Wednesday, September 12, 2012


There are a whole lot of things that I won't  & don't do anymore!  Doubting myself, my value & my worth is one of them.  I have truly been there & done that enough times, to know that discovering your worth isn't something that just comes to you.  You don't just understand it in a nutshell & then your life path strolls onto easy street.  Nope not at all! 

You have to become empowered by preparing yourself for the war *IN YOUR HEAD*.  I'm talking about collecting your armor for battle.  Your weapons against the war that has been going on inside your head & in your life, will be exactly what you need to block out your doubts, fears, hurt & self hatred.  You must learn to believe in yourself even while you're asleep, inside of your dreams, as you wake up until you become conscious & more aware.  

You have to fight those demons that want to pour their energy of fear & doubt inside of you until it consumes your soul.  Sometimes they come with the sneak attack.  You are so conditioned to doubt that don't even know what hit you.  You just feel so low & unworthy.  You are critical of yourself & your past decisions.  You don't know your very own greatness.  You have to battle whatever comes your way that will tear your self-esteem apart.  You can't dance with those demons.  They are coming for you so you need to prepare for battle! 

People tend to ponder & toy with doubt, as if father time is selling extra lifetimes for half off!  There is no clearance sale or markdown price on your life.  Live your life through love & with confidence that will put your worth on display.  The last time I checked, you only get one life to live!  Even if you believe in reincarnation, do you want to come back & learn the same lessons all over again?  Learn it now & make the most of this life that you are meant to live well, each & every single day.
You must stop having those private conversations with doubt!!  Doubt is everything that will keep you disconnected from your truth.  Doubt keeps you from living & loving your life as you should.  Do you know how many people doubt that I can achieve greatness?  Well, I don't either because I *DON'T DO DOUBT*!!  Tell me what I can't do or become & it will be our last conversation, because faith is my friend.  Faith is my truth.  Why allow negative thoughts of doubt & fear into your mind, heart & soul?

I no longer wonder how many years it can take for people to just make things happen.  The answer for most people is too long!!  People live in doubt as if they have forever & a day to live out their dreams.  Pursue your dreams now & achieve your goals already!!  When you are truly focused in life, you will do one thing each day to bring you closer to each of your goals.

The best way to see if dreams really do come true, is to dream & then have the courage to chase it.  With hard work, focus, love & passion you can make it come true.  You are responsible for making things happen in your life.  You cannot blame others for getting in your way or stopping your progress.  Either people are for you or they are around you to stand in your way & block your progress.  It's your decision to deal with those who doubt you or not!

Obstacles will only stay in your way if you don't get up & move it from your path.  Please stop talking yourself out of greatness.  Keep on trying out new & different things.  You must continue to discover your passion & nurture your dreams.  Your life is about you, that is why it is called "YOUR LIFE".  Why does doubt or fear have any say within your life?  You have to plan things out, prepare to work hard & then dream on!!!  Jump into life with both feet & your blueprint in hand.  

What drives me crazy is when people know that they struggle with doubt, fear & low self-worth, but then they continue to surround themselves with a bunch of naysayers.  If I can't have sincere love, support & encouragement from the very people who claim to love me, then why am I allowing them to take up space in my mind, heart, soul & daily life.  

Our spirit needs to be fed truth through pure love, not doubt or fear that will crush our soul & break down our spirit.  It is usually the people in, around & just outside of our circles that will do the most hurt & damage our self-esteem.  People have many ways of planting fear inside the minds of others.  Delete their doubt from your mind! 

We tend to worry too much about what people think of us.  They are not your judge or jury & you are not on trial.  That's not your issue to take care of.  Never concern yourself with being talked about, looking foolish, lame, weak or considered a cornball.  Never surround yourself or your truth with things that do not & cannot fulfill you.  Follow your heart & chase your dreams, so you can do what you love.  Happy people are grounded, fulfilled & whole from within.   

Every single time you don't take action to make a change for the better, you breed doubt & fear.  Your biggest goal is to conquer doubt & win the battle over fear.  Life is waiting but you must be willing.

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