Thursday, August 30, 2012


In my most proud, sincere & loving tone, with respect for every woman who struggles with finding a good man, they really do exist.

A good man is moved by faith not by sight.  He has a daily work routine.  He calls, emails & texts to communicate throughout his day.  He likes to share his highs & lows, so his woman can either cheer his accomplishments or encourage him to keep his head up.

A good man knows family comes first so he does his best to come home after work & only works extra hours if it doesn't interfere with family.  He agrees with his woman on what the goals, dreams & priorities are within his relationship & will work hard to accomplish them.  

A good man doesn't wait for a call from his woman to check on his family.  He shows off his family to the world.  He supports & will take the kids to their activities to spend quality time.  He is proud of his family & will break his neck to provide.

A good man says good morning beautiful & I love you every single day,  just as a reminder of how he feels about the choice he made in his woman.  Anything that can hurt their bond or love is usually the first thing he's willing to discuss & work at so they can grow as a family. 

When he's at his worst, his good woman will be his absolute best foot forward!  When in a good space or ready & willing to work hard at growth to become a better human being, a good man will be right where he is suppose to be, in the midst of your love, affection, support & encouragement.

The reality is that it usually takes years of sacrifice & hard work for him to become that good man you deserve.  He must find himself before he can find you.  A good man is a friend first, so never try to control, change or tear him down for his flaws, issues or problems.  

Never fear standing alone if a man won't show that you're worth his time, commitment & sacrifice.  Always focus on your worth by staying true to who you are.  Don't seek perfection, simply pay attention to his character & potential. 

A good man's truest desire is to become what the world has said that men cannot be.  When you meet your good man, it will be a long road of learning each other & creating a peaceful balance in your lives, but you will be blessed for it! 

Most men will stumble & fall, so it will take a good woman of strength, who truly understands her worth to bring balance into his world.  You don't have to carry him but should he every need you to, trust that your arms will always be strong enough.

Love is a beautiful thing that we all deserve but if a man is not ready or right within,  you must focus on self love to create & maintain personal joy within your life. 

When your good man comes along, understand that you were LOVE long before you met.  Never doubt your potential or worth.  Love your good man but never live for the love of your good man.  

It must be the right kind of love & balance with your good man or the love just won’t work.  A good man is not hard to find.  A good man is within every man.

It will take a real good woman of strength, courage & self worth to discover A GOOD MAN! 


~A Good Woman 


Cynthia said...

All I can say is wowwww! Bindu.

Bindu said...

@ Cynthia,

THANK YOU!!! :-)

adriene jones said...

Love it....that was beautiful and inspiring. Continue to be blessed.

Bindu said...

Hi Adriene.....I'm so glad you feel that way. Thank you very much! *Peace & Blessings* :-)