Sunday, July 15, 2012


The floor ceiling syndrome is when people in, out & around your life target you in a way where they compete with you over your own shine. They never pour their energy into polishing their own lives so their greatness can shine. Instead they try to steal something that is impossible to take.

Everybody knows you can never take what is meant for someone else. Their good fortune, success, beautiful children, happiness, great marriage, relationships, awesome friends, loving family & fantastic career belongs to them.

You can’t take over another person’s life & live it better than they would when it was not meant for you. It is always the people who feel things come to other people easy in life & never notice how hard others work for everything they have.

People with this syndrome always want their floor to be your ceiling. When you do great they will one up you! They love you, are supportive & will be your biggest cheerleader or fan as long as you’re not doing better than they are in life.

Whatever you do they can do better. They seem to call or pop up when you are going through hard times (probably with a recorder & camera to capture your misery on film). You may be so down or stressed that you allow them into your space.

We all have those moments when we allow the wrong person in at the worst time & they try to play you for a fool. They comfort you when you are miserable or going through struggles because they get off on the fact that you’re not doing better than them or they want to use you to feel better about themselves.

Check the smile in their eyes & the smirk in their smile. They always have a “Chesire Cat” vibe about them, very friendly but hella suspect! Broken people pretend to be whole with the intent to break others down until they make the other person’s ceiling their floor in order to stomp all over it.

Of course you never want to believe that they would be that way because they’ve appeared to be good people. You give yourself every excuse as to why you should let go of all the little foul things they keep doing.

For example: They throw digs at you when you least expect it. They encourage you to end your relationships & make you feel like you’ve shacked up with a monster. They go to your home to break bread with you & your loved ones then go behind your back to mutual family or friends to say negative things about your home, your children, your finances & your relationships. They just go in on your whole life while you believe they are sincere. 

Usually you never spot these people while they are right under your nose. Why? Because it is long time friends that you have issues with from time to time, some are foul family members that you love even though they screw you over consistently, others are friends & co-workers that live to mind your business or it can be business partners who try to pull the wool over your eyes out of pure greed.

They are all thorns in your side but they prick you in such a subtle way that your wounds will bleed slowly. Before you realize it they are denying their behavior while patching up the wounds that they created. They are kind, giving & caring with a manipulative vibe that always has you thinking…..IS IT ME ??? They always leave you “feeling some kind of way” about their intentions or actions.

Never allow people to put you in compromising positions in life. Read all the signs life shows you daily & you will begin to see how disingenuous or hypocritical people can be.

Your intuition is your truth. If you allow your peace to be still all the answers will come to you. Your soul will guide your spirit to speak directly to your heart in a way that will click in your mind about who is truly for you or who is getting in your way.


Dana Marie Cain said...

It is astonishing and wonderful to see others coming to and expressing the thoughts I have battled with myself. I stand with you and I love to see you shine in your own way; I rejoice in victory even if it's not mine; but in a way, when we can feel truly glad for the happiness and success of others that is truly a personal victory, for it is a victory over personal bitterness and envy. It shows character and growth over petty jealousies and unhealthy competition.

When I see successful people, I am glad. In my vision of Heaven, there are no failures. There are no losers because everyone has learned and applied the keys to success in their own lives and I wish to be one of them. I do not wish to rule over the "unwashed masses" and dine on the misery of others. I want success for myself and I mean to have it, and one of the secrets to success is having successful friends.

Anyway, sorry for the long post but I was inspired by joy to share with you because I understand what you're saying and I stand with you in spirit on your own journey. I celebrate with you all of your victories. God bless you my friend :)

Bindu said...

@ Dana...... Thanks so much for the feedback & always sharing your truth! Unfortunately this is the reason most people lose trust in others. I'm so glad it inspired you....Peace & blessings! ;-)

Cynthia said...

I know I say this frequently, but I am REALLY proud of you! The thoughts that you share have swirled in my head over and over again... I am so glad that God has used you to show me that I am not alone. Keep up the good work. I LOVE YOU!

Bindu said...

@ Cynthia.....I can't express how encouraged I am by you! You are truly a beautiful woman of strength who I love, admire & respect very much. I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking all of these crazy thoughts. (lol)

Thanks to amazing people like you I finally grabbed my little notes on life lessons & decided to share it with the world. THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO