Monday, July 30, 2012


By age 17, I became Miss Liberia, USA
I promise you while my body is forced to rest my mind, spirit & soul stays hungry. The only thing that will feed my hunger is greatness. You're either slacking or working hard because there is no middle ground. People who have a sick work ethic always make greatness look easy to others who don't work as hard.

By age 17, I became Miss Liberia, USA & all I could think was I need to be more focused in life. Life is about exploring endless possibilities. You don't know what you can do if you never take a chance & try!

There must be a thirst & hunger that drives your desire for whatever you're truly passionate about. I've had so many people reach out to me & say they've always wanted to write, blog, paint, take an acting or dance class. Go for it because only you can hold you back! Listening to "Uncle Fear", "Cousin Doubt" & "Aunty Hater" will always stop on your progress in life.

Never pause your personal journey to respond to naysayers because allowing your greatness to shine is not about them. The fact that society has "dumbed down" speaks volumes about how people truly feel about their worth. The false belief that you can't be great is pure negativity.

I don't care if you are dating, engaged, married, related to, work with or are best friends with a person, never accept & put up with their negative mindset! Negativity is toxic so shut them down & shut them out of your energy field, otherwise they will break your confidence down.

My attitude in life is who are you in my life to say that my voice should not be heard? Who are you to tell me what I can or cannot achieve? Even better, good luck getting me to buy that box of doubt & negativity you're trying to sell me!! I've had people telling me who I am, what I am capable of & what I can or cannot do since I was a child. As a child my attitude was if you're not the example of greatness then why are you talking to me?

As an adult my attitude is still the same. I know who I am & I know my worth. If all you know are hardships, struggles & failures then that is what you offer to others. You're a case study of what not to do or become. I don't need those conversations of fear & doubt in my life. I need to see, smell, taste & talk to greatness! I need support & encouragement because that is love!

I am not trying to make a statement to the world as much as I am trying to make a statement to myself. Pushing myself to work smarter, harder & be the best is normal. Mediocrity is unacceptable & playing small is a sin!

I know without a doubt that it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. What matters most is what is instilled within you & what you believe about yourself. If you're not convinced that you have greatness inside of you then who will be?

There is tremendous fulfillment & satisfaction in knowing who you are. Nobody can reach inside of you & steal that feeling of knowing yourself. Faith in yourself is where your greatness begins.

Never allow people who are threatened by you to force you to play small & push your greatness aside. Why do you think you were born? Why do you think you exist? What do you think you are here for? The answer to all three questions is to display your greatness.

Your greatness is meant to be tapped into & put on display because you cannot offer something to the world if the world does not know you exist. You can't touch lives if people can't see or feel your greatness. Stand up & stand out your way!!

You are supposed to be self-assured & confident! You are supposed to take your life to the next level. Inner confidence is key to being a real champion within your own life. Something inside of you should make you want to wake up every morning & try even harder than the day before. Every single day you must wake up curious about what life has to offer because you are capable of doing anything you desire.

Sometimes what you desire may not be what you were born to do. Tapping into your greatness & doing what you love in order to make yourself happy will lead you down the right path. It may be something bigger & better that you didn't expect or couldn't imagine for yourself. Expect & embrace being excellent in all the little things you do & I guarantee your life will transform into greatness!!! Give life your all & make yourself proud!

You can place your focus on limitations or you can place your focus on greatness. Life is not about proving anything to other people as much as it is about making history for yourself. Allow nothing & nobody to stand in your way.

Your greatness lies within your heart, spirit & soul. Tap into it & draw upon that energy to give you the strength you need to achieve excellence. The authentic part of your heart, spirit & the core of your soul will last forever.

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