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Like I said before, I do not consider myself mixed, but it doesn't bother me if others do.  It is just not that serious to me.  There are more important things for me to focus on within my life.  I am truly grateful for being unconditionally loved, beyond measure from birth.  I'm grateful for my mindset, regardless of negative experiences & life lessons.  I'm grateful for self love, as well as being a lover of all walks of life & cultures.  I love my journey & the fact that I use my voice daily!
Here goes Part II....... Just know that you have been warned that it just might get heated today!!  I will be sharing posts & comments from my facebook page so check out:  
to see what all the talk is about that sparked this post!  I love truth & I love when I learn how other people think & feel.  

Below is a picture of me & one of my very beautiful sisters.  We have the same mom & the same dad, but we do not have the issues that I am discussing in this topic.  That is a direct reflection of how we were truly loved by our mother.  We were fed truth & real love.  It all starts within your home.  You will become what you are exposed to, what you are told & what you are taught.  We know hate & racism exists but it can never be sold to us because we will never buy into it.  Our love & bond is unbreakable!!!
Now back to the topic at hand!  In order to change the mindset & false belief that has been fed to us worldwide we have to deal in truth & in love.  I know & understand why we are always pointing out our blackness & having to prove how worthy we are as black people but it is draining to my positive energy.

When done in pure pride & love it feels amazing, but the truth is that is not always the case!  When done to convince the world that we're worthy & good enough to be acknowledged by the very people & mindset who spew hatred, then it is heartbreaking.  I say this all day every day, we don't need to prove anything to anyone but ourselves.  

This is why I constantly ask, why do I need to constantly prove something that just is?  Dark skin, nappy hair, full lips, thick hips & a wide nose is very beautiful!  Light, bright & white ain't always right & it sure does not always equate to external beauty.  
"THE TRUTH NEEDS NO DEFENDER, THE TRUTH JUST IS."  YES, BLACK BEAUTIFUL! *TRUTH*  I mean, of course being black is absolutely beautiful & amazing!! Or is it??? 
Something about the stench of self hate among each other doesn't feel so beautiful.  Something about anybody thinking I think I'm better & my life experiences are better because of my complexion & hair texture does not sit well with my soul!  It's not true & more important, it's not right!

I LOVE BEING BLACK.....for real not for show!  I don't need to beat people in the head with my blackness.  I don't care what people or other races think about me being black.  I also don't care what stereotypes people choose to attach to my blackness.   

I know exactly how to represent my blackness in my own unique way.  It has nothing to do with self hate or hating on other races & cultures.  I just have an internal self love myself based on receiving unconditional love.  I live life through love!
I'm sorry, but a lot of people say they love being black, but it's hard to tell sometimes. (*JBH*-Just being honest)  It drives me nuts!  We are unique!  Our experiences, when it comes to defining our blackness & being black, is also unique on so many levels.   All black people are not having the same exact experiences.  

All black people are not living their lives the exact same way & they should not be.  That's why my attitude is I can't relate but I understand.  I try to put myself in another person's shoes because that's the best I can do.  

There is so much about African & African American or black culture that I'm still learning & I'm okay with that!  There are things I can't relate to & don't want to.  I'm okay with that too.  We are still unique individuals with our very own unique outlook & perspective.  We get it from everywhere. 

It comes from history, heritage, lifestyles to mixed cultures.  Our blood is mixed, our attitude is mixed, our complexion is mixed, our thoughts, ideas & even our values are mixed.  

It's a mixed world filled with mixed people & a whole lot of mixed chicks.  It does not take away from being black or having your very own personal "black experience.  It does not take away your truth.  Be proud of your truth & heal what hurts.
We are so much more than the pigeon hole we sometimes put ourselves into.  We really seem to complicate what being black & proud means.  Proud & hate don't mix.  I can go on & on, until my poor fingertips bleed from typing my thoughts about the mixed race, bi-racial, light-skinned compared to dark skinned issue.  

I can't deal sometimes!  (In my high pitched valley girl voice with an extra nasal drip......I CAN'T DEAL!!!!!!) I really can't deal!

We are all mixed in some way.  It's been said before in so many ways, but here we go AGAIN!  You have to know that there is a level of ignorance & negativity that goes with this topic.  This topic came up because it dawned on me that I might be considered a mixed chick.  Since I don't consider myself one, I'm trying hear what others think.  I want to see their soul & hear their truth.  

Let me know what you really think!  How does your mindset, your roots & culture as well as who you are trying to become tie into this topic?  It gives me a different perspective on where people conjure up their thoughts from.  Sometimes the mindset & how people really think stems from so much more than racism.  

Right now I'm thinking do some of the people in my life who know that I am African/black think that I am mixed because of my complexion?  Are they not saying anything because they know I have a mouth on me & it will open up a huge discussion?  I want people to keep it real with me!  I can handle it.

Say how you really feel about me, my hair, my skin, my lips, my eyes, the way I speak (I've been told that I sound like a real New Yorker, a little hood at times or even "white".   My truth is that I don't play games with people.  I don't do the slick racial comments, light skin tone, hair texture, "you're a pretty girl so life is easy for you"!  It's not okay.

Are we one or not?  Are we one people or not?  Are we human beings yet?  Or are we still a color, a complexion, a hair texture, a skin tone?  I guess we are not one!  Yes, there is discrimination, poverty, class system & other issues, but that is within all cultures.  Race is a whole other issue that people who aren't even really racist keep giving it life.  
There are really big issues with race so why are families, friends & communities, breathing life into stereotypes that have a direct & negative effect on them?  Please help me understand so we can all work on healing the hurt this mindset has caused.   

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