Tuesday, July 10, 2012


"My kindness is for everyone. Everything else must be earned." Bindu
Drama always seems to swoop down on good people to drain their joy. Those that are "too nice" or "too kind" & just want peace always cross paths with the wolves a.k.a. "Drama Peddlers". In order not to become part of the wolf pack I have learned to set boundaries. If you do not set clear boundaries within your life then you set yourself up for drama.

Drama is hate. Drama is pushing your pain onto others. Drama is destruction. Some take pleasure in creating drama while others make excuses to stay stuck in drama. I choose not to step into a web of drama that I can't get out of.

Do you ever look into a person's eyes when they are saying something unkind about someone else or simply spreading gossip? Do you see concern or does the person appear to be feeding off the negativity? You can tell who loves drama. It's usually the people telling you its wrong while peddling drama.

A great example is cheating because women love that topic. Everyone has been cheated on but people love to gossip about who is cheating. They will tell the whole world but rarely do they go directly to the people involved to say: I love you both, I'm hurting for your children, I'm genuinely concerned about your family & if there is any support I can give I am here for you. NOPE!!! It always starts off as gossip which leads to drama.

When you live through love & choose to heal your way through life you will be guided by an energy that will keep you lifted. When you live through hate & choose to hurt your way through life you will be guided by a force that will destroy you.

Your life is reflecting to you exactly who you are each & everyday. Every choice, action & reaction is who you are until you choose to make a change. I am work in progress but I am actually making the progress that I need to evolve into the woman I am destined to become.

What I've learned about myself is for as kind, loving & giving as I am, I am no cakewalk nor should I be. If I can't add value to your life & have you do the same for me, then why are we in each others lives? We all have a different idea of love, support & best intentions.

If you raise the bar & offer your best you deserve the same or better. Sometimes you have to divorce people who add no value to your life because they have nothing to offer but drama.


Nadira Ammamoo said...

Excellent topic! One thing I've learned--is to stay away from DRAMA and the like. I stay away from negativity and the people who like negative drama.

Don't want it. Don't need it. They can keep it. I choose PEACE.

Bindu said...

@ Nadira......I do the exact same thing! There is no better feeling than peace & harmony within your life. I love drama free living!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...I have had many divorces over the years!!!

Christine White

Bindu said...

@ Christine.....So have I! I wish people well all the time in order to create a drama free life for myself.

Anonymous said...

Bindu, I am really enjoying your blogs. Your sincerity really comes across. You do not sound preachy or as if you are on a high horse. Keep up the excellent work.

Bindu said...

@ Anonymous.......THANK YOU!! I do mean well & I know that I'm no different or better than anyone else. I just work on myself daily & share my lessons. Peace & blessings to you! ;-)

Francez said...

This is a very good topic to discuss and offer words of wisdom. Many people endure so much in a marriage and most times, they tolerate what is cruel or hurtful because they think that they must in order to sustain in the marriage. The reality is, we pick our own heaven and our own hell. What you allow someone to do to you, they will continue to do. If that person does not value you, respect you or love you like you deserve, need and offer, then you need to realize that it is NOT where you should be..... ONWARD and UPWARD... There is somebody out there who would LOVE to LOVE you!!!! 1 LIFE, 1 HEART, 1LOVE


@ Francez...Thank you for sharing your thought & giving your feedback!! I agree 100%! (I'm sorry that I just noticed this comment)