Sunday, September 30, 2012


I've really thought about myself as great but I'm very proud of my commitment to charity and my ability to "Go"...Wherever, whenever. 
My visit to Liberia in 2009 brought about a whole different change in the way I see children and how much I took for granted. 
As a father and a human being.  And I think being a father made some things apparent that I never took notice of before.  Kinda like a new compassion....or interest. 
And my ability to pick a place and just go is something I'm very proud of myself for because too many people stay put. I think as human beings we're naturally creatures of habit and therefore we generally stay put. I like to go. Anywhere my heart desires, when it so desires.
Biggest Challenges would be staying focused and committed in the music business and trying to find way to educate the Liberian children.
I think I've ALWAYS been who I am now. Although a lot of maturity and tons of experiences have made me wiser and more apprehensive in some cases. I've always been an artist. 
Always focused on creativity and the beauty and joy of the creative arts. My growth in life mainly came with fatherhood. 
I see a capacity for love and tolerance that I never thought possible.
Personal achievement number one would be remaining self reliant as an indie artist. Writing , arranging and producing my own albums as well as cross genre artist in Hip hop and R&B.
And Secondly,I would have to say making a difference in the lives of the kids I teach in Liberia. Just to engage a child that otherwise would never get that attention or interaction and see the reaction when they actually grasp what you were trying to convey.

One truth about friendship is like many relationships it evolves and you have to evolve with it or lose it.

One truth about relationships is one person is always more vested than the other in some way, shape or form.

One truth about success is that not only does it reveal who YOU are but it also reveals the truth about the people around you.

One truth about women and love.... Women are not as understanding as I would like them to be and DO NOT want the truth. Love is easy. Its relationships that are hard. I think people are more unrealistic and even more less honest about their true feelings,wants, and expectations from the word "Go".
I often say, I may never be a good husband or boyfriend, but I'll be damned if I mess up as a father.There are no do overs. I have to be the best I can be the first time . Its an amazing gig that pays me way more than I deserve!
I think my purpose in life right now is to use my gift to bring attention to the Children of Liberia and their plight.
 To teach my kids to always be better and unstoppable.  To instill confidence in people I encounter because too many people lack the confidence they need to be who they really are...And to be happy... regardless of what I have or don't have.
Who I am is an artist and a father..And in that order. That is what my soul is...
I'm an artist first for with out music I do not exist. Cannot exist. So I'm a musician that happens to be a father. And not a father who is a musician. And there is a difference.

At my best I am creatively Genius. Passionate, extremely giving and emotional!!
At my worst I'm a brat. spoiled and impulsive, and again, emotional.
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Gbanjah's Favorite Quotations

"You Will Stay Long Inside!!" -Robbie Hoff

"Tru Crab Crawfee Drink Water" Lifucius

"Fly was living Before dog ear cut" -Lifucius

"Cassavaleaf not for Billy Goat one" -Lifucius

"Nothin spoil"!! - Post War Apocalypto

"Give me Rio or give me Death"- Josh Carter
Gbanjah Carter is a spirit & a soul. 
So often spirits roam the earth in bodies & seen as just human beings, but when you celebrate & honor your greatness within, you offer the world your soul.  In Gbanjah I see a soul.  
He is an amazing soul who has shown the whole world that he is the true definition of what greatness is.  He has done this in so many ways that has inspired me & countless others. 
Anybody that is fearless in exploring the world, loving themselves & putting children first has put the stamp on GREATNESS! You can't help but LOVE Gbanjah because you don't hear him sing, you hear his heart, his spirit & his soul sing his truth each time he smiles, loves or is on stage performing.  
If you want to know how to become love by stepping into your greatness fearlessly, then take notes from Gbanjah.  I consider him family, friend & without a doubt GREATNESS!  ~Bindu

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