Sunday, September 2, 2012


PositivelyMe Camie
She's simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

"Two things that I'm proud of are my independence, being strong enough to walk this journey alone by choice of course and the need for educating myself about everything.  I love that drive of learning because the more I open my mind, I learn more about myself." ~PositivelyMe Camie
Today's GREATNESS is about one of my SHEROE'S.  She is superwoman in my eyes.  If not for CAMIE my blog & page would not have been up & running as soon as it was.  I was thinking of waiting a few months longer because I just felt like I was too busy, I wasn't ready & wouldn't have time to edit, check for typos & post each day.  I really felt tired & completely overwhelmed!

I posted something on my facebook page & Camie's response was "I can't wait to read your stuff & check out your blog!"  I don't think she realized that I was so inspired by her words & encouragement that it pushed me into setting up my blog & Facebook page shortly after she posted her comments.  I am so blessed for it!  *Thank you so much Camie!!!*
"Personal growth to me means so much, personally I'm growing to learn peace.  This has been an obstacle in my life and I realized that all I strive for is personal peace.  I believe once it's fully achieved everything else falls in place and the ways of the world can be handled with a bit of ease." ~Camie
What I see in CAMIE is an absolutely beautiful woman of strength & courage.  I believe it comes from her roots & culture as well as her love of family.  I've watched her fight to not just survive but thrive & succeed at anything she put her mind to.  She does not allow anyone or anything to stand in her way or dim her beautiful light.

She was meant to shine & has done it very well.  You would have to be blind to miss her greatness.  She's a jewel & a joy that is a gift to this world.  I'm honored to know her & am blessed for it in so many ways. She is excelling at the most important job any person can have or will choose as career.

That job is being a parent!  Women are powerful!  Our power grows stronger through 
our love & affection for children!  They need us to believe in ourselves.  They need our strength, guidance, love, care, nurturing & support!  We learn that we are so more than caregivers.  Our worth is enhanced by loving them & living our truth!

"Being a mom is my greatest achievement and furthering my education is my second best. my goals are to be the best person i can be in every aspect of my life and to live a peaceful life, the kind of peace that resonates deep in my soul is my greatest goal."~Camie
"Girl personal worth has been a hard struggle for me.  For a long time and still sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm worth all that and then some, but its easier said than done, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR SELF ESTEEM WAS so low for along time so honestly I'm still a work in progress." ~Camie

"Be accountable for your own actions and know thyself are some quotes that I live by." ~Camie


camille hartley said...

Thankyou so much Bindu sometimes it takes that one person on the outside looking in to tell your truths. This is AWESOMe!!! The truth is that you inspire me to be a better person with more positive energy. Life is a struggle for me Bindu and seeing your words uplited me more than ever. God must of spoke to you and said this woman needs a kind word and ofcourse you used many it!! Keep doing what your were called to do..xoxoxoxoxoxox0

Bindu said...


I really loved doing this for you! It was my pleasure so I'm truly honored. I'm grateful that I can use this platform to show the world what GREATNESS looks like, what GREATNESS truly is & where it comes from. Greatness is you & it can only come from beautiful souls who fight every single day to overcome all of the obstacles that they have to deal with during their journey. You're the truth because you stay true to your desire to love yourself & your family. Well done & BLESSINGS to you always!! Thank you!! :-) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO