Tuesday, August 28, 2012


There are some people who I love out of this world & I would absolutely love to have a close relationship with them, but I cannot.  I can't seem to build on our relationship as family & close friends because they don't seem to screen the people they allow into their lives.  At this stage in my life I really know who I am so I'm not willing to sacrifice my peace of mind for "WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN"!

My life has never been & never will be a free for all.  Allowing people to enter my life who I cannot gel with or at the very least be wise enough to stay in their lane, is simply way out of my comfort zone.  Everybody can't have access to speak to me any kind of way or treat me any kind of way.  Trying to suck me into your hot mess will only force my hand to cook your stew & feed it to you piping hot.  My life does not work that way & I plan to stay in flow.  We all should because a huge part of life is about respect.

We do not need to bond & have "Kum Ba Yah" moments, but if you come into my life then you need to come correct & stay that way, because that is what I am offering you.  Leave your baggage on the porch before you enter my door!  My philosophy is what other people do in their lives is their business until it trickles over into mine.  

Whoever you are related to, close friends with or interact with on a regular basis must be screened.  You should be able to get a good sense of whether or not they are right within.  In other words fall back & don't say much but watch them.  It is only a matter of time before their truth becomes very clear to you.

I watch people like a movie premier because I just know they are going to entertain me.  I don't really gamble but that is one bet I am willing to make because I know that I will not lose & they will not disappoint me at all.  Pay close attention to how people behave, conduct themselves, treat, react & respond to others.  Some people have a sly way of inviting you into their dysfunction & I'm not the one!

First of all I can't stand the "snake oil salesman" approach to connecting with people.  You don't need to tell me who you are because I see you!  You can't speed pass me because my intuitive radar gun is aimed right at you.  My red & blue lights will be flashing to pull you over!  Whoop! Whoop!

Don't sell yourself, just be yourself, that is what I need to see in you.  If all of the things people say about themselves never match how they carry & conduct themselves, then you know what kind of character you're dealing with.  Get ready for the performance of a lifetime because it's about to be showtime!  They are "always on"!

Everytime a CAT that I'm close to, care about or have to deal with because we're related goes out & drags their strays into my life, I always seem to get the not quite right vibe.  I get the kind of vibe that will stay on my heart, drain my spirit & rattle my soul.  I'm trying to keep my life simple so I can't allow strays to complicate it.  

People who are very close to me already know this about me.  As hard as I love, support & give my all in relationships, I will always be fair but never tolerate high levels of dysfunction.  I'm good for saying "I love you all, but you gotta go, he gotta go, she gotta go, send my love to the kids & take your strays with you!"  I keep it positive but I gotta keep it moving! *TRUTH*

At first I struggle to put my finger on it because the package & presentation of the strays looks so perfect.  Everything about these people seem great & too good to be true.  Everytime I've given them the benefit of the doubt they play me for a fool.  Strays are people I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole because their energy carries a really heavy & foul vibe.  

Their essence is straight manipulation & they are out for themselves.  Strays are the worst kind of people because you can sense that they were neglected, abandoned or escaped something that soiled their souls at such an early age that it destroyed their moral compass.  Never try to be "The Good Samaritan" because they will play you.  Life has taught me that I am nobody's savior & I'm not helping them when I try to be.  Only you can save yourself from yourself!  *TRUTH*

Wherever they go lives are ruined, hearts are broken & chaos is brewing.  They come into your life for blood, just to see you go down while they get off on it.  Now my issue with the cats is that they are usually family members & close friends that dragged their strays into my space of love & gratitude, either through friendships or marriage.  I don't need no kill joys in my life, so no thanks!

Some cats are so slow with being street smart that by the time they figure out that they made a poor choice in bringing strays into their lives it is too late.  Some cats are just attracted to dysfunction.  They can't get rid of their strays no matter how hard they try, so now everyone has to deal with the drama from what the cat dragged in.  

Strays have no home training.  Strays have no self respect.  Anything & everything goes when it comes to dealing with strays.  Strays are "always on" but if you play close attention you will catch them slipping up because they can't always turn off certain parts of their rugged & raw truth.  Their truth pops out at the worst time & can bring out the worst feelings from some of the best people.

Strays are great pretenders who come into people's lives to plant seeds of doubt, mistrust, fear & hatred.  They will set your home on fire & then when everything burns down to the ground they come & comfort you to feed off of your hurt.  They are the kind of people who always have to talk about who they are & what they've done for others because they need to sell themelves.

Good souls don't have this negative mindset.  Good souls come to create peace & unity.  Good souls carry pure love & affection with the strength to shut out negativity.  They desire to bring family together not tear them apart.  This is why your truth is so valuable.  You don't have to be perfect at all but you have to stand in your truth so people cannot enter your life to damage your relationships & break you down.

A huge lesson that I've learned & a message that I send to strays that either try to hide their foulness or are bold enough to put it on display is:


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