Thursday, August 23, 2012


We all will be transformed by life.  Some things you can prepare for & the rest you must figure out the best way for you to flow forward.  I know I have truly been transformed in the most amazing ways through love.  I've made it this far by questioning everything & starting a spiritual journey of self discovery. 

I need answers in this lifetime & beyond.  It is my inner knowing that fills me with faith & the ability to pride myself in love.  I can tell you how powerful self love truly is because I am living in a space of love & gratitude.  My love is an intentional seed planted so that my spirit & soul can grow.  

Transformation will usually occur during a crisis in our lives.  If you get the lessons then you will gain the discipline needed to raise the bar on yourself.  The end result will lead you to knowing that you are worthy.  During any crisis the best thing to do is allow your peace to be still so you can become calm enough to sort your life out.  The goal is to learn the lessons & overcome the obstacles.  If you stay open to life then transformation will lead you into the belly of love where you will not only learn who you are but also what you are made of.

I was always nervous about being asked one particular question in life.  That question is WHO ARE YOU?  That question use to freak me out for some reason to the point where *IN MY HEAD* I would think what kind of question is that to ask somebody?  We are so many things at various stages within our lives, so how can I possibly sum up who I am & give a good enough answer?  

I am a handful at times but mostly in a good way!  Sometimes I'm rough around the edges in a very sharp & prickly kind of way.  I'm also goofy & quirky too.  I can be serious & focused or just all over the place.  I am so many things.  I don't know all of the answers & I may not know the right questions to ask sometimes.  I have so much to learn in life so how would I know exactly who I am?  I had to go into the only place I knew to find the answer to that question, that place is within the belly of love.  

One of the greatest lessons life has taught me is that I do get to choose.  If I don't like my choices or life's options, I get to create what I desire for my life.  Now I do have to work very hard, with some blood sweat & tears but I can do it!  I get to define myself.  I get to decide how I choose to handle all of the cards that life has dealt & will continue to deal me.  What an amazing discovery in knowing that every single thing about my life has absolutely nothing to do with external factors.  

The external part of who I am is simply a reflection of what is inside of me, so I must look within to find the real answers in order to make wiser choices.  At this stage of my life, whenever I’m asked “who are you?” I say “LOVE & AFFECTION”.  I know this to be true because that is the emotion that overcomes me daily.

My world could be falling apart & I still feel loving energy pour out from my soul.  That is when I am reminded that EVERYTHING will work out in my favor.  I have given life my all.  I have given life my heart & soul.  Transformation is the path we take when we enter the belly of love to discover who we are.  

In love you will be powerful & secure.  In love you will find self worth & your lost self-esteem.  When you understand that true self-love is your power & your gift, your warrior spirit will navigate life for you.  You can flow forward as you live in a peaceful space of gratitude filled with real love!  This is what being transformed for the better will do for you.

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