every aspect of my life.    
I should wake up every single day with an understanding & a knowing inside that I am greatness.  AND SO SHOULD YOU!  We are all one.  We are all connected unless we choose to disconnect from one another. *TRUTH*
When you get your soul right then your mind, body, heart & spirit will be too strong for this world to wrong it.  You have to look within yourself instead of outside of yourself.  Loving & living internally is the stepping stone to empowering yourself.  That's self-love!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I became a Mom early, I was 19 when I had Elana, Nanah Bear. I was blessed and lucky to have a supportive family around me. 
My sisters Tombe and Theo taught me everything. They were there every step of the way. That’s why I say Nanah is our baby. I grew up quick! I didn’t have a chance to make immature mistakes or test the waters much.
I look back and see where we are now and Motherhood has added greatness to my life. I would not change the road I chose. My children have offered me joy and wisdom.
I now do what is best for me, I had to learn what/who was toxic and separate myself. I realized that it’s okay to choose who is allowed in my circle. Part of my Greatness is being true to myself, keeping what works and removing what does not.
Personal growth is stepping outside of yourself and evaluating your current circumstances, devising a plan and putting it into action.  Also, being able to see that there are changes that need to be made and to be willing to change them. Being Fearless, knowing that you may have to let go of some things and people to step into a better you, that is my personal growth.
Be Genuine, when I walk out the door, I always make sure to grab my authentic self. “She” must always come along and be present. I give to the world what I want in return. So when I smile, laugh, frown or curse, you are getting the real me.  :-)
Going back to school was a personal achievement. Deciding to continue a journey I began 10 years ago added new electricity to my life. When I left college I knew I was going to return but didn’t know when, so when I stepped into a classroom in 2010, there was a certain sense of accomplishment just for continuing what I said I would complete.
The Adione’s Heart Foundation, is a major achievement. My family and I took a personal tragedy and changed it into a triumph. The Adione’s Heart Foundation was founded in memory of my son Adione, who was diagnosed with a severe Heart defect when I was 5 ½ months pregnant. Awaiting his final heart surgery Adione passed away at the age of two. He changed our lives.
Our foundation is geared to give comfort to families dealing with hospitalized children, also aid in spreading the message of heart health and heart disease awareness.
To learn more:
My ALL time favorite quote is, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Maya Angelou
People are such a major part of our lives, whether we want them or not. It’s important that we choose the right people to share our lives with. I’m a firm believer in believing you when you show me who you are, I do not try to make excuses or find the hidden truth. What you give me is what I take.
“Life was meant to be colorful.” Have some fun, let the people you love know you love them, don’t forget to laugh."

Being a woman means to TAKE responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. We are not helpless, we are not our pasts, we are not fragile, we are totally equipped to handle life but we have to choose to do so.
When my children speak, I have learned to listen. I know I know, many mothers run with the idea that our children should do as we say, honor us & listen to us. What I have learned from becoming a mother is that my children are constantly trying to tell me something, and there are messages within their messages and if I’m not listening I’ll miss it. 
For example, My Lil’ Diva has a powerful voice she doesn’t like to be ignored, This use to happen often in the mornings, “Mommy I’m upset with you!” “Why LOLO??!” “Because I wanted to pack my snack myself!” To some, they “hear” her talking back. To me, I hear, Mommy, I want to be independent let me do this one on my own. But now I hear her, she packs her own lunch.
Also, as a mom I’ve learned that I am not here to put my children in a mold but to help them realize who they are and support them in their journey of becoming their authentic self. 
We all want our children to be happy and successful but sometimes that requires parents to strip away their idea of happiness and allow them to find their way. Give them the fundamentals, lead by example and allow them to add their own twist.
Lending a shoulder or your time. Giving hugs, sharing laughs being there not only when they want you but when they need you. As a friend sometimes it’s best to be an ear. I’ve learned to listen, sometimes our friends are not looking for the answer, they already have it, they just need someone to listen. I do not have all the answers but if you want the answers I do have, I’m more than happy to share as long as you don’t mind my honesty.
Love is funny. It can come along unexpected or you can go and search but when it comes to love, it can’t be forced. Love has to work. You have to work on it and be honest with it. And if it doesn’t work, you have to learn how to place fear in a box, lay it at the doorstep and walk away. 
There is no shame in walking away, only in staying in something that is not working.  I’ve learned to be honest with love, love doesn’t work when you are not truthful, if something makes you unhappy communicate it, if something makes you happy communicate that too.
At the core, Ellen is a fighter, she doesn’t give up. She carries her past as a lesson to others and a reminder to herself of where she came from. Ellen is the scripter of her future, I am the one and only designer and architect. Whatever God & the Universe sees fit in me to pursue, I do!
At my worst I am a stuffed animal, cute, cuddly but going absolutely nowhere (Doesn’t happen much). LOL
At my best I am Loving, Passionate, myself. I am wide awake, laser focused, everything becomes clear and falls into place. At my best the world and I are in sync.
Ellen T. Dempter was brought into this world by a warrior spirit who is truly a woman filled with unconditional love & strength.  It only makes sense that Ellen would be the definition of GREATNESS.
Her mind, heart & spirit can only exist where the greatest souls dwell.  She is fearless with living through love.  She is connected to her truth, which is how she stays connected to her greatness within.  Ellen has that angelic, yet warrior spirit that can triumph in life.
Ellen is a beautiful soul who birthed beauty into this world to offer her love.
The priceless souls of this world are surviving off of the unconditional love,  sacrifice & compassion that nurturers hold within their hearts. Life has taught me that you don't have to give birth to a child to be a mother. 
You have to be a woman of strength who is filled with unconditional love so 
strong that your compassionate soul has the utmost respect for the gift of life.  Now imagine when you combine that with being blessed to carry life inside of you.  It doesn't get any greater! 

Ellen is beyond her years.  What I love about her is that she is an authentic & open soul, who shows you that she is worthy.  She embodies what it takes to not only tap into, but also display her greatness.  Ellen is a lover of life & the kind of GREATNESS that will show rather than tell you who she is.  Great souls not only recognize each other, but desire to stay connected to greatness.  My heart, spirit & soul says, I SEE YOU ELLEN!  I need to look no further than the stars in the sky to find where her soul dwells .  She is pure truth & the beauty of greatness.  ~Bindu