Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Everything in your life has to do with you.  When people fully understand this, then they can start the process of healing instead of hindering themselves.  The goal should be to simplify & enhance your life, not to continue to make choices that will make life harder on you.  There are a million things in life that can hold you back & make you feel like a prisoner within your own mind, but there are a billion things that won't!

We must do what will free us instead of doing what has & always will hold us back!  I have no doubt that we can do it!
Life is about choosing wisely, but if you make the wrong choices that do not fulfill you & bring joy into your life, you must trust yourself to be much wiser, stronger & do so much better next time.  That cannot happen for you if you believe that you are locked inside of a prison that has bars you just cannot see.  There are no bars, there is no cell to unlock, there is only your thoughts, your way of thinking & your mindset that can be changed.

People don't realize that although they feel like they are in an emotional or mental prison cell there are no bars.  Open wounds & emotional scars are powerful.  When left unhealed & unchecked you leave the door open to depression, anxiety, panic attacks & many negative patterns of behavior.   

There are no bars on that cell in your head, so you can escape yourself & your way of thinking, living & being.  Any & everything is possible!  Believe it!  The problem is if you are not aware that you control your life & you hold the power to walk out of your mindset then you will continue to imprison yourself.

There is no key needed because you are not locked up.  You must learn to escape your thoughts if you have negative thinking.  I've had conversations with people who have something defeating & negative to say for every positive thought I have offered them.  They are so entrenched in feeling powerless that they believe in their false truth.  What they convinced themselves is real or the truth is just a lie they keep retelling themselves.  This is how people stay stuck!  
Nobody has more control over your life than you.  Nobody can steer your ship unless you give them the position as captain.  For as humble, kind & loving as I am I refuse to be a doormat.  I refused to be stepped on & treated unfairly.  I throw on my spiritual armor right away to defend myself because I deserve to be treated well.  I don't have to fight but I do have to make others aware that they are dealing with a force of energy that they cannot handle.  I am an "either", "or" kind of person so there is little room for unnecessary compromise or straddling the fence.  

Your attitude in life should be one of high expectations.  People walk around as if they don't deserve to feel worthy, loved & respected.  When you disrespect yourself, you set the tone for how others think or believe that they can treat you.  People will say or think, if a person doesn't respect themselves, then why should I?  You are your own captain!  You are in command of your own ship & vessel so you need to be the person in charge of steering it on the right path! 
You decide to put yourself into an invisible prison cell so you have to decide to get up & walk out!  Even if you feel someone or some situation placed you within a cell, you have to realize that nobody is holding you on lock down but you.  Stop telling yourself what you can't do or can't become & if somebody is putting you down to break your spirit, you have the power not to listen & believe them! 
I've seen people react when people who they do not even know them say things about them that are negative.  How does someone who doesn't even know you get the opportunity to enter your space & speak in your presence without you granting them permission to do so?  That happens because you allow it to happen.  Let me share something that I say "IN MY HEAD" often.  

"Who are you in my life that I should accept what you are trying to say or do to me?  Especially if it does not serve me well or uplift me!!" I don't even think that people even take the time to ask these questions.  There has to be a structure & an order to how everything flows within your life.  Nobody can continue to imprison you emotionally, spiritually & mentally unless you believe they put bars up around your life.
You are not stuck, you are capable of change & you can survive anything life throws your way.  You are not a victim unless you choose to stay confined within the walls of your very own in prison that is invisible to everyone but you.  You deserve a better life so begin to free yourself today.  

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