Thursday, July 12, 2012


I LOVED high school because it sealed the bond of friendship with Kenya, my best friend of 27 years. I love her to death but high school is over! It was graduation time & we grew up!!

For most people High School ended decades ago but from my personal experience & observation too many still function like teenagers. They are not even trying to graduate & officially grow up. Being grown is not having a job, paying some bills, having kids or showing off all of your material things.
There is a transitional stage of growth & development that people missed somewhere in their lives. People are emotionally stunted & trapped inside the child they were or the "cool-perfect" person they wanted to be. They are stuck in adolescence & never graduated beyond puberty.

I've experienced people trying to deal with me as if I'm suppose to be the exact same girl I was in high school. In some ways I still am:
I still love the nerd in me.
I still suck at being a follower.
I still cut toxic people out of my life.
I still refuse to be in "circles" & "cliques".
I still write my own script in life then stick to it.
I still have no desire to pretend & be someone I'm not.
I still refuse to bully others cause I like being nice & kind.
I still speak truth not to judge but to understand or help others. 

Anything negative about me back then or right now I choose to examine & make a change for personal growth. I know life is a classroom & we are all here to learn personal life lessons about our good, bad & horrible experiences or choices, BUT our # 1 goal should be to graduate with honors! The magna cum laude will be awarded to each person who decides to get & apply their life lessons.

When we stop repeating the same mistakes, it is to signify that our degree in "life class" was received with greatness & honor. In other words we did the damn thing! We made it & survived all of our trials or obstacles that choked the joy out of living a happier life. We can't keep getting left back & repeating the same grade because we're making the same mistakes. There is no eraser on the pencil of life!! Some of us are trapped in an elementary or high school mindset. It's not a good look to be in an adult body doing what kids do.

Some are still cutting class, partying too hard, disrespecting girls, pumping up their chest pretending to be hard or a tough guy. Others are still causing drama, having fights & being under the influence of their longtime "friends". Some are still being taken advantage of by boys & being abused. Some are focused on being pretty & sexy, wearing their designer outfits to get the attention of guys who will knock them up, give them a disease & never respect, support, appreciate or marry them. Others are trapped wandering the halls with no hallway pass to life, no determination, no motivation, no goals or dreams to create a better life.

When we ignore all the signs in life then we will never fully understand our life lessons. This means we will not be fulfilled within every aspect of our lives. We have to start exceeding our potential so we can discover our greatness. We have purpose but how do we find it if our growth is still stuck in our adolescence years. We have to find the courage to let go of our past & create the life we know we truly deserve.

I'm no better than you & you're no better than me. We are all equal regardless of the situation we were born into. The clear separation is made by those who got the lessons & applied it within their own lives. Those who sacrificed & worked hard to create a better life or just be better people. Graduating to the highest level of personal growth is how we become a success in "life class".

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