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"I have really never considered what was greatness in myself.  I took my time with it because I really wanted to speak from my heart." ~Chandra

The first great thing about me is the fact that I am a great mother despite the lack of a relationship with my biological mother.
As a very young child two of my siblings and I spent a short time in foster care. 
We would eventually be taken in by my paternal grandmother.  My grandmother did the best she could.  She fed me, clothed me, and I realize she provided love in her own way. I am eternally grateful.  However, she never failed to remind me that "your own mother didn't want you".  I often felt as if I was a burden in her life life.
At a very early age I decided that when I became a mother I would be the best mother possible to my children. 

I would be the kind of mother to them that I wished I had. I would never make them feel like they were a burden to me because they were not. 

I was by no means perfect but, I provided a home for them filled with love, laughter, security and most of all I was present. 
The second thing that I feel is great about me is my joy and zest for life.
I have had many relatives who have died very young. It made me realize that life really is so short and we don't know what tomorrow brings.
 Everyday that I wake up is a good day. I want to make the best of every second I have here. I don't waste time on nonsense and I don't take things too seriously. 
I try to be good to people even if they haven't been so good to me. I greet everyone with a smile and genuinely show love to everyone I encounter. Sure, I have ups and downs just like everyone else. That is a part of life. But to me life is beautiful because that's how I choose to view it. 

Personal growth to me is realizing that I am responsible for my own happiness. I figured this out a long time ago. I can invite people to share in my happiness but I can't look to anyone to make me happy. Not my husband, my children or my friends. It's all in my hands. 
Personal worth to me means knowing when to walk away from a situation, relationship or experience that is not good to me or for me. If I don't feel valued, appreciated or respected It's time for me to go. This was a hard lesson for me to learn but when I got it, my life became so much better.
I love my job as a paralegal and enjoy selling Mary Kay part time however, I wondered for many years what my true calling was. 
What brought me the most joy? I realized a few years ago that it was something I had done my whole life, taking care of children. 
When my children were younger you could come to my house on any given weekend and find me babysitting somebody's child. There is nothing more fun to me than sitting down on the floor and playing with Playdough, coloring or painting with children.
They are so innocent and full of wonder and questions. Last summer I took my niece and nephews to Silver Lake Park on a scavenger hunt.  We had such a great time. Their parents told me they couldn't stop talking about it. I had just as much fun as they did if not more. Making children happy brings me great joy.  I look forward to opening a daycare in the next few years where there will be lots of playdough, crayons and paint on hand. We may even have a few scavenger hunts of our own. 

One quote that best describes who I am is actually the cover on my Facebook Page. It simply says "Life is Beautiful *Conditions apply." I am not sure where this came from but it really does sum up my outlook on life. 
Life will bring with it disappointment, loss, hurt and pain. I have experienced my share of all of them. However, when I look back I see that for every loss and disappointment I've encountered I have been blessed tenfold. To get to the good we have to go through some bad. I am ok with that. 
The second quote is a verse from one of my favorite songs it's an old jazz standard by Shirley Horn called "Here's To Life" 
It says: 

"There’s no yes in yesterday.
Who knows what tomorrow brings or takes away.
As long as i’m still in the game i want to play
For laughs, for life, for love.
So here’s to life and all the joy it brings.
Here’s to life, the dreamers and their dreams.
May all your storms be weathered,
And all that’s good get better.
Here’s to life, here’s to love, here’s to you." 

Thank you Bindu for this honor. I am a great fan of your work. 
~Written & expressed by

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I have to say that when I first saw her, I sensed, saw & still see a tremendous  amount of GREATNESS within Chandra.  Some people just have a glow of joy that flows from inside out & she is one of those people.  Simply amazing!
I don't normally stare at people unless they are doing something crazy & they are unbelievably GORGEOUS!  She is!!! 
This woman is beyond the definition of beauty.  I mean she is absolutely beautiful to look at but she also has a golden flow to her essence.  She has the kind of essence & shine people have to work on for years to create within themselves.  
I can tell right away when love flows through a person's veins & from the first time I met her I knew she was God's hand carved masterpiece.  
What impressed me the most about Chandra is that everything that I thought she was IN MY HEAD, I am learning that she transcends that.  She is proof of how WOMEN ARE POWERFUL through loving energy!! 
She has the kind of energy that can heal hearts with her eyes, her smile & the abundance of love that she carries in her soul.  Her spirit is pure & you can feel her truth without her saying a word.  She's a powerful energy that is the extension of real truth & real love.  
I expect people to be the energy of love & when they surpass my expectations I give thanks for the honor of being graced with their presence.  Women like Chandra is what makes being part of the sisterhood a beautiful bond & a wonderful experience for women to have.  She put the "G" in GREATNESS!


adriene jones said...

Love go are a Great Example of an EXCEPTIONAL AND FABULOUS WOMAN...continue to SHINE AND be YOURSELF. Stay Blessed


@ Adriene......Thank you for the feedback!! I agree with you 100% Chandra truly is an "EXCEPTIONAL & FABULOUS WOMAN!!! :-)

Chandra said...

Thank you Adrienne. We are all fabulous in our own way. Xoxo