Saturday, September 29, 2012


Let me tell you something about truth & love.  When both truth & love has been poured into your soul from the womb there is nothing anybody in this world can do to take that away from you.  Hate cannot hurt your core & leave your worth in the gutter because you always come back to what you know.  

In other words, if you were given some of that powerful unconditional love & fed some truth, then you will always return to love & truth.  We all will go through many experiences in life.  Yes, some will be harsh, painful & so brutal that the hurt in unbearable, but learning your lessons through healing will lead you back to love. 

When you can see truth & feel truth within your soul, then hate can never penetrate it.  Healing is the only remedy!  With that said, I'm trying to get to the root of our worth today.  What do we do today, from 2012 & beyond to heal ourselves? 

I need to find out who is really cutting our worth down into & beneath the ground before we get a chance to truly discover our greatness?  Why are we not armed & prepared for battle when it comes to dealing with the hurt racism has & still cause to black people?

I ask this question because before I knew about racism, slavery, hatred & all of the evil this world does hold, I knew my mother's love.  I learned my value & my worth through my mother's love.  From the womb  I was already armed, protected & ready for life's battle with hate.  

I was protected very early.  I received my mother's unconditional love, in such a way that this world does not stand a chance at cutting my worth down to its core.  I promise you that I will always rise above it because I know who I am.  This world does not define me & it does not define you either.

So again I ask, who is cutting our worth down to its core.  Is it the men we date that compare our skin tones & hair textures?  Is it the mothers that compared the skin & hair textures of their precious daughters in a way that devalued their worth & made them question what beauty really is?  

I'm seeking truth right now so help me understand.  What do men show off or embrace more?  Is it light skin & long hair? OR Is it dark black beautiful skin tones with thick lips & a beautiful wide nose?  Who makes us feel less then first before our image is presented in the media?  Who armed us to battle these demons or who sold & set us up to be defeated by them?

You have to know your worth & value yourself before you can raise a family & pass that knowledge onto future generations.  
We have to go to the root cause & acknowledge the self hate within the homes that was fed to us from our very own mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends & the men we choose to date. 

The same men who we wait patiently for as they pick & choose among the female kitty litter.  We allow this to continue if we don't see it for what it is. Somebody is cutting the core of our worth & it is leaving us unarmed & unprepared for the heavy burden of hatred before we step out into the world & face hate on a larger scale.

My truth is that yes, I was fed self hatred at a young age, but it was too late.  It was no match for the self love I was fed from my mother's womb.  It could never penetrate the truth within my soul.  I've dealt with racism, hatred & even self hate at one point in my life, but in the end, I returned to love.

We already know there is a toxic fume of negative energy that was & still is purposely placed on black beauty & worth from slavery & racism within society.   Even though we know it created a legacy of destroyed minds, beaten down souls, broken spirits & all by design we still give into it.  We give into it when we hurt our own people & other races.

We can rise above it.  Unfortunately, how some people respond out of anger or ignorance, just reminds me of the saying, "if you can't beat them join them".   How are we living in love & truth when we hear our own people say things like..."Pretty for a brown skin or dark skin girl......Pretty for a black girl"?  

Why wouldn't we feel worthless? And worse why would some people who are light skinned believe their own hype?  It's a lie but somebody is feeding people lies & some people are eating it up! With so many things that can & will break us down in this world why can't we fight this war with self love & win it? 

My truth is that I have never put any human being down for having features like dark skin, nappy hair, full lips & a wide nose.  I can see clearly so I have & always will recognize real true beauty whenever I see it.  

If our own men & women can't see us for who we truly are, then how are we suppose to be black & be proud?  And furthermore how is the world suppose to see our worth when our hurt, pain & shame is on display?  We owe nobody nothing but we do owe ourselves truth!

I'm armed, so racism & hate does not penetrate.  Nobody is going to tell me who I am, instead they are welcomed to learn my truth & earn my friendship.  If people choose to be ignorant, racist & mindless then it is their loss.  Greatness is within me!  Greatness is within you!  Greatness is within black, white, brown, yellow, red bone & every color or skin tone.

If love has no color, then why do we keep feeding hate instead of rising above it?  We feed it every time we focus on color first instead of our real issues.  I choose to digest truth & feed off love.  I wish the same for everyone. 

Black is beautiful, Brown is beautiful, Nappy hair is beautiful.  Hispanic is beautiful, Asian is beautiful & so are other races, cultures & ethnic groups.  Diversity is a beautiful thing!  What makes each of us ugly is our character, our mindset & our negative patterns of behavior that stem from anger, hurt, hate & pain.  

I could go deeper & break this topic down into a billion little pieces but I will end it here.  We all have a choice to stay stuck in hate for others or worse, self hate.  My truth is I know the answers to all of these questions, but I put it out there because I would love to hear people share their truth. 

When hate won't work for you.....May I suggest BECOMING LOVE?  



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