Sunday, September 23, 2012


Two things I would describe as greatness about myself is that 1. I keep my word and try not to break it unless absolutely necessary. There’s a sense of honor in doing what I say I’m going to do and I owe that to myself and whoever I’m giving my word to. After all, in this life all we really have for people to go on is our word. This opens the door to trust. 
Another great thing about me is that I’m a great listener. When someone needs a listening ear with or without someone to provide advice, I’m your girl. Sometimes people don’t necessarily need or want your advice or opinion but just need you to be a sounding board.
A few years ago when I found myself unemployed, I could’ve easily sat at home and collected my weekly check without doing too much of anything else. Instead, I went to school at night and 16 months later graduated as an Ultrasound Technician with a 3.8 average.  
This was a great accomplishment for me because during that time I also had to care for my son who was just a couple of months old and born a preemie. In this ever changing world, I knew I wanted more than just a job, I wanted a career.
Personal growth to me means always challenging myself and finding ways to be a better me. A lot of people age in number of years but not always in maturity and personal growth. I try to learn one new thing a day, be it at work or in my personal life. 

Sometimes it’s so easy to get comfortable in your daily routine and if we don’t allow ourselves to think differently or try new things, we stunt our personal growth. To me, life is about opening up your mind, body and soul to allow new experiences to take place.
Personal worth to me is things that I won’t compromise at any cost. That means being and staying true to me and my beliefs. I allow myself to see things through other people’s perspectives but always remain strong in my own beliefs. Personal worth is about knowing who you are and not being so accommodating to others who want us to be who they want us to be or believe in what they want us to believe in. 
We must have our own identity because that’s what makes us who we are. We must always maintain our individuality.  
We must have morals and we must stand for and believe in SOMETHING and be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and appreciate and love who we are. If we don’t love ourselves first, we cannot begin to know what it’s like to love others or have that love in return.
One truth about being a woman is that we get to have fun with being a woman. We can polish our nails, get new hair do’s, rock dresses, skirts, shorts or pants, heels or flats. There are so many different ways to put ourselves together or have a new look. Our varieties are endless. In short-Women Rock
One lesson I have learned about being a woman is sometimes you will have to wear many hats. Women will find themselves being two or more of these things simultaneously, wife, mother, friend, employee and nurse. We also don’t know when to just say no-we often make the impossible seem not only possible but effortless.
One truth I have learned about being a mother is that although we bring them into the world, they do not belong to us. 
The choices they make must be their own and although we must give them guidance, we must also give them the space to become their own person. 
Sometimes this means sitting back and watching them do things we know won’t work in their favor. We all want to shelter our kids but sometimes doing that is doing them a disservice. We must be confident in what we have taught and instilled in them.
One lesson I have learned about being a mother is that although I’m older and the mother, I am not always right.   I have learned that not only do we teach our children, but they in turn teach us a lot about ourselves.  
Just as we demand respect and expect them to listen when we have something to say, we must also give them the respect they deserve and listen when they have something to say to us.
One truth I have learned about being a friend is that you have to let the differences be just as much a part of your friendship as the similarities.
One lesson I have learned is that although you may be a great friend to someone, they in turn will not always be a great friend to you. We can expect a lot of things but we will not always get it. This is why even today I’m careful who I label “friend”.  Although I am not perfect, I know I am a great friend. 
If I was someone else-I’d WANT me as a friend
One truth about love is that if you look for it, you won’t find it. Love has to be natural and not forced. Regardless of how much you love someone-if they do not feel the same way, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t force someone to feel how you feel. Another truth about love is that when you find it and its right, it is AMAZING. 
One lesson about love is that when the right person comes along, you better know it. There are a lot of fish in the sea but most of the time, people catch one and continue to fish.  Sometimes thinking a bigger and better fish will bite the bait or just seeing how many fish they can catch. When you have someone you love and who loves you, treat them right-right now. Don’t wind up being one of the ones saying “if I could do it all over again”.
If you strip everything external from me, at the core you will find someone who is rough around the edges but soft in the middle. I’m opinionated, compassionate, loving and humorous. I don’t have a lot of tolerance for b.s. and sometimes I write people off a little quicker than I probably should. 
I’m a work in progress. I’m learning to laugh at myself more, forgive more and really give people the opportunity to show me who they are. I am learning to not judge books by their covers which may sound so cliché but it’s the truth. 
My foundation is my family. My husband keeps me grounded and surrounded by love and my kids keep me on my toes. I have an extremely close bond with my sister which is no secret to anyone.  Without them, there is no me. 
Although I am a work in progress, I am loving the woman I am today and the woman I have yet to become.

~Written & expressed by DEIDRE WOODLEY-HENRIQUE
First of all I have to say when I first saw Deidre I smiled to myself & thought, OH YES!!! She is sitting on her throne & rocking that crown like no other!!! I think I saw her several times at events before I actually met her. If you've ever come across fierce energy then you've probably met a woman like Deidre.  
Saying that she is drop dead gorgeous would be stating the obvious. She is a VERY beautiful woman but I would like to share what I feel as well as what I see within her. When women are truly owning how powerful they are, there is a fierce energy of strength, confidence, real love & a warrior spirit they possess. They get what they want out of life in a way that displays their value & worth.  
Deidre embodies that fierce energy that can only come from loving yourself & sharing your core with the people you love. She's the truth!!! Her energy is empowering in a way that will not only inspire others, but allow them see the strength within women.  Deidre is the definition of a "Phenomenal Woman" because she is fully aware of her gifts & she puts her worth on display so you can see & feel her great vibes.  
When I'm around women like Deidre I feel lifted in love power. It's a knowing women have when you are in the presence of strong grace, strong love & a leader that takes pride in honoring her role in life as a beautiful vibrant woman. You can't help but recognize & acknowledge her GREATNESS! Every woman should be fearlessly fierce like Deidre!!


Chandra said...

That's my beautiful baby sis! I love this! Bindu you write so beautifully.


@ Chandra.....The apple does not fall too far from the tree because she is absolutely beautiful indeed & so are you!!! Thank you both for allowing me to share your beauty & strength with the world. It was my pleasure to feature such beautiful, loving & strong souls. Peace & blessing to both always!!! :-)