Friday, August 10, 2012


There is a simple & human truth that can be applied to any aspect of our lives.  That truth is wearing masks when we don't like or love who we are or how we are living our lives.  

You can apply it to friendships, dealing with strangers, working relationships, family, dating, marriage or any intimate relationships you have.  One of the best quotes I've ever heard was "THE TRUTH NEEDS NO DEFENDER BECAUSE THE TRUTH JUST IS. ~Sevan Bomar". 

You never have to defend who you are or what you do if you stand in your truth.  Your truth does not have to be right, wrong, perfect or imperfect it just has be real & you must own it.   

I love people who can say yes this is who I am & this is what I do or did.  I am proud or I am not proud but I lived, learned & now I'm moving on with my life.  Truth is about dealing with yourself & owning up to what you like or don't like about yourself but also making some tough decisions to either live with your masks or make some changes.

It is not easy at all, but it does feel freeing to own your truth & face it whether or not it is at it's best or at it's worst.  It is still your personal truth to deal with regardless of what it is.  We are never alone in our truth because I guarantee you that somebody on this earth did the same thing or had the same experience.  

You are new to life lessons but life has been teaching people for a long time.  It's not to make us feel bad about ourselves.  It's about building wisdom & gaining knowledge in order for you to figure out how to enjoy your life experiences & really be happy about your choices.  That is how we learn to grow in life.  They don't call it "growing pains" for nothing!

Everybody will stumble & fall short, usually when we least expect it, but so what!!  We are all capable of change. That's life, so just continue to love it & live in your truth.  There are many things I love about me & there are many things I don't love about myself.  I'm okay with me because I know I can change & learn to be my higher self.  

The real me is when I am at my best not when I am at my worst.  When I am at my worst then I will do things the wrong way or make poor choices that will bite me in the ass.  Poor choices are just life's signs & signals that I am not right within so I should focus on doing things differently.  

When I'm not right within all I need to do is focus on doing the right things to change what I don't like about myself.  It's about understanding all of who I am & why I make both good & bad decisions in life.  Smart people do dumb things every single day but they trust themselves to do better next time.  

Life is all about gaining wisdom from your lessons so you can evolve.  It's about bringing out that amazing person that you know is inside of you & not allowing all of your masks to consume you.  This is how we lose ourselves in life.  

You always hear about people feeling like something is missing or they need a change so they can figure out who they are.  That means they focused on or did things that didn't fulfill them or feed their souls.   If you stay true to yourself & be honest with yourself life will be more fulfilling.  

Live in your truth or you'll get caught out there wearing masks to cover up what you don't want to face about yourself.  The truth is that if you do not know who you are then the people you keep having relationships with will have no idea who you are introducing them to.  They are meeting your masks.  

If you do know who you are but are afraid to show a certain side of yourself & you choose to pretend then you're intentionally misrepresenting yourself.  This means you're stepping into somebody's life wearing your masks which will have to come off at some point in the relationship.  You cannot think, feel, see clearly or breathe well if you're wearing masks. 

When you no longer recognize yourself & become an idea of who you want to be in order to get or keep somebody in your life then you're setting yourself up for failure.  People will figure you out anyway so all you're doing is buying time before the truth forces you to remove your masks.  

Sometimes who you think you are & who you really are can be two very different people.  It is very easy to wear masks because we all fear being judged to the point where we judge ourselves or worry that people won't like or love us for who we really are.  

Do you know what a blessing it is to find people who love your ugly & accept your truth.  That means they see your potential & greatness so they are willing to give you a chance to win in life.  We can be very critical about who we were, what we experienced, what choices we made & why we choose to wear our masks but what a gift we give to ourselves when we allow our truth to set us free.  

There is no time frame for doing this so just follow your heart because it will lead you to your truth.  Be patient, loving, understanding & kind to yourself.  This is your life, your path & your journey to figure out who you really are by focusing on your truth.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this post. I needed to read a lot of things you said. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom words with us. Much appreciated and much love.

- Sarah.

Bindu said...

Sarah........THANK YOU so much for your feedback!! It feels great to know that my thoughts have touched others in a positive way. Much love to you too! XOXOXOXOXO :-)