Friday, August 31, 2012


We are all the universal creator's masterpiece, so find your light & shine it on this world fearlessly!  There are two things that inspire me in this world. The miracle of life itself & how human beings live out their lives.  I truly understand all of our wrongs & all of our rights.  I may know your names & see your faces but I do not know your stories. I still have faith in every human being because I haven't met one who doesn't possess greatness.

I especially ADORE women because of the special sisterhood we share. Funny thing is I've looked at women, either friends or strangers & the response at times can be, "what are you looking at??"  

*IN MY HEAD*, my thinking is that I'm looking at beautiful design & a masterpiece to treasure always. 

I could care less what expensive bag you bought, if your hair & nails are perfect or which designer you’re wearing.  Women are so busy patching up what's on the outside that they forget to just be themselves.  If you pay attention you will truly see me as a woman & beautiful spirit who is simply acknowledging women with respect for our sisterhood. 

Allow your authentic beauty to shine because you were born unique & beautiful.  Laugh out loud at life & never let this world define you.  There can be such a loving spirit & energy in a woman who is living & loving her personal truth. Women are divine in countless ways that inspires me daily. 

Just look at us from the crown of our beautiful heads to the sole of hardship upon our feet.  We are angelic warriors who conquer & win our battles in life.  We are grace under tremendous pressure & we should nurture our greatness with self love every single day.

Never allow life to make you feel like you can’t change or bounce back.  It is possible to let go of hurt.  LIVE it, LOVE it & LAUGH about it as you lift yourself up & out of the impossible!  We all have our issues.  Sometimes we have to step back & not get too caught up with personal or negative feelings towards each other as women.  We can agree to disagree with love for one another & wish each other well as we continue on a positive path. 

When the expectation is negativity towards each other, remember we all have a story.  A woman can appear to have it all & be stunning but she is truly a rag doll inside.  She can be so well put together, yet  she’s falling apart & deeply hurt.  She can have her head on straight & successful, but is damaged within.  As women we will go through the fire pits of life but we can escape & survive it.  That is what becoming renewed means, to redefine & relive life at our best!

Invest in your worth & you'll transform into the unimaginable, who will appreciate the true beauty & worth in ALL women. I’ve been disappointed in women because we are so much better than how we are living sometimes, BUT I never hold hate for women, I just continue to hope for women to win.

We must dance, sing & laugh to save ourselves from anything that will break us down instead of building us up.  You are never alone in this world.  Somebody shares your laughter, your story, your joy, your pain, your struggle or your victory.  There is nothing you have gone through or will experience that another human being on this earth cannot relate, feel or understand about you.  

As women our goal is not to just survive.  Our goal is to thrive like the true queens that we are meant to be.  You just need to allow your true warrior spirit to push you ahead in order for you to become a winner within your own life.  The only person that you are waiting for to shine is you!  

We are our own superheros who were designed & gifted with an inner strength & power to save ourselves.  

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