Tuesday, September 18, 2012


If your energy is not right then your home is just a house.  A house is where you take up space as you go through the motions of life.  A house will feel cold & uninviting to guests.  It can make people not want to be in your space due to the energy that flows throughout your house.
Sometimes it's not even me, my spirit won't allow me in unless it is a home.  Right away I begin to feel awkward & uncomfortable as my eyes begin to scope for exits so I can make a quick one when I need to.  I can't do negativity, pretense & any kind of unhealthy energy that can keep a house from being a loving home.  
I don't just go into people's houses or hang out in people's houses just because they have events, parties, great food & drinks.  I don't numb myself so I am fully present as I take in energy from everyone & everything.  The vibe must feel right in order for me to be a regular guest inside of a home.  A home is comfort.  A home is joy.  A home is inviting so you will always feel welcomed with love & comfort.

I am African, specifically Liberian, West African.  All they do after going to school & working hard is party even harder, so I was partied out at an early age.  In my culture someone is always inviting you to their home, party or event every single day.  Just about everything is a cause for a celebration.  
My parents never miss an opportunity to invite people into their home & celebrate life.  They own a HOME not a HOUSE because every place they ever lived was filled with love, joy & the purest affection.  I was born into a party culture, a too strict on one side & the party don't stop on the other side kind of family.  Simply put, I know exactly what having a good time means but a really great time is had through loving energy.
A good time to me means great vibes!  This is probably why I love balance so much.  I love being around good energy.  If a church has good energy I'll visit.  If a party or event has good energy I'll stay.  Most important, if you're home has beautiful energy I'm there with bells on!!!!  People tend to confuse having a nice apartment, condo or house that they can show off to others with having a real home that offers you a warm, inviting feeling filled with loving energy.  
Energy is powerful!  You, your family & your home will carry your energy & vibes whether you know it or not.  There should be a feeling that represents joy, love & healing.  A vibe of sincere love of your family should be in the air of your home, otherwise it is just a house.  I've been to people's  homes in the projects,  just outside of the projects, in not so posh & fabulous neighborhoods, in gorgeous neighborhoods, the suburbs to penthouses in Manhattan to mansions in Miami so I know the difference between a house & a home. 
I take in all of the energy within a person's living space because it tells me so much.  It has also taught me a lot about my character & who I truly am within.  I've seen people go into other people's homes to size it up & see what they bought, own & have on display.  I go into people's homes with an open loving spirit & an expectation of life, love, peace & joy.  
I'm not there to pick people apart, gossip, point out how much something cost but I notice people do this often.  If there are whispers when a person is in your living space imagine what they holler when they exit your space.  I don't care if you were born into poverty or born with a silver spoon in your mouth, I only care about the energy you carry.  I care where your heart truly is because that is what your home will reflect.

If you are pretentious, unhappy, lonely, miserable, fake & insecure, the energy in your HOUSE will be too.  Most times I don't like to do the "would you like to take a tour & see the house" thing because I feel the energy from the front door.  You can feel the warmth of love, you can feel the coldness from hurt, you can feel the joy, you can sense all of the masks people are wearing & you can feel their truth. 

People don't need to concern themselves with living in the lap of luxury as much as they need to concern themselves with living in the lap of love.  A few toys on the floor tells me children are free.  Free to enjoy themselves as they play & explore creatively.  A few dishes in the sink or in the dishwasher tells me somebody worked really hard & took a moment to relax after enjoying a great food, drinks & dessert.  
A fingerprint or two on the walls tells me it is not just lived in but also loved within.  The loving energy from the host & the love of family is what truly makes your house a home. A HOUSE is for show & can only display external living but a HOME is where love can live, grow & blossom because that is where the heart dwells.  A HOUSE is something you get to impress yourself & others.  A house makes you feel like you've made it & you are somebody in this world.  
A HOME is your loving essence & a comfortable space filled with love & inviting energy.  Some houses are cold & uncomfortable to be in.  It just doesn't feel right so it throws a person's vibe off.  A HOUSE welcomes the ego but a HOME invites the soul.  Create love within every aspect of your life & the energy in your home will reflect that.  
Don't waste your precious time making sure people who enter your home are impressed with things. Truly love yourself, love your family & love your friends not the HOUSE, not the THINGS & not the TOYS" you bought to show off & brag about.  

People fight, argue & abuse each other in houses.  People live separate lives & their body language shows there is a disconnect in their relationships with family members, you can sense that energy.  Some people love the pretense because they've put a lot of work into proving they are good enough & worthy on the outside.  There is much work to be done within!

Whenever you feel a sense of poverty from not being truly nurtured as a child, not being able to have nice things or owning something that you can call your own, then you may become stuck in a materialistic mindset & world.  You can't help but desire to show other's what you have accomplished so you don't feel less than equal among other people.  
A HOUSE becomes a HOME only when you don't allow all of the new things you've purchased to fill up the space in your heart.  A HOUSE becomes a HOME when you work hard on loving yourself because that is something you can't buy.  Life is not about what you buy, own or purchased.  Life is about love which creates beautiful energy that will warm the heart & make your house a home.
I love great energy & you can only get that from genuine, loving people who have turned their house into a home filled with love of family.


justteetee said...

I love this post. This is so true. You have inspired me to make my house into a home. Thanks Bindu!


Awwwwwwww....You are most welcome. Thanks so much. *PEACE & BLESSINGS*