Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I've learned so much in life that it makes me curious to keep learning so much more. I've taken the time to learn myself in order to discover what will make me truly happy. I've learned that it is not one thing but I've also learned that I can have whatever I desire.

What I need to focus on is self fulfillment & happiness! I need to ask myself is what I desire going to fulfill me & truly make me happy? I may want something but is what I want in that moment best for my life? I ask myself these questions all the time so I am sure that when I make choices I am at peace with the outcome.

At this stage my life is about using my abilities to make myself happy & whole. I need to feel complete through my own efforts. I need to live from within & make my myself very proud with what I have done. I need to not beat myself up if I make mistakes because I am capable of change & creating an even better outcome. This is my mindset.

I have no doubt that everything is available & possible. There are many ways to learn, be taught & teach. You must be careful about what you feed your head! Something is taught & given to everyone but it is your choice to accept or reject what does not serve you best in order for you to enjoy a fulfilling life.

If something or some situations are not giving you the greatest fulfillment within your life & you continue to stay or participate in it then you need to ask yourself why. What is it about you that would cosign on being unfulfilled? We all make excuses why we stay in friendships, relationships, in careers or allow family to do things that does not serve us well.

You need to look at your life pattern in order to figure out how to become the person that you truly desire to be. Your thoughts matter because what you think is what you will become. If you think of yourself as valuable, worthy & full of greatness then you will become that. However you see yourself is how you will carry & conduct yourself in life. That is the message & energy you are putting into the world so this is how the world will receive you.
Your fear of having new experiences will put you in a place of wanting wishes. You send a message to yourself when you say "I wish" instead of "I will" or "I wish" instead of "It is my intention to". You're goal is not to convince the world of anything, your goal is to convince yourself. You must get up & get out if you desire to make life happen your way. You cannot lead the way by blazing other people's trails.

People keep functioning as if their lives are about other people. I consciously function with the mindset that my life is about me, because it is. I'm not here to live your life because it is meant for you to experience. This is why I never get jealous of others or hate on people because in my head I'm thinking that's their life so their shine has nothing to do with me. I truly wish others nothing but the best in life.

My goal is to focus on my gifts that bring pure joy into my life. Imagine if everybody focused on themselves in a way that lifted their spirits. The positive energy would be a powerful & contagious force of love that would keep us in flow. Carrying positive energy within yourself allows you to feel bliss daily as you live your life. It's like having a pocket full of joy all day every day.

In order to place yourself in great comfort no matter what you have experienced in life you must activate your mind in a way that serves you best. If you need to get on a path of healing then get on it & stay focused. If you need to educate yourself more then do it & stay focused. If you need spirituality in your life then look within & stay focused on your journey. Everything that you seek, you will find the answers to & be able to make better decisions that will put you on a better path in life.

You have to change the way you think & see life if you desire fulfillment. Start with what you need most within your life at this time & free your mind from thinking that something is keeping you from having it. Only you can prevent you from having what you desire. If you seek love, appreciation, abundance & greater recognition then believe that it will manifest within your life.

It is not difficult to believe in yourself, have a new career, travel the world, have a loving family & someone to love you right. You can have whatever you desire but you have to put your energy out there in order to master manifesting your thoughts. Learn how to master yourself so you can create the life you want.

How you see yourself is so crucial because that is how you are teaching others to see you. If you constantly talk about what you are not, what you can't do or what you don't have then you are allowing external forces to claim your life! This is how people fill their space with negative energy & become consumed by fear.

If you never tried consistently with all your heart & soul then how do you know you can't have or achieve something? How do you know you can't be fulfilled in life if you haven't given life your all? If all you do is talk about it but there is no action behind the talk then what do you think life will offer you?

You will get what you put into life but you need to pay attention to the actions, thoughts & energy that you choose to put into your life. You are exactly what you believe about yourself. I suggest that you begin to believe that you possess greatness, you are valuable & truly worthy of anything you desire. You are never going to have your life the exact way other people have their lives set up. Create a blueprint & begin to design your life in a way that will fulfill you. Life is about growth, self worth & learning how to empower yourself!

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