Friday, September 14, 2012


My favorite thing to do is to keep my life simple. I stop to touch & appreciate life in all things. It is a way of reminding myself to keep loving, keep learning, keep exploring & creating balance!

I just want to say THANK YOU to the brother who goes by "الملك سبعة الملك سبعة" on my facebook page He asked me "what advice do I have for brothers?" I want to share what I told him & also offer some advice for sisters.
My advice to brothers is for them to learn how to bring balance into their lives & the lives of their own people. It can't be done without a whole lot of healing, encouragement & self discovery. I would love to see brothers show their true value & be an excellent example within every aspect of their lives, because sisters & children are thirsty for that strong, respectful yet sensitive male figure.

Today there is an even stronger need for family & unity. Brothers need to redefine manhood based on their personal truth after some deep soul searching. When dealing with women my hope is that they look beyond the surface & know that many sisters have been broken & damaged in their search for love, so women must be handled with care. Brothers don't need to do anything but work on themselves every single day because we already see the goodness within them.

Sisters will give brothers a million chances & wait around for brothers to get their lives in order so it is only fair for brothers to meet their women, children & families half way. Everything begins with learning yourself so you can discover that you are truly worthy.
My advice to sisters is to take your time to deal with your personal issues. You have to focus on your worth if you want to truly understand how valuable you are. I think women think they are leading but if they pay attention to their choices in life, they will notice that they are just following negative patterns because women keep repeating the same unhealthy patterns in regards to love & to living a happier life.

Your life matters but nobody will know it if you don't expect & sometimes demand to be treated with dignity & respect. I don't care what you were born into, what happened to you & what you have been through because you can't truly be happy if people don't respect you & treat you with dignity.

Just because women are exploited & degraded does not mean we have to accept it, cater to it or act it out in unhealthy behaviors. You are already making choices every single day so if you are unhappy then you have the power to change your choices in life.

Self awareness & truth is key to personal growth! To me having power, being powerful & using all of the power that you have begins with learning to love yourself. It can't be done if you are not aware or refuse to acknowledge that you may need to change.

The only time you don't have power is when you give it to someone else & expect them to take great care of your love, your spirit, your heart, your body & your soul. You have to trust that you are enough & one of your many goals should be to better yourself in order for you to be happy.

When you give your power away, you put your life in somebody else's hands to treat you any way they please & to disrespect you because you continue to allow it. I would love for sisters to be great examples to the young girls out there so they don't fall into life's pitfalls.

Your life is about what you offer the world but also what you choose to accept from this world. You determine how you deserve to be treated & how you're being treated should tell you what kind of message you're sending or putting out into the world.

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