Saturday, September 8, 2012


"As a woman, a mother, a role model and a provider, I find myself constantly rummaging through the many trials and tribulations of life. I carry the torch, not only for myself, but for my children as well. I am a woman who has experienced many things and achieved so much more than I ever could have imagined.
I raised my first son by myself from the age of 3 and I fought for his heart to never feel the pain of growing up without his father. I struggled to hold it down, so that he never wanted for anything and with some help from my parents, I achieved each of those goals. I later married a man that disrespected, mistreated and physically abused me.
I was taken advantage of and severely violated by the one person who vowed to Love, Honor, to Cherish and Protect me. I had been battered and bruised, choked and kicked, locked in closets and isolated from friends and family. It took me some time to get over the fear and fight back. I chose to remove myself from an equation which clearly did not make sense. 

When I made the conscious decision to stand up for myself, I took the hurt, pain and disgust I felt and utilized it to become more empowered and relentless. In giving so much of myself to someone who never tried to help themselves, I finally realized that I had to live for me and my children.

I confided in only a select few and no one could believe what I had endured and kept hidden for so long. I picked up and left the place I called home, my job and life as I knew it for a better quality of life. After 15 years, GOD blessed me with my second miracle. After all that this man had done and put me through, I could not abort my child, for he deserved to live and be loved by his mother and big brother.
I humbly accepted the honor of motherhood again although it was evident that I would walk the same path as I did 15 years prior. I refused to raise my children in an abusive environment. (For it is better to be from a broken home, than living in one) Then, to add insult to injury, my youngest son was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years of age. 

The pressure mounted and the load became so heavy, that I thought I could not cope. I felt the stress, the strain and the pain of it all coming down on me hard. As his condition emerged and his tantrums increased, I became burdened with grief. I felt like I had lost total control and even worse, I felt useless to my own child.

This completely overwhelmed me to a point where I wanted to end the suffering, end the hurt and end my life.  Just when I thought I could no longer go on this way, my oldest son reminded me how much my baby was counting on me to support, love and care for him. Without me, he would never have a fighting chance at living a full and productive life. 

I knew that I was worth far more here in the physical form and my mission was one that GOD placed before me for a reason. I could not let anyone down, I could not fail my child and I would not allow the devil to steer me away from the path that was specifically laid for me.

I stood my ground and fought for my son’s right to attend ordinary schools amongst his peers.  He now receives Behavioral therapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy from some of the best Specialist in the business. All this is credited to my being strong, productive and fighting for my child.

He has grown, learned and continues to prosper because his mommy would not settle for less than the very best. He is a non-verbal child but his vocabulary is improving every day so, I am his voice and I will continue to speak on his behalf to assure that he receives everything he needs. After being a stay at home mom for the last 3 years and living with my sister so that my children and I could live happily, peacefully and stress free, I am returning to the work force as a completely new woman. 

I am armed with 2 new degrees, a newfound strength, a renewed sense of self, a monumental zest for life and the amazing grace of god. I survived, I conquered, I achieved, I believed and I owe it all my children, my family, my friends and my lord. It was worth it to sacrifice my life for my children as Jesus Christ has done for his. I am humbled, I am full, I am happy, I am proud, I am complete and I am eternally grateful for all that I have been so blessed to have, experience and give in my life.
There will never be a tougher, trying or more rewarding job than motherhood, which will simultaneously bring you so much love, joy, pleasure and pain at just the right time. This journey has been amazing and I have learned so much about whom I am, what I am capable, my strength, my worth and what my purpose is in this life. The best part for me is that my children have seen me come full circle. 
They know that I am down for them no matter what and nothing is more important to me than being the best mom that I can possibly be for them. I provided, I nurtured, I cared, I loved, I taught, I shared, I laughed, I cried, I prayed, I healed, I hurt, I learned and I stayed. I have earned their Love, Honor, Trust and Respect and they will share our story with their kids, which will make them amazing parents too.
For as long as I live, I will cherish my role in their lives and theirs in mine….. We are bonded in blood and love until the end of time!!!  I hope that sharing my story will help uplift and empower other women with similar struggles!!!! God Is Good All the Time!!!"

~Written by Francez


We all have a story & experiences that is our personal truth.  I am grateful to Francez for sharing her story because she is a woman of tremendous strength.  

It takes tremendous courage & strength to share your life lessons in order to inspire others.  I respect & admire people of strength who find ways to win in life.  She is amazing & I am proud of the woman she's become.  Francez made a choice to stand upon her throne by learning her worth so she can control her life in a way that would save herself & her children!  You never know what someone has gone through to just survive in this world.  To raise her amazing king & her prince Francez recognized that she is not only worthy of greatness but that her royalty is within.  

Francez is the true definition of GREATNESS!  She is a beautiful & intelligent woman of strength!  I am honored to cross paths with such a beautiful soul.  How she handled all of the hardships, struggles & obstacles that life has dealt her is inspiring.  Francez says "1 LIFE, 1 HEART, 1 LOVE" because that is her truth.  She used her heart & love to change her life.
Francez is not only a survivor, she is a true queen who is holding her kingdom down by loving her family with "1 LIFE, 1 HEART, 1 LOVE".  When you feel your strength is gone you must look within to find that courage that is within each of us.  ~BINDU


Anonymous said...

Powerful and very inspirational. Kudos for your perserverance and resilience.



LOVE IT.... LOVE IT.... LOVE IT.....




Bindu said...

@ Star.........Francez is truly amazing! This is why I have know doubt that women are powerful. Thanks so much! I appreciate the feedback. :-)

Bindu said...

@ Francez......No, THANK YOU! I was in tears while posting this & going through your pics. You are the truth!!! I wish you & your beautiful family all the blessings life has to offer. You are a winner so please keep inspiring others by sharing your life lessons. I love you too! XOXOXOXOXO :-)

Anthony Browning said...

It's amazing on where your strength comes from,and it's a true blessing that we recognize it,internalize it,and use it in the manner that it was meant.Dear Frances, you are greatly appreciated and loved by your children family and friends and the most high,and to quote a saying that always carried me and my family through hard and dismal times"WE WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT"..may God continue to bless your family and you,and never lose that mighty spirit that guides you and your family.

LOVELY said...

WOW!!! It is amazing how sharing your struggle lifts and renews you. I am so grateful that you gave me the chance to tell my story and I am even more thankful that my children are Happy, Healthy and Loving beings whom are so PROUD of their MOMMY!!!! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME...
1 LIFE, 1 HEART, 1 LOVE :)

LOVELY said...

I appreciate the acknowledgement and the encouragement. I shall always walk by FATH and I will always continue to let my boys push me to be the best that I can be.... Thank you so much for the review and comments.... ;)


@ Anthony.......You are so on point! She is a great mother & a truly an amazing woman of spiritual strength.


@ Lovely............I LOVE how inspiring you are. Keep teaching the world life lessons. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO :-)