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Dream big people & don't allow facebook or anyone's comments, ideas or your own doubt/fears to hold you back. You have to know why you want to do what you desire to do & it should never be to please people.

I want to say *THANK YOU* to "Shishir Monowar" for allowing me to share some truth today. This was my response to him regarding his desire to write about "social diseases" & express himself through writing.

"Anything is possible! If you are not comfortable writing then try expressing yourself on video to see if you like doing that much better. Whenever you decide you are going to do something in life, you have to push through your doubts or fears. I didn't think my thoughts or writing was a big deal & sometimes I still don't but I love doing it so that's what matters most to me. I have a busy life so I write when I can, review it, make edits & changes when I can. I have typos, errors & I'm dyslexic. I really don't care what people think because my intentions are good. I do mean well. If people like it great but if I love it, even better. With that said.....I look forward to reading your thoughts one day. *FOLLOW YOUR HEART*" ~BINDU :-)


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Alissa Charles I have to say, I don't ever see the so called "typos" or other errors you speak of. I see you writing what touches me and makes me think and want to do better. I still have a lon...See More
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Bindu @ Alissa.....Thanks so much! You are definitely my second blessing of the day! 
I really appreciate your feedback. I know some of the things I say or suggest is not easy 
at all to do or sometimes wrap your mind around. Every single thing in life is a process 
& we just have to pace ourselves while we do what we can. There are lessons for us 
even as we stand still in our fears. I've learned to live internally, love internally & put 
myself first because I believe in myself. It took me a long time to get this far but I 
did it by letting go of one fear at a time. I made peace with myself by letting go of 
anger & demanding peace of mind. You have to fight for who you are in this world 
but before you go into battle you must begin the journey of learning who you truly 
are. I am love & affection that is why I am comfortable speaking truth from my 
perspective but also learning truth from another person's perspective. I'm okay with 
all of it because I had to learn how to be okay with me. The lessons don't end &
I plan to learn for the rest of my life. 
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Gail Perry Absolutely!!!
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