Monday, August 6, 2012


Most of the people I know don't bother using the word step when referring to loved ones & family unless they use it for clarification or filling out paperwork.  I don't know who thought of the idea of placing the word "Step" before "child" or "children", but it doesn't matter at all.  

For me being a "stepmother" means to step into a child's life & become a blessing filled with all of the greatness I have to offer that child.  It means to protect & surround that child with all the love I have until the end of time.  This is the ultimate union & commitment because there is no divorcing children. 

When you receive the blessing of being responsible for guiding, molding & shaping a child's life that is the greatest sacrifice & responsibility.  There is no higher purpose than loving & being bonded to children for life.  

This morning I woke up & thought of my amazing son DANNY.  From the moment I saw him he gave my heart peace & right away I knew I was suppose to be in his life forever.  His energy enhanced the warmth within my heart while he made my soul smile each day .  No he's not my biological but my soul birthed a magic between us that only a mother's love can create.  He is my everything & has added so much more meaning to my life by gracing it with his presence.  

I can't believe he is on his path to manhood already.  Like most mother son relationships, we had our lumps, bumps & struggles.  I know I drove him crazy stressing him to do better & be the best he could be in life.  It came from a place of sincere love that overpowered all the obstacles in order to create an unbreakable bond.  

I still go into his old bedroom to touch & look at all of the things that remind me of him.  He's far away but still so close because his lives in my heart.  I think about him every single day & always send him loving energy from the deepest part of my heart.  He means the world to me.  He was gifted to me so long ago but it truly feels like yesterday.  My eyes tear up at the thought of him being independent & all grown up. He's come such a long way in life but I love how he handles himself on each new path he creates during his special journey.  

The first time I looked into his eyes I saw potential for greatness & a great soul.  I thought to myself what beautiful energy he has.  He is a quiet soul with heavy thoughts.  He is a beautiful mind who is gifted with many talents.  His silence is like powerful thoughts booming into my eardrums.  He is a child any parent would be proud to call their son. He carries within him something special that only the creator can design & breathe life into. 

Strangers brag about how respectful, caring & kind he is.  I can't go to the deli or pick up dry cleaning without the business owners in the neighborhood expressing how they feel about Danny.  They all want to hire him & love how they see him treat others.  He is the gentleman that will cross the old lady across the street or help the mother lift her stroller up a flight of stairs.  He is my son who put the HUMAN in the word HUMANITY.  His energy is love, his eyes show he cares & I don't know of a bigger heart who will help a stranger, care for a friend, support those he loves & give his last just to see his family happy.  He is the best light of my life because he placed a spark within my heart that will never go away.
He's not only an amazing son but he is the best brother his siblings could ever have.  He is who & what matters most in my life.  My son has complete faith & trust in my love for him. He is confident that I will always have his back & be there for him.  My son knows that I am always proud of him for having an open heart, being mindful & respectful of others.  He shows the world his greatness each day.  I will always stay on my job of being his biggest cheerleader & number one fan.  
My job is to add love, joy & peace to his life & never take away from it. I have no doubt that I was not only lucky but so blessed to connect with him.  I am truly honored that he chose me to guide, support & love him always.  I will never let him down or put others before him.  We are in tune & we are in sync for life. 

So many of us receive the gift of stepping into a child's life but so many of us take it lightly.  Loving a child is beyond rewarding & the ultimate joy.  If you want to do "BIG THINGS" & are looking for true meaning & purpose within your life you need to look no further than your child or any child that is in your life.  There is no greater reward than to give pure love & to be loved by children.  


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