Sunday, July 22, 2012


To me being a woman means that I have been initiated into a beautiful sisterhood. I can walk pass a woman I don’t know and just smile and she’ll smile back at me to acknowledge respect for the sisterhood.  That smile says I acknowledge your beauty and true worth my sister! 

The sisterhood is a vibrant circle and community that shares a wealth of information to steer each of us on our own path. Women are connected to everything.  We are one!  Like it or not, I am you and you are me.  Your life experiences could easily be mine and vice versa.

We have a responsibility to uplift and empower each other and be a constant reminder that we are never alone in our experiences. This world teaches us to separate and compete with the attitude that I am better, prettier, smarter, stronger and more loved than other women.  

I for one reject that teaching!  No matter how things may seem, what we are going through and what we may be feeling from time to time, we can survive on Fem-Power!

Feminine power is a powerful energetic force guided by a pure, loving, nurturing spirit of strength and courage.  Fem-Power teaches us that we are here to shatter the illusion and negative programming that has been taught to us.  

Your joy is my joy!  If you succeed then I gladly support and cheer you on! If you cry then I’m crying for you.  If you hurt then I’m hurting with you.  Whatever women go through we must rally around each other to show love, support, encouragement and compassion.   

We must protect the sisterhood by stepping into each other’s stilettos to feel everything, from comfort, style to the aches, the tight grip and pain from the cracks in the concrete that we walk upon.

This sends women a message filled with sincere loving and protective energy that says I am here for you my sister. We must be in harmony with our differences and celebrate how unique we are as individuals but also how amazing and courageous we are as women.  

This is the purpose of the sisterhood. 

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