Sunday, July 1, 2012


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When envy lies within a woman's heart it cuts into her soul & gives her a toxic spirit. It is truly something to be disgusted by. I have experienced it so much in my own life that I can sense the energy of envy without any communication from the other person. It lingers in the air to pollute your environment. Envy is a brutal force of bad vibes sucking the love right out of your heart.

I often wonder, is it so hard to truly wish someone well with the purest intentions? Is it so hard to show support & kindness to another woman even when things are going terribly wrong in your life? Is it so hard to wish another woman all the treasures life can bring her? Apparently so!

When women show envy towards other women they become soul cutters who rip out the core of what being a woman means. Women can be in each others lives for many years then turn on each other in a split second like animals do & feel justified in doing so. When you fully understand what a treasure & beauty it is to be born as a girl who blossoms into a woman, then you will not envy others. When you know you are a unique design that cannot be duplicated, envy will not consume your heart.

Even if you are a twin something different is placed inside of your being that only you can unlock & explore so the world can see your spark. You will never know your true beauty & worth or discover your greatness when you pour energy into being jealous of others. You miss out on the beauty of you by being envious. We all struggle. We all hurt. We all have been broken somehow but we are women, made strong so we can become whole again.

Women need to live from within so they can gain knowledge of self. When you know who you are & truly love who you are then envy cannot exist. Allow love to combat envy. I see the gift in women. I see the strength in women. I see the love in women. I see earth angels who continue to fly and sacrifice so much even after the world has stolen their innocence & raped their joy.

Women who understand how powerful they are do not give into envy over meaningless things, instead they fight to maintain the beautiful bond of the sisterhood. These are the real women who know that we need each other’s love & support to survive in this world. Love is the essence of being a woman. We must be that light of love that seals the bond & unique beauty of our sisterhood.


Unknown said...

I have realized as I have gotten older the more I envy a woman the more I wish to have that person in my life. Rather than hate- I congratulate and hope her same accomplishments and achievements rub off on me and push me to be better and do more. Unfortunately, I know this is not how many women think but do wish that when they do “hate” they understand where that hatred comes from and why. Jealousy is a very strong emotion but it should be channeled into something even stronger- like Love.

Bindu said...

Thanks so much for sharing your truth! It truly takes growth & knowing that you are a beautiful woman in your own right to understand why it is so important to not hold envy or hate within your heart. You are right....many women still don't get this. I encourage women to work on their worth daily if not it is easy to place the focus on other women & find reasons to hate or envy. YOU ARE TRUE BEAUTY with the intelligence to match & I love that!

Dana Marie Cain said...

Wonderful article Bindu! Envy has destroyed so many relationships in my life. So many friends who once loved me turned on me when I began to grow and change and become. Over the last couple of years as I overcame life threatening illness through the discovery and application of my divine powers, those who were not in touch with their own divine selves saw my growth as something wicked because they did not have it, and it drove an deep wedge between us. They loved me so long as I was like them, but when I was no longer sick and hurting our spirits could no longer commune and I was forced to leave them behind. It was sad of course, but it was their choice to stay mired in their bitterness and I could not allow their envy to hold me back. I sought out instead those who could love me because they loved as I loved; freely and without malice or ulterior motive. I sought those who could rejoice in my happiness because they had plenty of their own to share. Covetousness is toxic and leads to every other sickness you can imagine. As the 10th commandment, it is the first to be obeyed if the others are to be honored.

Bindu said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dana!!! I can only imagine how painful those experiences were to deal with. You are truly a woman of strength because of the dedication you put into personal growth. What makes you so special is your unwavering commitment to not only healing but to self worth. Your attitude says I AM WORTHY! I love that!

Nadira Ammamoo said...

This is a powerful and very much needed article. My husband always says "When a person is jealous they can admire what you have, and try to obtain THEIR OWN through hard work and dedication, but an ENVIOUS person does not want to obtain THEIR OWN because they want yours and will try to replace you or kill you for it!"

It is important for the pure heart to beware of these people. They exist more than we care to acknowledge and they don't come in the name of PEACE, but as roaring lions--seeking to devour. That's why the pure must not try to fit a square into their circle, for the Bible warns us not to throw our pearls to pigs because they might trample over them.

This article hit close to home for me. I've learned through life lessons that ENVY is dangerous. I thought I had a friendship for almost two decades. This person was closer than a sister to me. When my husband and I first started dating, she tried to seduce him by taking off her clothes in front of him after her husband left for work. She tried several times to kiss my husband on the lips, but he had to turn his face. She even sent subliminal messages by putting cherries in all of his drinks, even water. He rejected her.

Throughout our friendship she's cheated on her husband, but it was foolish of me to think that I was exempt from that. Since then she's been telling lies and making people see things her way instead of what really happened--doing every thing in her power to keep her husband from learning the truth. I've remained poised and have continued to embrace my husband, family, and real friends.

I'm sure many women have been through similar situations. "Do not allow people like that into your life." ~Sherie Hollis.

Let's keep our space peaceful. It's a battle trying to keep envy out of our lives, but countries go to battle for peace, and so should we.

Thank you Bindu for this article. It allows women to know that they're not alone.

Bindu said...

Nadira...... Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt truth. It can be painful to disconnect from people we have connected with for many years.

I can only imagine how painful your experience must have been because of the closeness as sisters. I think as women we have a tendency to ignore the signs or accept behaviors that we know in our heart is unacceptable.

It takes a deep look within to ask ourselves why do we let things go for so long if we know its not right or if it bothers us. Nobody is perfect and we all make horrible mistakes that hurt others BUT it is the people that are comfortable in their foulness that will drain your joy.

Personally speaking.....I am truly at peace with letting go, wishing others well & moving on with my life knowing my heart is pure.

Nadira Ammamoo said...

Thank you Bindu, you're 100 % right. I had this weird sense of loyalty. I felt that if someone did one nice thing for me then I had to keep them around, even if I knew they had wicked ways. This lesson has taught me to be loyal to GOD and myself first. Eliminate wickedness.

Bindu said...

@ Nadira.....Very true. Some lessons are beyond painful for us but I do believe everything happens for a reason. We need our experiences & lessons exactly the way we receive it to push us in the direction we need to head towards in life. It forced you to free yourself of the negativity & surround yourself with real love. Stay blessed!