Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I can't relate but I do understand the pressure people experience when dealing with the mindset of a strong desire and need to be "pretty".  I can't relate because it doesn't mean life is going to be perfect or any different.  Life's highs and lows will come for everyone regardless of "pretty".  

This is why I always say I'm a little bit quirky.  I don't like people staring at me.  As a kid a family member had to tell me to stop saying "what are you staring at?" because I didn't understand the pretty thing.  I was like that's people are just going to stare at you, say nice things and you keep smiling back then you have to be polite...........then what??  I didn't see what the big deal was because I can find pretty in anyone or anything.  I clearly see the beauty in everyone.

I've heard people say the craziest most shallow things and I've watched beautiful people change their natural look dramatically because of how they think being pretty will make them feel.   Being pretty is like wearing a temporary tattoo.  Pretty will wear off one day.....then what???  That kind of attention is not worth the pain of losing yourself.  

I've seen women breaking their necks to get attention and be seen or acknowledged as "pretty".  I've listened to other women complain that someone got a man, received a promotion or landed a job only because they were "pretty".  I'm sure pretty can be bought and sold but does it give you the happy ending? 

I've come to realize that if you don't get a grip on reality, then it can be a long way down the rabbit hole if you buy into "pretty".  It is a packaged idea that can be presented and sold in a way that can place a price tag on your soul.  Pretty is a hustle and an illusion!  Something is wrong when you need attention based on how you look.  That means you only see the external and not your real beauty.

There is no better feeling than discovering your greatness.  Life will certainly tear you apart. Pretty in my head is using your intelligence and applying common sense in order to balance out your life so you can be whole.  What can pretty do for us that the universal creator hasn't created within our souls?  We are already a unique and beautiful masterpiece.  Pretty is your essence, your glow from a fulfilling life. 

Pretty only means something if you are living externally in order to gain something outside of your true self.  Everything that is real is already inside of you.  This is why it is so important to "Know Thy Self".  

I would never gas myself up into thinking I've got life on lock because people choose to describe what they see in me as "pretty" or "attractive".  Women are killing themselves to be "pretty".  Women are setting themselves up to be sexually exploited & emotionally battered over "pretty". 

Know thy self so you can show something beyond a "pretty" face and body.  You have so much more to offer yourself and the world.  I know amazingly "pretty" or attractive people who have said they felt ugly their whole life or their own family pointed out that they were not good looking.  

It is crazy the power words have to torture your soul throughout your lifetime.  When someone is willing to knock others down so they can feel less than or not as "pretty" that is foulness.  You can't allow pretty to break you down or beat up your true beauty and worth. 

The truth is we have to work on seeing the real beauty within us.  I'm grateful to my mother who did not call me pretty or focused on what I looked like.  She focused on me having a work ethic, taking care of myself and told me to be mindful of how I treat people because their shoe can easily be on my foot when I least expect it.  She was right!

People always say "when you look good you feel good", yes but the feeling is temporary.  You want to feel good about yourself and look good!  People have to stop setting their standards according to how others see them.  Life is not about who sees you as pretty or attractive. 

 Young girls are getting the wrong message.  They need to know the TRUTH about pretty!  So many "pretty" girls get molested, used up and abused or placed on a shelf like a dusty trophy.  Pretty girls can easily become lost in life and be taken advantage of.  They are easy targets.  

We should be raising and encouraging girls to be wiser.  Wise girls pump their worth up from within.  If I look good it is because I genuinely feel good.  I truly feel good about the kind of human being I turned out to be.  I love what I see in my heart.  I love what I feel from my soul.  I love the joy my spirit offers the world.  We must allow our essence to define the truth about pretty!


TracyBrown said...

Love this blog, Bindu. Keep up the great work. XOXO

Bindu said...

@ Tracy.......Thanks so much!!!!! I truly appreciate that. Peace & blessings! XOXOXOXO :-)

Anonymous said...

MUCH RESPECT! I will support fully this positive energy!


@ Anonymous......Thank you for such kind words & for your support. I am grateful for it. *Blessings* :-)