Saturday, August 11, 2012


I'm chillin on FACEBOOK just like I've always been chillin in my real life.......It's all good!  :-)
Now onto the topic at hand!  FACEBOOK FAME.....say what now??  WTH??  I do have to thank someone who I met on Facebook for this topic.  I don't think people realize that they can say or post a whole paragraph but I will zone in on one or two words & before I know it I've written a full page about what caught my attention.  I have to say that FACEBOOK FAME never crossed my mind.  Is that even a real thing???  I didn't even think this was a topic or issue until one of my favorite people SUNDOWN WEST mentioned it in a comment on my status.  

At first I glanced passed it & made a comment on other stuff because we were discussing whether or not I'm really nice & positive all the time in real life, not just online.  I understand that it is hard to figure out who is the real deal when everyone can create an online image & type life into that character.  Well, the answer for me is YES!  I am nice & positive a whole lot more than the average person but I think that is because I live IN MY HEAD & create a positive lane that I love to stay in.  No I am absolutely not positive every single day or all the time.  Nobody is exactly all one way all of the time because we are not monolithic.  

I am "EVERYDAY PEOPLE", so I'm no different or better than anyone else.  I just take time to discover all of who I am & I just push myself to be better each day. As for the topic of FACEBOOK FAME.  All I could think was wait a minute....that doesn't even sound right!  FACEBOOK FAME???  That is so weird & is that even real fame???  Is this what we've come to as a society that we have a need to seek fame & attention so badly that being famous on facebook means something.  I think that would be like being the popular kid in high school.  Nobody cares after graduation because that is when you are tossed into the real world & you have to grow up.  Then of course my quirky side kicks in & the paranoia creeps upon me so I begin to think wait a people think I'm seeking fame & are other people on facebook seeking fame?  REALLY??

Hold on a second while I wrap what's left of my mind around this one!  At first I didn't think anything of it but then the word fame really got my attention.  All I could think was please don't ever let me get to a point in my life where FACEBOOK "COMMENTS" & "LIKES" is the kind of attention that fulfills me in life.  I've had attention all of my life since I was a kid so I am wise enough to know that there is good & bad attention.  I also began thinking, awwww heck no!! While I may have to accept that this just might be how other people think or perceive things I am far too grounded to even take facebook that seriously. Nah....that is definitely not who I am but just in case I lose my mind I have so many real people in my life to send me some harsh reality checks.  They don't hold back, so they will set me straight but they won't have to.  It's all good!!

One important thing about me is that I love exploring who I am on this journey that I am on.  I love the path that I stumbled upon & being the introvert that my family & friends know me to be I'm pretty proud of myself for not only speaking out but also sharing my truth.  I'm proud that I am using my voice whether or not people agree or disagree.  My focus will always be about the lessons I need to learn & being able to blossom into the woman the creator intended for me to become.  I know my life was designed with the intent for me to live a purposeful life.  We all should be focused, driven & filled with purpose otherwise what are we living for.  I'm trying to bring awareness about my son's disability so other families are informed.  I'm trying to talk to women about domestic violence & how to focus on their worth.  I'm trying to encourage men to keep growing & be more open to express how the feel.  

I know some people crave or desperately need attention on facebook but that is their path not mine.  I know me, so I know that if I wanted to I could really go in on the really "famous" facebook celebs, a.k.a. the "mouse pad mobsters" who make threats from behind the computer screen or cell, the lame dudes who get off on women's photos or "poke" them to death as if they really have a chance in hell, the techie tough guys who live online 24/7 & rant all day long, the wanna be "Heather Hunter's" or "Mr. Marcus's" of facebook land who are "so sexy it hurts".  

Talking about that would be funny as heck but pointless because I also see great families & friends just sharing some of their daily truth.  They are everyday people showing all the joy, pain & crazy times within their lives.  I actually find facebook to be very entertaining.  I'm always a click away from laughter, learning something new, hearing about a great cause, tears of joy & sorrow or reading & sharing truth OR lies (lol).  My favorite thing to do is look at everyone's photos & share their special moments or watch their kids grow.  It keeps me in touch with my family from all over the world, so I love it & wish people well every day!!!!

I'm just being me.  I have these same thoughts, feelings & conversations off  or on FACEBOOK.  I love writing & blogging because I get to express myself but also learn more lessons from the feedback I get from people.  Facebook is a platform but so is our everyday lives.  Every single day we have the opportunity to be famous or popular by making a difference.  We are already famous or popular just by being good souls that make human connections. That's living!!!  All of the people we love, cherish & support in life already think the world of us.  In real life I'm more of an introvert that is very selective about who I interact with or allow into my space.  On facebook I challenge myself to be more open & understanding.  I wouldn't knock somebody who really thought attention on facebook was a big deal but I wouldn't be sitting online behind a computer screen with a "LIKE ME or LOVE ME" sign on my forehead either.  

If people only knew my schedule they would wonder how or where I get the energy or time to write, blog or keep posting.  I sit & write by hand in script daily out of the pure love of writing.  It simply makes me happy.  My plate is full with a hectic, stressful & busy life, but I know whatever I do it is what is supposed to happen, not because I need fame or attention but instead to give my life more meaning.  The best attention we can all give or offer is pure unconditional love & affection.  I notice that this is the one thing that the world will always need more of & if I'm a part of that movement then my life is pretty grand with or without "FACEBOOK FAME".  

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