Monday, July 23, 2012


For most people I know being gay is not shocking & is being casually discussed openly just about everywhere. Many people are gay & no you can't pray it away! Yes I said it.....*TRUTH* For me being gay is not an issue but being dishonest about being gay is. That is what being down low seems to represent & we have to do better!

This is another one of those situations where I can't relate but I understand why it happens so often. That seems to be the theme & pattern with my approach to so many questions I have about life.

I think the biggest issue is the level of dishonesty that has a direct effect on women's health. If people were honest with themselves then they would be comfortable being honest with others. I truly wish down low men dating straight women was not such a major issue today but it still is.

Now I wouldn't bother to notice this was even an issue if gay men were not constantly trying to date me. I'm usually polite, upfront & direct about it but most women don't even notice anything DL about the men they date.

Maybe they notice but don't want to ruffle any feathers so they keep their thoughts to themselves. I pick up on it right away & right now I can name 10 women I know who have children with men that have such a strong down low vibe that I can't imagine their women's intuition not ringing like an alarm.

I honestly thought straight women liking gay men was a trend at one point or maybe women are so desperate for a man or husband they ignore the signs. Women have a very powerful & strong intuition that when tapped into it can give them clarity on all the signs they've ignored.

No some down low men do not call or will not consider themselves gay, but if you dabble & dip with men then to my knowledge that is showing gay tendencies. Doing this while pretending to be into women is not only unfair but damaging, dishonest & hurtful beyond measure to women.

Down low men are leaving an imprint on women that is like a scar that can't heal. Some women never get over these experiences. Women have enough problems dealing with or understanding why men do some of the things they do but dealing with a man who sleeps with other men behind your back is devastating to straight women.

I say straight women because there are women who don't mind dating gay men. Yes, believe it or not.......*TRUTH* At least they are aware & made that choice for themselves. Most straight women in this kind of situation are being fooled.

I can only imagine the inner conflict & struggle to just be accepted or seen for the man that you are instead of being labeled. When a person may fear being judged, put down, attacked & assaulted verbally, emotionally & physically they would rather hide than be honest with themselves that they enjoy being with men.

The issue here is once again women & children suffer because people are fearful, ashamed, selfish, dishonest & would rather go to their grave knowing they've compromised a woman's health than to expose their truth.

Women have a right to be angry when deceived but we also have a responsibility to ourselves & our children to be proactive about our health. We should be paying attention to all of the signs that our intuition has given us.

We should not be afraid to make our men use protection even if we are married or have known him for 10 or more years. We should be concerned with our men cheating & giving us an STD regardless of gay, straight or down low. We can't put it all on the men because we are choosing to expose ourselves in a way that can compromise our health.

We must protect ourselves otherwise we are taking huge risks! We have to speak up & follow our gut. It's not right & I don't agree with any man being dishonest when they are intimate with women but I do understand why they lie about it.

The truth is if men were honest with women most women would keep their legs closed.....*TRUTH*

We have to take control of our health. We can't control others but having self control & discipline can save us. When something doesn't seem or feel right women sense it immediately so I'm wondering how we keep ending up with down low or gay men as our boyfriends or husbands.

I think sometimes we don't want to know the truth so we avoid asking our men those tough or embarrassing questions. A man's feelings is not more important than my health & if I can't have honest conversations about putting my health at risk then it's not going to work.

The real truth is we cannot afford to not ask, not pay attention, not follow our intuition & not make tough choices like saying no if he doesn't want to use protection. Don't compromise your heart & your health.

EVERYBODY should have HIV screening as part of their routine health care. Keep up with your regular GYN appointments & get tested for HIV regardless if you are single, married or only sleeping with one person.

Sometimes you may be with one person but the one person you're with may be with one person who claims to be with one person.......and so on & so on. Protection means prevention & testing means treatment if you test positive. Your health is priceless!!


HIV/AIDS & STD Hotline---Toll Free: 800-235-2331

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