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I really do not like this topic because it can become so toxic sometimes.  There is a negative & a positive side to all things & being mixed is not any different.  Also it will never end because it can be discussed on so many levels & in so many ways.  I like to keep things simple & this touchy topic always leaves a sore spot with people no matter how you approach it.

 Anything that has to do with the topic of race can be a recipe for toxic soup, so the possibility of things going downhill from here is very likely.  Being the BINDU that I am, I honestly don't care & will have a conversation about almost anything.  I want to talk about it & that's what I do.  I talk, write & blog about it!  I'm pretty positive so it won't be so bad.  Here we go!
First of all, Let me share something that I posted on MIXED CHICKS facebook page,"I'm loving this page! I am African & Lebanese. Although I never considered myself mixed, I guess I am. It's very rare that I am asked but the few times I have been asked, I usually say I am African or I'm black & don't really think much about it. I love diversity, all cultures, all races, religions, genders, gay, straight, bi-sexual, bi-racial & so on. As far as I'm concerned we are all mixed & so are our cultures. WE ARE ALL ONE! LOVE IS LOVE & that is a beautiful thing! I'm glad my friend told me about this need a LOVE button because I more than like this page! *I ♥ IT*" 

I still don't like all the drama that goes with this topic, mostly because I don't live in a "black world" with just my "black culture" where everything is a "black thing" & the only people that truly get me or understand me are my "black people";  but I will talk about it anyway.  Pardon my sarcasm (I fight sarcasm daily........*work in progress*)

Ummmm, how do we come together when we continue to find ways to separate ourselves?  It's a real honest question!  I would love a real answer because I really don't know how that's going to work!  Let me know because I just don't get it!  I'm wondering if "love & hate could never be friends~Bob Marley", then how exactly does "love & self-hate" work their friendship out peacefully, within the "black" community?  There is too much self hate!  Way too much!!  It's so toxic & completely draining to the soul!

SIDE-BAR: First of all I'm quirky as hell & a bit bold with it, so you either get me or not!  There's a whole lot of woman to understand, so when it comes to me, you just have to brace yourself as you join me on my journey of self discovery.  No worries, you're in great company!:-)
Okay, back to MIXED CHICKS!!  Now applying the "it's a black thing" to this topic, drives me nuts.  I am deeply rooted in my "black" culture & history.  I know our history & I how how society has & still continues to treat black people & women.  I'm not blind to it nor do I sweep it under the rug!
I know exactly where it stems from.  I get it on every level, but I still "feel some kind of way" about it.  Something just seems to throws my soul off with this topic.  I think what drives me nuts, is what we fall for & buy into.  Also, I'm bothered by how it trickles down to our baby boys & girls.  The cycle of self-hate doesn't seem to end.  

There's just a lot of self hate going on.  It will continue to go on, especially if the negativity of this very topic is, most likely will be passed onto future generations.  There is nothing wrong with sharing truth, but it is how you choose to share it that can send a toxic message & set a negative tone.  A lot of people are spreading hate.  *TRUTH*

I know about spreading love, so that's what I do.  This is why I TRULY ADORE MY MOTHER!!!  I get my attitude & outlook from how she raised me.  As far as I'm concerned we are all one, except for people who like to show their ass.  That's a whole other species.  
First of all, how can I not LOVE being a black woman, especially with a momma like I've been blessed with!  God placed me in the right hands, I kid you not, because  MY MOM IS A QUEEN!!!  She is a true queen because she's connected to her human side first.  She's a loving soul who is kind & compassionate to every person from all walks of life!  

I really love how she loves people!!!!  She's an African Queen & she is the truth!  It makes me wonder what some parents & family members are telling their children about their skin, hair & how beautiful they truly are!  What message are people getting inside the home before they step into the world? 

My mother never told me black is beautiful, she showed me that black is beautiful.  She showed me that women are powerful!  She showed me in how she spoke to people, in how she treated people & in how she loved people regardless of race, religion & culture!

My issue is why are people who know better ALWAYS stating the obvious?  Can we be honest & stop making excuses as why we say & do what we do?  It feels like we live each day to prove to every other race & culture that we are good enough.  OF COURSE WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH!!!!  We are the very definition of  what GREATNESS truly is & that transcends race or color lines!!!!!  

When you have to not only remind yourself, but convince yourself & others that black is truly beautiful, then that means something is lacking within your soul.  Why do we need to defend the truth?  The truth just is!!!

The Sh**T that "SOME", not all, but like I said "SOME", black people say & do to their own black people is ignorant & foul!  I'm speaking on behalf of people who are thinking it, but don't really want to say it.  I'll say it!!! 

Mixed chicks are black too & they don't owe anybody a damn explanation about their complexion, nose, lips, eye color, hair texture, etc....  Get over it!!!  If somebody actually had the nerve to convince themselves that they are any better, because they are light skinned or mixed with other races, they're a f**king idiot!  Yep I said that too!!!  Get your worth up already!! *TRUTH*

Mixed chicks, mixed men & mixed kids are all of us on some level.  But mixed chicks, men & kids who are very light & bright are also whatever culture they are born into.  Their being black doesn't trump that!  Oh & light skin, green or blue eyes does not take away from your blackness & no it does not make having dark skin with nappy & kinky hair any less beautiful.  

Who you are as a human being makes you special not what look like!  Don't they teach this stuff in Pre-K or daycare?  I'm serious, it's a real & honest question!  Why do we have to tell adults how to treat one another as human beings?

Why does this need to be said inside our very own community?  When you have to let your own people know or make them feel that they are not as black or black enough because they  are mixed, then you've got issues to deal with.  You need to heal your soul!  I'm not making this stuff up, there really are people who police other people's blackness.  I'm serious!  They do exist & that's who I'm talking to....cut it out!

Okay.....Seriously, I wrote so much I had to stop myself.  (IKYN- I kid you not!)  Log on tomorrow to check out Part II of MIXED CHICKS-MIXED CULTURES-MIXED LIFE!  I love you all for reading my blog & joining me on this journey I'm on...Seriously I do!

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