Wednesday, August 8, 2012


By the time most people figure out who & what matters most within their lives, they've already missed it, ignored it, neglected it, abandoned it, abused it, mistreated it or lost who & what matters most. Many understand what is truly important during each stage, phase & transition of their lives so they figure out how to learn their lessons in order to focus on what matters most.

The hard truth is that most people aren't thinking or feeling their way through life. They are numb so it will take them longer for what matters most to really sink into their minds & hearts. Most people have done it all the wrong way because they are products of their environments. Unfortunately they've seen, been exposed to & went through too much so early in life that it can be harder for them to structure & organize their life in a way that is effective in helping them achieve their goals.

Goals are huge in life because if you're not focused on the right goals which will lead you to who & what matters most then you will end up chasing the wrong goals. You will still be making moves but all your moves will be backwards. No progress & all stress!! What your eyes, mind, heart & soul is set on may end up being the worst choices, decisions & hardest path to travel on. The way life works is once you are born into or placed yourself on a certain path your life lessons are coming for you. You better study life so you can learn how to become fast & swift in learning your lessons!

You can either learn the lessons or stay stuck & find yourself repeating the lessons. Most people wonder why certain things keep happening to them over & over again without understanding that there is a deeper meaning to their lessons that they just don't get. What they think is so important is not what they should be focused on but they don't seem to realize it while they are experiencing life lessons.

Most people just go with the flow of life & deal with things as they come. I go with the flow too but I can flow forward knowing that I am guided. It is true that we are spiritual beings having a human experience in a physical body. Most people would have less problems if they really understood the meaning behind this. I don't tango with devils, I duel, dodge & damage them!! My life is not a game!!

It seems like life will pull your spirit into the physical experience through birth & from that moment on the clock is ticking. The eyes of the universe is all over you just watching & waiting for you to show what you are truly made of. Life want's to see how strong your spirit is or how much power you allow your ego to have over your physical experience. One major lesson life is teaching us is that we are powerful not powerless! So many people don't get this lesson.

Living life means walking into a maze that is designed specifically for you to figure your way out of. Nobody can experience life for you. You must get life on your own terms. There are no coincidences within your life. You need to read the signs so you can figure out who & what matters most. You first & then family because nothing else is more important than you being your best so you can share your best with family. Everyone is supposed go through their maze to get stuck in the lessons in order to learn how to become unstuck.

Our lives are set up a certain way until we figure out that we can create a blueprint to design the life that we desire to live. Just because life dealt you cards & you don't know how to play the game does not mean you are going to lose in life. Life dealt you those cards so you can learn all the tricks you need to win. I watch people struggle trying to become unstuck from past pain & regrets over their "woulda, coulda & shoulda". Get over & get out of your past. What's done is done!! The past was yesterday or a few minutes ago, so if you're being haunted by it then figure out how to heal & free yourself from it so you can jump into this very moment. This very moment is where you have an opportunity to give your all to who & what matters most in your life right now.

If we were to receive life lessons early without such a beating then society would be more balanced but then our lives would be perfect & so would our world. Life will never be that easy because without the duality there is nothing to learn. Life will put you in situations to learn pain in order for you to learn compassion, forgiveness & how to let go. Most people never learn how to let go so they beat themselves up or beat others up because their soul is stewing in it's own misery. If your past is soiled then make your present clean so you can enjoy a bright future.

When I was a kid I use to be so upset that I had to go to church. My grandmother had us in church 27/7 & church drove me crazy. At first I enjoyed Sunday school because I made friends. I also enjoyed the singing & listening to what people where talking about but then I began to feel drained & overwhelmed. I was around 6 or 7 years old thinking WOW.....all of these people have some real issues & can't seem to get their lives in order.

In my childlike mind church to me was where the sinners dwell & where the so called saints go to one up the sinners. It was where people go to bring all of their burdens & issues or where people go to pretend to be more holy than others. I payed attention to everybody & listened to see if what they said matched what they did. I began wondering how & why people had all of these issues & why would they claim to heal their wounds on Sunday but come right back with the same or new wounds by next Sunday.

I recall being told "You need to be saved!!!!! You need to be saved!!!" Once again in my childlike mind, I thought "you're absolutely right because I need to be saved from church right now! I'm only a kid & I don't have all of these adult problems so get me out of here because adults can't seem to get it together!!!" I was a good kid with a kind heart who experienced pain early in life but my attitude, outlook & perspective had already saved me. I wasn't filled with revenge or anger, I was filled with hurt but I learned to focus on peace. I wanted to learn my lessons & figure out what really mattered the most within my life.

Church people taught me a whole lot about people being stuck & dependent on faith to become unstuck. They needed the "Holy Spirit" to guide them but from my perspective as a child I didn't understand why they couldn't help themselves. I thought they were being lazy & using every excuse to keep behaving the way they were. I would hear people confess their sins then walk out & go right back to their old habits. At 7 years old I thought why is the preacher asking struggling people for money but pulled up with a fur coat. I looked at the congregation cheering him on & praising him for showing them the way & thought it was insanity. Something in my childlike mind said SUSPECT!!!

I didn't understand why that same feeling or energy I had was not inside them. If they felt what I felt then that same feeling would tell them something is off or not to make bad choices & wait around to be led or fed false truth by others. I recalled getting in trouble for saying, maybe Jesus didn't save you because he wants you to think for yourselves, that's why you have a brain. I just couldn't understand why people couldn't figure out how to simplify life. Instead they made choices that would complicate their lives.

I didn't know then but I know now that I was guided. My spirit is powerful & guides me daily with unbreakable strength so my moral compass or conscience always takes over so my higher self can lead my life. Church taught me that I was already filled with faith, strength & enough discipline to figure my way out of the maze. But I also learned that not everybody can do this. People who don't know or understand how truly powerful they are within truly need something to hold onto or believe in to make it through their maze & painful experiences in life.

There would be far less people dancing with demons & diving head first into a deep dark rabbit hole if they allowed their spirit to guide them through this physical experience called life. This is how I learned to focus on what matters most. I allow my spirit, intuition & moral compass to guide me. I feel my way through life no matter how painful it becomes. I always flow forward but when I drift, fall, fail & stumble I embrace it then I release it so I can stay focused on who & what matters most. Life will never take me down under because I know who I am.

Too many people are waiting to be shown, told & led by something or someone instead of tapping into their greatness. They should be looking within themselves to discover that they are who & what matters most. You can't help your family, friends or anybody else if you haven't taking great care of yourself. What matters most is feeding my mind, body & soul with the only nutrient that can heal me. That is nutrient is love & affection. I choose love every single time. I have many reasons to be angry, hateful, bitter & broken but I desire to be whole. I choose better over bitter.

You have to learn to love yourself, heal yourself, believe in yourself & trust that you are powerful. You are designed by the creator therefore you have purpose. You are not your pain! You are not your past! You are not your experiences! You are not the choices you've made in the physical instead you are a spiritual force of love filled with purpose & greatness. Until people understand this they will be stuck in their lessons. Some of life lessons will break you wide open if you don't focus on what matters most.

Get your lessons & grow so you can flow forward in life. Who you are today should not be the same person you were from your past. You must keep growing & flowing on. Focus on what you need to do right here & right now without thinking about what others think of you, who you use to be, what you did or didn't do, where you were or who you were with, because what you've been through shows your strength. Some lessons teach us how great we are & some teach us how human we can are. Making mistakes or poor choices is a human thing but choosing to learn from it is a spiritual thing. That's what healing is & that is what matters most in your life.

We are all the same but the ones who are unstuck are the ones who found a way out of the maze & are truly focused on who & what matters the most in their lives. To figure this out you need to focus on yourself. Don't get your mind & your life right to save face so people won't judge you because your life is not about other people & they will judge you anyway, so what!!!! We all screw up sometimes but we learn to let go & move on with our lives. When you are not your highest & best self then you have lost focus on what matters most. Get yourself right for you & not for what others may think of you. Learn yourself so you can love yourself & become the who & the what that truly matters most.

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