Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Whatever you offer & expose your child to will leave an imprint that will mold their minds forever. Kids listen & pay attention when adults least expect it. They see if what you say will match what you do, then they judge your character based on your actions. Kids don't listen because they see that most adults live a lie. 

When I was a little girl my mind would just go crazy with thoughts. I had questions about everyone & tried to figure out the answers by paying close attention to behavior, but never voiced it out loud. I kept my thoughts to myself. Looking back I think I was socializing with the world but IN MY HEAD. 

I began writing my thoughts down at an early age because I was told "only speak when spoken to & stay in a child's place". It is crazy how some voices can linger in your head for life. Those words were said to me with such a brutal force of energy behind it that it planted seeds of doubt & fear inside me. 

During those moments I thought...."what if I have something to say?" & "what if it is important to me?." After being told that repeatedly I figured what I thought or had to say didn't matter. Not so funny how you can carry those feelings with you into relationships, friendships & in your career. Words have the power to uplift or tear down!

I was a small dose of light bursting with beautiful energy but I thought speaking up or expressing yourself was for important, strong or powerful people. One of many messages I received at an early age was I am NOT meant to be seen or heard. Love was the flip side to the hate I endured. I know my mother's love saved me & gave me strength. Unconditional love was the strongest message that made me doubt & question hate. 

As I grew up I experienced many lessons. I learned that people will do one of two things when they are being put down or abused. They will either begin to believe people's definition & perception by allowing others to project their issues onto them OR they will gain the courage to reject it by looking within themselves for the truth.


Dana Marie Cain said...

My 2nd child was taken from me and I did not raise him. He was raised by his father against my will, and as a parent you can imagine what it must have been like for me to be unable to save my son from being raised by a man who was ugly and cruel in his heart. But today my son is 19 and despite not being raised by me he is more like me than any of my children, and this is nothing less than a miracle. I was forced to surrender him to God as a small child and my power was limited to my fervent and frequent prayers, and looking at him now I can see that he is beautiful, he is smart, he is wise and kind; exactly unlike the man who raised him. It was God who cared for my son in my absence, and he is a living witness to the power of a mother's prayers even when her children are far away from her. The most powerful thing we can do for our children is pray for them and be the example of truth in our lives no matter what is going on around us. This is the example I have striven to give to my sons and God did not let me down even a little. I am blessed beyond measure and as I am blessed, so shall my children be blessed in all ways and at all times.

Bindu said...

@ Dana.....I feel your pain through your words. Even as a mother I honestly can't begin to imagine what a traumatic experience that must have been for you. You are a woman of strength indeed & how amazing that nothing could truly separate that bond between mother & child. Stay blessed! XOXOXOXO