Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I know my perspective can be very different from others because people have come right out to let me know that everybody does not think, feel or see the world exactly the way I do! I don't think they should. I have listened to people give me great feedback but I've also listened to people say that my content is too heavy to take in.

Hey, everything is not for everybody but if you share your truth it will be right on time for the right person who needed to read & hear it. With that said, I truly feel like anybody who is going through the "LIKE ME" & "LOVE ME" syndrome really has a problem on their hands!

Now I absolutely understand that sometimes others think that I don't hold back. My truth is that there is a fierce warrior spirit within me that will spit out truth as I see it, not to make others feel good or bad about what I say but to offer my perspective. It is not about right or wrong more than it is about sharing truth which can be different for each of us. If what I say resonates with you then keep on reading & please share the information.  

I am bright enough to understand that we are not all suppose to think the same or behave the same way in life. I know we are beautiful & unique souls who are experiencing life through a physical body. I totally get it BUT one thing I don't get is what are people doing with their experiences? 

People who are truly living this life & loving it to the fullest don't have time to worry about being liked or loved by others because they know that they were made in the image & likeness of the creator therefore they are the very essence of love! Why on earth would you need to convince others of that when the truth just is! I don't get it but I try to understand it.

I do understand that at times there is always a part of us that has a strong desire to be liked & loved by others in some way. It could be while you're at work with your boss. You might want to be liked by your staff or maybe your coworkers that you have to be a team player with. Sometimes it could be with your parents, siblings & other family members. I definitely see it in friendships & most certainly within intimate relationships. 

I think what makes me raise an eyebrow is that I've seen people lose themselves as they pour energy into a friend or lover that they desire to have in their lives. You cannot force yourself onto others & expect their feelings towards you to be organic & natural. If somebody will like & love you it should come from a sincere & genuine place not because they see how thirsty you are for love & attention.

You're sending the wrong message & inviting the wolves to the sheep's party. The sign on your forehead does not read LIKE ME & LOVE ME, instead it will read as USE ME & ABUSE ME so don't do it to yourself! Loving who you truly are will take constant effort on your end. Take your time & use your energy to learn to like & love yourself first, so you can build your worth up!

I've seen the "LIKE ME" & "LOVE ME" syndrome in every aspect of a person's life & at times my heart goes out to them because it can be a draining experience filled with disappointments. To me it is setting yourself up to be emotionally used & abused. Do you know how people know that I'm really a good person? They know it by me just being one! It's that simple. 

Good souls love & like good souls so become one so those people are drawn to sharing positive experiences with you. People are not blind to how people behave & they will pay close attention to people & decide if they truly like them or love them. Just allow the natural process of life to flow. 

Do not go out of your way to influence their decision out of the need to be liked & loved by others. If they want to know then they just need to pay attention. It is not your job to convince people to like or love you but I see this happen all the time. Adults should not have time for that? It's enough work just simply being grown!

I wonder if some people are floating through life & just take life as it comes or if they are truly living so they can gain the full experience that life can offer them. The "LIKE ME & LOVE ME" syndrome is unhealthy behavior that does not serve us well. Some of us don't even know that we have it sometimes because it does manifest in different ways, but it can happen within every aspect of our lives. If we don't get a solid grip on our behavior we will begin to lose ourselves.

I've often heard people say "I don't care what people think about me", hmmmmm................REALLY????? Of course you do! If you "people watch" for a day you can clearly see how much people in society really care what other people think about them. People do care what their family, friends, co-workers, partners & even strangers think. I can tell who really doesn't care & who really does care because when you do care every action will be based on other people's reaction. 

When you do care you start living for the response or attention of others which will eventually turn into a huge fear of failing or being judged. People do it on their jobs, with friendships, relationships & especially among family members. Every time you ask somebody "what do you think?" it shows that a small part of you does care about the other person's thoughts on you or whatever you're doing. 

It is a great thing when you can think for yourself & then formulate your own thoughts to form your own opinion. A lot of people can't & the sad truth is that I notice that they are really low on the "dumb down" pole. Now of course there are different levels but some people really don't think. Some care for constructive criticism or feedback & others care out of a need to be liked or loved. We all effect each other in some way. 

There are people that behave in a way where they claim to not care if people like them or love them or worse they demand or expect people to like them & love them because they feel entitled or they just have issues. When you are a good soul who has learned to like & love yourself then you will be comfortable enough within your own skin to never feel the need to be liked & loved by others. 

Everything points back to how we truly feel about ourselves. Some people are just selfish, immature, insecure & mean spirited but most of us are good souls. We need to build on that & create a positive flow within our lives. It feels amazing to not care what people think about you when you know your heart is filled with good intentions. 

My love & affection is always on display because that is who I am. That is my favorite thing about me & I trust myself enough to know that it is not out of a need to be liked or loved. We should all look within ourselves so we can become the core of who we truly are. Place your focus on where it needs to be & not on people pleasing just to have others LIKE & LOVE you. 

Just be LOVE & you will be LIKED! It's that simple! 

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