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First off let me apologize for taking my time with this.  I really struggled with being able to answer these questions without thinking about it from an egotistical point of view rather than what it really is, which is just of sharing the wonderful greatness inside someone's soul. ~CYN STARR 
 When I was younger I used to suffer from severe depression, and still to this day.  I have some bouts with it but when I look at the word perseverance and in definition means a steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty with delay in achieving success.  For this I am proud of myself I have not let where I come from or the many pitfalls in my life dictate to me who I am. 

Today, I am proud of whom I've become!  I am also proud of my ability to stay humble and appreciate everything in my life, any kindness bestowed, compliment made.  Before every job (makeup or eyelashes) I get so nervous. People ask why I get so nervous and my reply is because I want to do the best work ever.  I love what I do and I never want to take that for granted, it may be meaningless to some people but this is what I love and if I can affect someone's life in a positive way by doing something so minuscule then I have left my mark in this world! 
Personal growth in my life meant evaluating and overcoming obstacles that held me back from being the kind of person that I want to be, from being successful, and from doing things that I want to do. It sometimes was an inside voice that inhibited me or even certain friends or family members that kind of when you share a good idea and you know it's something that you want in your heart and others tended to say well you know why you want to do that for, that's inhibiting.  Always listen to your heart and believe in yourself and I know that sounds cliché but take that initial jump, sacrifice and you are free, free of the inhibitions!
Personal worth to me is so important!  I used to think that just because of my ethnicity and background that there really wasn't much out there in the world but that was totally not true and I wish that I would've changed that way of thinking along time ago!  But personal worth is so important I preach to my kids, my nieces and nephews about and believing in yourself and self-worth. I want them to know that it doesn't matter where you come from, your ethnicity that you are worth something in this world but it's up to you to make your mark! It's empowering!!!
In 2003 I won first place in a national makeup contest and that literally changed my life, I felt so empowered.  I knew that is what I wanted to do in life Ive always known that but winning that contest solidified it for me!  And when I think back on that moment that they were announcing the second and third place winners, I didn't think that I won but I was very happy for those that had so when my name was called for first place, I instantly cried in disbelief.  
I knew that my work was good.  I practiced a few times before we did the final take, but I couldn't believe that this girl from Brooklyn won a national makeup contest.  This girl that didn't believe in herself won something so big and it changed my life!

 When I met my husband I was not looking to meet anyone and he annoyed me when I first met him.  I was fixing my car and he thought I needed help but being stubborn as I was, I didn't need anybody's help especially from a man, but we talked and I started opening up myself to him.  Coming from failed marriage, I really did not want to start any relationship but I opened up my heart and this man has been such a blessing in my life.  I am so grateful for him and so glad that I took the chance to open up my heart even after being hurt so badly I opened up my heart to him and I gave love a chance. 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" -Gandhi
"At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did they will remember how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou
I hope this inspires someone to take a chance to believe in themselves to really see their self-worth sometimes we get sidelined by life and life's obstacles but once that dust settles, start building yourself up and see for yourself, it's amazing the things that you can accomplish in life the chances that you're willing to take, changes you're willing to make and the amazing people and things that come your way. 
I love what I do.  I often become a part of the most intimate moment in peoples lives, their weddings, sweet 16s very special moments.  I've had many people tell me that they are grateful to me for making them feel and look so beautiful which they are they should feel that way all the time.  I am just so grateful that I was a part of that. 
~Written by 

 Life is never about how others see you, feel about you or what they think of you.  You must focus on who you know you are within.  You know your heart & you know your soul better than anybody.  What is inside of her
 soul shines through, so I have no doubt that Cyn is a true STARR that does add value to this world.  It is shown through how she views her worth.  

When you are fearless in life & dare to take a chance on yourself then you will discover your greatness within!  I love her courage because in order to find the strength & courage to prove to yourself that you are truly worthy in life, you must first fight your fears.  
Cyn Starr is fearless in love, fearless in her passion because she has a love for what she does & she is fearless in motherhood.  
I have no doubt that we all struggle to recognize the greatness within ourselves but the blessing in it is the appreciation that we have when we discover our value & worth.  ~Bindu

Cynful Lashes

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