Monday, September 3, 2012


POOP PLAY!!!!  *WHY?????*
This is something a lot of Autistic kids do.  I stay grossed out at the very thought of this topic BUT after a conversation with other parents I had to address it.  I'm just going to get straight to the point as I share my thoughts on this topic!  

Why do kids do this?? No I didn't google an answer to my question, because the answers would only freak me out so much more.  I've heard that other parents who have mainstream children experience kids playing in poop, wiping it on the walls or worse! (And those who have experienced this know it can get worse.)   

All I could think was WHO KNEW????? And why the heck are they not warning other parents?????  I thought it was just my experience & I was losing my mind over it.  Here's a list of emotions that will hopefully help other parents know they are not alone in this. 

-I feel stressed if I think I missed a spot when cleaning.
-I cringe thinking the smell is on me, my clothes & hair.
-I have my moments & when I will break down in tears.
-I feel relief that Irish Spring soap consumes the smell.
-I sometimes laugh at the experience.... when it's over!
-I love him up with hugs & kisses when he's fresh & clean! 
Ahhhh...the sweet scent of candles but IN MY HEAD I'm thinking WTH! (lol)

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