Monday, September 10, 2012


Every human being & animal has a circle they are either born into or surrounded by.  Human beings usually have a circle of family & friends that they associate with on a regular basis.  Every individual within their circle has a role they play & a job to do.  

Animals have their herds & just like human beings each animal has a distinct role within the herd.  One lesson life has shown both human beings & animals is that birds of a feather will always flock together.  
This is the reason you will never see eagles flying with pigeons.  Both are built for different things & will fly differently.  Have you ever seen pigeons take off flying from the ground?  They can flap their wings like crazy, but how far do they get before they are back on the ground chasing crumbs of garbage that have been tossed at them or dropped on the ground. 

You will never see pigeons soaring throughout the pretty blue sky & seeing all angles of life from a much higher level.  Pigeons are always close to the ground while eagles tend to soar high in the sky.  It is very rare for them to cross paths.  The same goes with human beings.  I don't know of any human being who will set the bar really high in life & then choose to associate with people who will stop their progress or slow them down.  

Allowing or keeping the wrong people in your circle of life is a great way to fall & fail quickly.  It is not being mean spirited or judgmental, but when you desire to do better & become better, you must decide if you are an eagle or if you are a pigeon.  At some point you must learn to separate yourself otherwise people will steal your time, feed off of your progress as they drain the energy & joy right out of your life.  

It's really great to stop during each chapter within your life to ask yourself some questions.  I ask myself questions daily & the very moment that I am not wearing my special smile, we have a problem.  No smile can mean that I am not "quite right" within.  I can't pretend & I refuse to, so I really have to take some "me time" to ask myself some deep rooted questions.  

One question is where the heck did my smile go & why did it disappear?  I need my smile because it will express my joy within.  My smile speaks my inner truth when my soul is filled with love & happiness.  I truly depend on my happiness because I do not want to travel each path on my journey without joy.  

As you grow & make changes within your life, you need to ask yourself who has a direct effect on your health & happiness.  You need to confirm if they are adding to your joy or taking stabs that will put a lot of cracks into your foundation of happiness & love.  I always wonder why people surround themselves with people who intentionally or unintentionally  steal their joy.  Life is love & if your circle isn't filled with love & affection, then you will feel empty inside.

I know this may sound harsh but everybody is not required to partake in your joy.  *TRUTH*  I apply this rule to everybody because life is about give & take but most important life is about creating a healthy balance.  You can't allow people to take so much that you start to lose your joy.  They gotta go!

I treat life like it's Thanksgiving & I treat people like they are my guests who are invited into my life to celebrate & contribute to a beautiful feast.  My first question is what are they showing up with & what are they bringing to the table?  I say this because you already know that some guests care & will call you up in advance to either say, may I bring something or I don't have anything to bring right now but would love to attend.  

The guests who care just might offer to cook the whole turkey for you so they can take a tremendous amount of stress off of your mind.  Some guests will make the side dishes & take a good amount of your worries away.  Other guests will think so much of you that they would want you to rest your feet so you can relax after dinner.  These guests will call you up to say I'm running late but I'm bringing dessert & helping out with the cleaning when dinner is over!!  

Now there are other guests who show up & show their ass.  These guests come empty handed to fill up their stomach, bring strangers you've never met & they pack up as much leftovers as they possibly can inside of your good "Tupperware" as they grab your best bottle of wine on their way out of the door.  

Those are the guests that want to fill up their life with your joy & Thanksgiving.  They are who they are, but your life question should be why do you allow it?  If someone is taking away more than they are adding to your life & it steals your joy, why do you accept that behavior from them?  

You create & control your circle of life.  You are in charge & responsible for your joy during your journey.  Who you allow into your circle & at your feast is a reflection of who you are.  Whether you choose to soar or fly close to the ground will determine if you are comfortable being a pigeon or if you are truly an eagle who loves to fly.  

A lot of people mix & mingle with madness by choosing to keep the wrong company at the worst times during their lives.  I know a lot of pigeons posing as eagles & pretending that they are better than the birds that they choose to flock with.  They always look down because they have no intention of soaring & truly flying high.

If you can't seem to fly & soar or are not making any progress then it may be time to ask yourself some deep rooted questions.   You must surround yourself with real love, real support & real people who choose to make real progress within their own lives. 

To stay lifted in love, you must figure out how to speak truth into your life directly from your soul. 


Anonymous said...

Wow...I love this...I was in a meaningless debate the mist of it...I stop and thought "Hold up...have u ever seen an eagle discussing the weather with a pigeon."....It was clear in that moment that some people are not worth addressing because they are not on the same "flight" as you....since the thought j
ust popped in my head, I decided to google it and your blog popped up....Great happy I came across it.


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. My apologies for the late response. I love how you came across my blog. I feel the exact same way. Life has taught me that in order to soar you have to get off the ground and fly. That's what eagles do so separating ourselves for the benefit of growth is wise. Peace & blessings! :-)