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N.A.Z. Pankey wrote "EVERGREEN UPROOTED"-Memoirs of Secret
On July 1, 2009 she wrote a post on Facebook that caught my attention.  Her post said N.A.Z. Pankey:

"is eliminating all negative people, places, and things, so she can make room for GOD's blessings." 
In my eyes she is the truest definition of God's design.  I experienced her grace during a major transformation within her life.  I watched as the negativity was removed from inside & around her life.  As her life shift, I literally witnessed all of her blessings flow.   Talk about "HIGHLY FAVORED".

Author N.A.Z. Pankey shares her truth about discovering her GREATNESS!!!!
One day in my past while watching Oprah, Mary J. Blige said that she didn't love herself and that she found love through Jesus. I knew how she felt because I didn't love myself.
 Although many whispered and looked down on me - I was my worse critic. Self blaming for every failure in my life. There was something wrong with my eyes, lips, ears, forehead, knees, and my skin. I rejected compliments and admiration from anyone.  I admired other women who loved themselves, wishing that one day I could feel the same love for myself.

And then, one day it just happened. I was walking on my college campus, it was fall. I remember because the leaves had fallen off the trees and the ground was covered with assorted yellows, burgundy, green, and brown. It was peaceful. I began to meditate and talk to God. I heard God's voice say, "See yourself through my eyes because I created you perfect." Since that day I've been loving living and living loving - Loving myself mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.
Love for people. I've always had compassion for mankind, especially the sick and suffering. I would feed every hungry soul, and shelter the homeless if I had the means to do so. I would cure the sick and rescue those in danger. I would mentor children and sponsor all addicts. I would stop terrorism and end the war. Everyone would be equal and live in abundance.
Personal growth for me meant willingness to change for the better. Sometimes these changes require sacrifice. Giving up negative people and distractions that prevented me from growing. Filling my mind, soul, and body with positivity and goodness.
I was a single mother with two sons working three jobs and still had problems paying my bills. I woke my youngest son up every morning at 4am and brought him to work with me. 
I was a school bus driver. I wanted to go back to college and earn my degree so I could work only one job and be positive role model for my sons. The bus company didn't want to change my hours so I could go to school. I had to make a choice - school or driving. I stepped out on faith and chose school.
Worthiness for me was to be happy and enjoy life. I majored in Registered Nursing (R.N.) when I went back to school. I studied Nursing because everyone told me that it was a safe honest living.  After going to a Vocational High School four years and studying to be a Nurses Assistant and One year of studying to become an R.N. - I knew that Nursing was not my passion. I switched my major to Media Studies and Television Production. I graduated with honors and received a Certificate for Television Production and a Degree in Media Studies.
I wrote a book about my childhood called Evergreen Uprooted, Memoirs of Secret. Writing about my childhood was a huge accomplishment because for most of my life I was ashamed and too scared to talk about it. Writing about my childhood forced me to relive it, not with a child's mentally, but as an adult. I realized that it wasn't my fault and that I had nothing to be ashamed of. My story has touched many and inspired many to tell their story also.
I decided to strive for excellence in every area of my life, especially academically. God is excellent and I work for God. I received all A's my first semester and graduated with honors. All of the things that I desired has been manifested in my life. I am becoming well-traveled, I own my own company, a beautiful home, and I have a loving husband.
My oldest son was diagnosed with a learning disability. He's been in early intervention, special ed classes, speech therapy, and received IEP's every year. Doctors advised me to put him on medication but I was totally against it. Last year my son came to me in tears. He was having trouble making friends. No one understood him or where he was coming from. He felt isolated. It broke my heart to see my son in so much pain. I spoke to the psychologist at his school who was brutally honest with me. He said, "Your son does not have a learning disability, he has ADD." I began to get my son the help he needed. He is now doing great and school and feeling self confident.
2 Quotes that describe N.A.Z. Pankey...
"Life is like a book, and each page is a new day." & "Living Loving and Loving Living."
Do not allow anything or anyone to steal your joy and interfere with your peace. Peace is a God giving gift and many go to war for it. Eliminate negativity, gossip, and trouble makers from your life. Fill your life with goodness and love. That's what I do.
~Written by God's Design....Author N.A.Z. Pankey
Author N.A.Z.  Pankey is the owner & C.E.O. of Frank Alexander Weems Publishing Company 
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