Sunday, July 22, 2012


Sometimes people fail to realize that you can know a whole lot about one piece of a person's life puzzle but there is so much more to learn about them. I would say most of the people in my life know enough about me to feel like they truly know me but are clueless as to how many deep layers I have within me.

It takes time to learn everything there is to know about a person & time is something we don't seem to have these days. People use their time to learn meaningless things or gossip. I try to offer the best of who I am while working hard on the worst of me.

I enhance my good, change my bad & work hard to clean up my ugly. Nobody is perfect but with hard work a lot of people can become balanced with the goal of being whole so they can experience life in a positive light.

When people are around me or I'm in their company I usually don't say too much. I allow them to lead conversations because I prefer to take it all in & soak up their energy. I usually give some small talk with plenty of head nods or smiles. The one thing I notice often is that people put energy into looking at me, sizing me up & trying to figure me out.

I think this happens to everybody & this is something people just do to other people without asking themselves why or what is the purpose in doing that? What do you need to see or confirm about the person you're focused on? I know exactly what I'm looking for which is why I smile so much.

I'm looking for strength from their soul, courage from their hearts & joy from their spirit. I'm not looking at people. I make eye contact to look into a person's truth because that is where their story & experiences dwell.
Sometimes it takes strength & courage to just be a human being with positive intentions. I've learned what comes so easy for me is truly difficult for so many. I offer who I am because I've learned I am no better than others, I've just been blessed to get my lessons early & apply it to my life.

So many people offer who they are not to others instead of who they truly are because they are lost in life. This is why I stay quiet in so many situations. It takes time to figure out who the real person is that I am dealing with because many people break the ice on a superficial level. I often struggle to get passed their pretense. I've learned that this is why people don't know who is sincere or full of BS.
Some people have been around me my whole life but never knew that I am actually grounded, open & approachable because I can't feel their truth. I will not offer up my truth without an invitation, but if you ask me I certainly will not hold it back.

When people do get to know me it has to be on a "non-superficial" level otherwise I leave them alone knowing they are not prepared or ready to deal with me on a certain level. I find that they see the courage & strength in me but not in themselves. They always ask me different questions that I know they already have the answers to.

I answer them anyway & shoot directly from my heart with the hope of piercing their souls with love & truth. I tell people that in order for me to hold my head up high the way I do means there were times when I have held my head down very low. Like many, I have experienced shame, humiliation, hurt, pain, disappointment & so much negativity, but I survived then thrived because I refused to accept it.

Everybody has the courage but not everybody will gather their strength to use it. Nobody can give you their armor of strength or shield of courage. It is your badge to earn by overcoming your personal pain & obstacles that continue to hold you back in life. You have to dig deep down within yourself to pull up your inner strength.

People can talk to you, try to save you from yourself, guide you & push you to be courageous but it will never work if you don't have faith in who you can become. I always see the true worth in people & my wish is for them to see it inside of themselves. We must take our hardships & allow it to shape us into people of courage & strength.

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