Saturday, September 29, 2012


Okay so just when I thought I was going to end this topic......the behind the scenes feedback tugs at my soul. For those that do not personally know me please understand that you are seeing & dealing with a soul, a spirit & a brave heart. I live life from within.

With that said, I truly understand that people are VERY uncomfortable & afraid to speak up, to speak the hard core truth based on their reality & experiences. What is crazy to me is that people are truly hurting in so many ways but are not allowed to talk about it. We can say that people are free to use their voice & say what is on their minds but no they are not. Society won't let them, backlash won't let them, negative comments won't let them & also concern/worry that they are not being sensitive enough or maybe it is not their place to say how they feel, is stopping them from saying what is really on their hearts & minds.

When you can't be honest about how you really feel then you can never stand in truth, instead you will stand in fear. I choose to stand in love so I welcome truth because I know I have the power to heal from any hurt & pain that I hear, see, feel & experience. We all are powerful & my wish for everyone is that they use their gifts & their powers for something positive & healing. PEACE & BLESSINGS TO ALL! :-)


  • PositivelyMe Camie very true so many stigmas that ppl keep things locked inside unable to show true self. its very hard in todays society to live in truth when reality has become so blurred with fakeness and most ppl trying to be anothers persona...great topic Bindu..
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  • Bindu Thanks so much Camie!!! If we don't dig deep then we will never get to the root of our hurt & pain. My main point was that we already have to deal with racism & discrimination on so many levels, so why are we not working towards healing ourselves as well as our families so we can eventually heal our communities. It's starts with home. If you were to compare your children & point out skin tone as well as hair texture to them, that is teaching them self hate. They will question their worth & that is going on in the black community, in all cultures, in America & worldwide. It needs to end but it must start with us, in our homes with our families. People segregate in the home when they show favoritism among children. If children question their worth before they walk out the door into a racist & hateful world so what kind of adults will they become. Something as simple as loving your children equally & unconditionally will build their worth. I love your soul & thank you for using your voice!!! Much love to you Camie!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO :-)


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